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11/21/2006 Hypnosis and Allergies, Hay Fever, Mild Asthma
12/20/2006 Effectiveness of Virtual Reality
11/05/2006 Picturing an Action Improves Likelyhood of Performing Action
12/12/2006 Relaxation and Imagery and Cognitive-Behavioral Training Reduce Pain
12/08/2006 Individual and Group Hypnotherapy in Treatment of Refractory Irritable Bowel Syndrome
12/08/2006 Psychological Treatment for Recurrent Symptoms of Colds and Flu in Children
11/10/2006 Comparing "Canned" Imagery and Individualized Imagery Among Cancer Patients
11/07/2006 The Effect of Hypnotic-Guided Imagery on Psychological Well-Being and Immune Function in patients
11/15/2006 When do Yoga, Psychotherapy and Autogenic Training Help?
12/01/2006 Hypnosis and Allergies, Hay Fever, Mild Asthma
12/06/2006 Self-Hypnosis Reduces Anxiety Following Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
12/02/2006 Biofeedback, Relaxation, and the Reduction of Glucose Levels
12/18/2006 Stress Management Improves Long-Term Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes
12/18/2006 Long-term Improvement in Functional Dyspepsia using Hypnotherapy
12/17/2006 Hypnosis Treatment for Severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome
12/20/2006 A One Year Follow-Up of Relaxation Response Meditation as a Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
12/06/2006 Hypnotherapy in Irritable Bowel Syndrome
12/21/2006 Guided Imagery and the Reduction of Recurrent Abdominal Pain (RAP) in Children
12/18/2006 IBS Reponds Well to Hypnotherapy
12/22/2006 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Guided Imagery in Bulimia Nervosa.
12/20/2006 Meditation and Epilepsy
12/20/2006 Virtual Reality & Imagery Compared for Use in Reducing Fear of Flying
12/22/2006 Mindful Meditation Increases Antibody Titers to Flu Vaccine
12/23/2006 Guided Imagery Career Based Transition Program
12/24/2006 Using Motor Imagery in the Rehabilitation of Hemiparesis
12/24/2006 Imagery Reducing Stress
12/24/2006 Stress Relief over Cell Phones
12/25/2006 Spiritual Concerns & Imagery
12/25/2006 CRPS1 Patients Benefit from Imagery
12/25/2006 MRI Study Reveals Inner Workings of Brain During Imagery
12/26/2006 Guided Imagery and Postural Stability
12/26/2006 Guided Imagery and Insomnia
12/26/2006 Behavioral Management of Recurrent Headache
12/27/2006 Physical Therapy with CAM and Exercise for Headache Relief
12/27/2006 Effects of Guided Imagery on Quality of Life for Patients with Chronic Tension-Type Headache
12/28/2006 Touch, Music and Imagery Helps Open Heart Patients
12/27/2006 Autogenic Training Reduces Frequency of Headaches
12/28/2006 Teaching HIV Positive, Gay Men to Relax, Alter Their Cognitive Appraisals, Use New Coping Strategies
12/28/2006 The Effects of Hypnosis on the Labor Processes and Birth Outcomes of Pregnant Adolescents
12/29/2006 Hypnosis and Myopia
12/29/2006 Hypnosis for School Age Child Insomnia
12/29/2006 Hypnosis Treats Allopecia Areata
12/30/2006 Effect of Complimentary and Alternative Therapies on Sleep Promotion in the Critically Ill
12/09/2006 Diaphramatic Breathing Helps Migrane Sufferers
12/30/2006 Stress Reduction Program Helped People with SLE (lupus)
12/11/2006 Music Plus CAM for Open-Heart Patients
12/30/2006 The Use of Relaxation Techniques in the Perioperative Management of Proctological Patients
12/31/2006 Can Medical Hypnosis Accelerate Post-Surgical Wound Healing
12/31/2006 Clinical Hypnosis Versus Cognitive Behavioral Training for Pain Management
12/09/2006 Effects of Hypnosis on Substance Abuse Patients
12/31/2006 The Effects of Hypnosis/Guided Imagery on the Postoperative Course of Children
01/01/2007 Effects of Music Therapy on Anxiety in Ventilator-Dependent Patients
01/24/2007 Guided Imagery in Cardiac Surgery
01/03/2007 Individuals Facing One of 90 Elective Surgeries are Sent Guided Imagery Tapes
01/03/2007 Relaxation and Imagery and Cognitive-Behavioral Training Reduce Pain During Cancer Treatment
01/04/2007 Preoperative Rehearsal of Active Coping Imagery Influences Subjective
01/04/2007 Adjunctive non-pharmacological analgesic for invasive procedures
01/03/2007 Effect of Music on Anxiety of Women Awaiting Breast Biopsy
12/23/2006 Neural Substrates of Tactile Imagery: a Functional MRI Study
12/22/2006 The Effect of Guided Imagery and Amitriptyline on Daily Fibromyalgia Pain
12/21/2006 Sexual and Physical Abuse in Women with Fibromyalgia
12/21/2006 6-Week Guided Imagery Plan for Fibromyalgia
01/05/2007 The effect of Music-Based Imagery and Musical Alternate Engagement on the Burn
01/03/2007 Hypnosis Compared to Sedation During Angioplasty
01/05/2007 Laproscopy Patients who Listened to Guided Imagery or Music Experienced Positive Effects
01/05/2007 Meditators have Better Capabilities to Moderate the Intensity of their Emotional Arousal
01/06/2007 Meditation and Bone Marrow Transplants
01/06/2007 Mantras, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Quality of Life, and Spiritual Well-Being
01/06/2007 Vipssana Meditation Helps Substance Abusers
01/07/2007 Relaxation Improves Long-Term Visual Memory
01/07/2007 Stress Management Improves Academic Performance
01/07/2007 The Effects of Relaxation Response Training on Menopausal Symptoms
01/08/2007 The Effects of Imagery on Attitudes and Moods in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
01/08/2007 Effects of Music Therapy on Children
01/08/2007 Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms with Applied Relaxation
01/27/2007 Does prayer influence the success of in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer?
03/10/2007 Guided Imagery & Post Op Pain
01/09/2007 Laproscopy Patients Who Listened to Guided Imagery or Music Experienced Positive Effects
12/02/2006 Imagery Works as Well as Actual Practice
12/02/2006 Effectiveness of hypnosis for pain relief during childbirth
01/10/2007 A Phase I Study on the Feasibility and Acceptability of an Acupuncture/ Hypnosis Intervention
01/11/2007 Guided Imagery and Pediatric Pain
12/11/2006 Deliberate Imagery Practice: The Development of Imagery Skills in Competitive Athletes
01/28/2007 The Effect of Meditation on Shooting Performance
01/13/2007 Traumatized Teenagers Respond to the Same Types of Mind-Body Training as Cancer Patients
02/06/2007 Interventions to Safely Help Pregnant Women with Migraines
01/14/2007 Meta-Analysis Shows Hypnosis Appears Promising at Improving Pain Scores for Women in Labor
01/14/2007 Effectiveness of Hypnosis for Pain Relief During Childbirth
01/14/2007 Effects of Relaxation and Stress on the Capsaicin-Induced Local Inflammatory Response
01/15/2007 The Effects of Therapeutic Touch on Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee.
01/15/2007 Internet-Based Program Appears to Help People Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
01/15/2007 Self-Regulation Program Helps Breast Cancer Patients
01/16/2007 Effects of Relaxation and Stress on the Capsaicin-Induced Local Inflammatory Response
01/16/2007 Effects of psychologic intervention on psoriasis: a preliminary report
01/16/2007 Smoking cessation & hypnosis
12/09/2006 Smoking Cessation & Hypnosis
01/17/2007 A controlled pilot study of stress management training of elderly patients
01/17/2007 A Controlled Pilot Study of Stress Management Training of Elderly Patients
01/17/2007 Stress Management and Exercise Training in Cardiac Patients with Myocardial Ischemia
01/18/2007 Cardiac Coherence: a New, Noninvasive Measure of Autonomic Nervous System Order
12/03/2006 Stress Management and Effects on Blood Pressure, Emotional Health and Work Performance
12/03/2006 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis plus CBT
01/19/2007 Studies Show Power & Promise of Imagery for Stroke Patients
01/19/2007 Imagery and Stroke Patients
12/10/2006 Guided Imagery: A Strategy for Regaining Motor Control After Stroke
12/11/2006 Foot massage & guided relaxation improve calmness and well-being in post-op patients
11/25/2008 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Guided Imagery in Bulimia Nervosa
01/20/2007 A study with 16 staff members as part of a general behavioral/educational program for weight loss
01/20/2007 Hypnosis/imagery doubles weight loss when added to a behavioral program
01/21/2007 Weight Loss 9 Week Program
01/21/2007 Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
01/21/2007 Weight Loss, Hypnosis, and CBT
01/22/2007 Complementary Therapies and Weight Reduction
02/03/2007 Hypnosis Improves Pain Scores for Women in Labor
01/23/2007 Effectiveness of Hypnosis for Pain Relief During Childbirth
12/21/2006 Using Hypnosis to Accelerate the Healing of Bone Fractures
12/22/2006 Interventions for the Treatment and Management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
12/02/2006 The Use of a Meditation Program for Institutionalized Juvenile Delinquents
12/02/2006 How does music affect the human body?
12/01/2006 Reversal of Coronary Artery Disease from Lifestyle Changes
11/30/2006 EEG Coherence and Meditation
11/29/2006 Simple Autogenic Training Helps Children & Adolescents with Psychological Symtoms
12/03/2006 Job stress reduction therapies
02/23/2011 The effectiveness of clinical hypnosis in the digestive endoscopy....
03/16/2011 Polish norms for the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, Form A.
03/18/2011 Trance state effects and imagery vividness before and during a hypnotic...
03/21/2011 Allocation of attentional resources in posthypnotic suggestion.
11/06/2006 Aromatherapy Massage in Palliative Care
11/25/2006 Autogenic Training Lowers Stress
03/22/2007 Stroke and the effects of hypnotherapy
05/12/2007 Hypnotizability and spatial attentional functions.
12/10/2006 Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Methods and Results in Amsterdam
12/08/2006 Relaxing Music Reduces Anxiety and Pain
01/12/2009 Effects of Qigong exercises on 3 different parameters of human saliva.
12/22/2009 Impact of a pain protocol including hypnosis in major burns
12/01/2009 Effects of information type on children's interrogative suggestibility: is Theory of Mind Involved?
12/15/2009 No Change in Rectal Sensitivity After Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy
12/31/2009 Hypnosis and hemispheric asymmetry
04/01/2010 Hypnosis: exploring the benefits for the role of the hospital social worker
04/08/2010 Hypnosis and anxious troubles
04/15/2010 Efficacy of hypnosis in the treatment of human papillomavirus (HPV) in women:rural and urban samples
04/22/2010 Hypnosis treatment for chronic low back pain
12/10/2009 Diagnosis and hypnotic treatment of an unusual case of hysterical amnesia
12/12/2009 Forecasting the Effects of Obesity and Smoking on U.S. Life Expectancy
12/08/2009 A concurrent validity study between the HIP and the SHCS:A
12/17/2009 Hypnotic illusions and clinical delusions: Hypnosis as a research method
01/05/2010 Are psychological treatments effective for fibromyalgia pain?
01/07/2010 Hypnotic suggestibility, cognitive inhibition, and dissociation
01/12/2010 Hypnotic induction decreases anterior default mode activity
02/16/2010 Hypnotic susceptibility as a predictor of participation in student activities
03/23/2010 Investigating peri-traumatic dissociation using hypnosis during a traumatic film
03/25/2010 Changes in mismatch negativity across pre-hypnosis, hypnosis and post-hypnosis...
04/06/2010 Using hypnosis to gain insights into healthy and pathological cognitive functioning
04/13/2010 A dissociative episode following stage hypnosis in a combat-injured soldier
04/20/2010 Hypnotizability and opinions about hypnosis in a clinical trial for the hypnotic control of...
04/27/2010 Effects of hypnosis as an adjunct to intravenous sedation for third molar extraction
07/22/2010 Surface electromyographic biofeedback to optimize performance in daily life
08/12/2010 An argument for a qualitative research approach to hypnotic experiencing...
08/19/2010 Hypnosis to facilitate uncomplicated birth
08/31/2010 See clearly: suggestion, hypnosis, attention, and visual acuity
08/17/2010 The efficacy of hypnosis in the reduction of procedural pain and distress in pediatric oncology
08/24/2010 Self-hypnosis relapse prevention training with chronic drug/alcohol users
08/26/2010 Reality monitoring in hypnosis: a pilot investigation
08/12/2010 The hipbone is connected to the thighbone; the thighbone is connected to…
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