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Mental Disorders Articles

11/04/2006 Coping skills and treatment outcomes in cognitive-behavioral
11/21/2006 Panic & Anxiety Disorders
11/11/2006 Neurofeedback and ADHD
12/13/2006 Music Therapy and Children and Teens
11/26/2006 Effects of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Therapy on Mood and Cortisol in Healthy Adults
11/08/2006 Introversion-Extraversion, Tempo, and Guided Imagery
11/09/2006 Effects of Integrating Therapeutic Touch into a Cognitive Behavioral Pain Treatment Program
11/26/2006 Depression and Self-Esteem in Primiparas
01/26/2007 A Randomized Efficacy and Feasibility Study of Imagery in Acute Stroke
11/23/2006 Utilizing hypnosis and ego-state therapy to facilitate healthy adaptive differentiation
11/03/2006 Hypnotic imagery rehearsal in the treatment of nightmares: a case report.
12/31/2012 Neuronal Habituation and the Hypnotist: When We Don’t See What We See
08/03/2006 Hypnosis for treatment of insomnia in school-age children
10/03/2006 Inpatient infusion treatment for acute tinnitus with and without adjuvant psychotherapeutic
07/03/2006 Hypnotically induced emotional numbing: the roles of hypnosis and hypnotizability.
07/04/2005 Treating psychological problems in medical settings
11/05/2006 Hypnotic suggestion reduces conflict in the human brain
12/12/2006 Hypnosis decouples cognitive control from conflict monitoring processes of the frontal lobe
11/08/2006 Awake-alert hypnosis in the treatment of panic disorder: a case report
06/04/2005 The effect of mental stress on the non-dipolar components of the T wave
11/19/2006 Complementary and miscellaneous interventions for nocturnal enuresis in children
11/29/2006 Biofeedback Reduces Hypertension When Combined with Other Relaxation & Imagery Techniques
11/03/2006 The conversational brain: fronto-hippocampal interaction and disconnection
07/03/2006 Functional ("psychogenic") amnesia
06/03/2006 The induction of anomalous experiences in a mirror-gazing facility: suggestion, cognitive perceptual
12/03/2005 Autogenic training as a therapy for adjustment disorder in adults
11/03/2006 Hypnotically enhanced dreaming to achieve symptom reduction
01/03/2005 Autogenic training as a therapy for adjustment disorder in adolescents
08/06/2014 Plasma oxytocin concentrations and OXTR polymorphisms predict social impairments in children...
08/08/2014 Evidenced Supported Principles of change
02/11/2011 On the history of dissociative identity disorders in Germany...
03/23/2011 Abreaction for conversion disorder: systematic review with meta-analysis.
05/09/2011 Clinical hypnosis with a Little League baseball population.
05/23/2011 On the history of dissociative identity disorders in Germany.
04/03/2011 Somatic Experiencing with Brian Mahan
04/10/2011 4 Ways to Get Over Trauma
05/08/2011 VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization
04/27/2011 Surviving Grief and Moving on with your Life
05/02/2011 Get Rid of Your Panic Attacks Forever
05/01/2011 Eliminate Stress and Begin Enjoying Life
05/07/2011 The Difference that Self-Confidence Brings
04/26/2011 Medications and Treatments for Anxiety
03/10/2015 Behaviorism, Hypnotherapy, and Choice
07/16/2021 Burnout Syndrome: Therapeutic Approach With Beneficial Effects on Personality and Quality of Life.
07/12/2011 The Lack of Reality in Psychotherapy
08/17/2011 The Scientific Status of Childhood Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Review of Published Research.
09/19/2011 The Scientific Status of Childhood Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Review of Published Research.
09/27/2011 Mind-body interventions during pregnancy for preventing or treating women's anxiety.
11/10/2011 Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety.
11/29/2011 Hypnotizability and traumatic experience: a diathesis-stress model of dissociative symptomatology.
12/01/2011 Hypnotizability in acute stress disorder.
11/25/2011 Hypnosis in the laboratory creates a window on psychopathology.
11/28/2011 Hypnosis meets neuropsychology: Simulating visuospatial neglect in healthy participants.
12/08/2011 Mirrored-self misidentification in the hypnosis laboratory:...
12/13/2011 Hypnosis within a psychospiritual approach in the case of a woman diagnosed with dystonia.
12/20/2011 Childhood anxiety, worry, and fear: individualizing hypnosis goals...
12/27/2011 Treatment of psychological factors in a child with difficult asthma: a case report.
10/06/2011 Space and Time Mental Considerations in Therapy
08/03/1999 Hypnosis and conversion hysteria: a unifying model
11/03/2006 Autogenic training to reduce anxiety in nursing students: randomized controlled trial
11/03/2006 Hypnotic trait and specific phobia: EEG and autonomic output during phobic stimulation
10/03/2005 Helping children with asthma by repairing maternal-infant bonding problems
11/03/2006 Hypnotic treatment of PTSD in children who have complicated bereavement
11/03/2006 Prospects for exploring the molecular-genomic foundations of therapeutic hypnosis
02/03/2006 Somatization, somatosensory amplification, attribution styles and illness behavior
01/03/2006 Suggestibility and state anxiety: how the two concepts relate in a source identification paradigm
09/03/2006 Hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy of acute stress disorder:
01/04/2007 "The Psychogenetics System" – Your Parents are your subconscious mind!
01/27/2007 Treatment of Panic/Anxiety Attacks with Wakened Hypnosis. Part 1
02/05/2007 Hypnosis to Heal Male Rage
02/07/2007 Overcoming a Fear of Public Speaking
11/01/2006 The body's story: a case report of hypnosis and physiological narration of trauma
02/01/2005 Hypnotic modulation of flow-mediated endothelial response to mental stress
11/16/2006 Infants Born to Women Who Were Affected by 9-11 Have Low Cortisol Levels.
10/01/1992 The use of hypnosis with dissociative disorders
11/05/1991 Trichotillomania
01/24/2007 New uses of hypnosis in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder
11/05/2006 Hypnosis in the treatment of victims of sexual abuse
03/01/2007 Role of relaxation and specific suggestions in hypnotic emotional numbing
04/08/2007 Enhancing thought suppression with hypnosis.
04/21/2007 The special effects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy:An ecological model of therapeutic change.
05/02/2007 Cognitive hypnotherapy for depression: an empirical investigation.
05/08/2007 Over Come Panic/Anxiety and Agoraphobia Part I.
05/15/2007 Over Come Panic/Anxiety and Agoraphobia Part II
05/22/2007 Over Come Panic/Anxiety and Agoraphobia Part III.
05/29/2007 Over Come Panic/Anxiety and Agoraphobia Part IV
06/05/2007 Over Come Panic/Anxiety and Agoraphobia Part V
05/23/2007 Emotional Release Therapy©
07/09/2007 The Efficacy of Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Psychosomatic Disorders: Meta-analytical Evidence.
08/15/2007 How To Forgive
10/04/2007 Bispectral index monitoring during dissociative pseudo-seizure.
02/09/2007 Dissociative alterations in body image among individuals reporting out-of-body experiences: a concep
02/14/2007 Hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy of acute stress disorder: a 3-year follow-up
02/18/2007 Does the more vivid imagery of high hypnotizables depend on greater cognitive effort? A test of diss
03/04/2007 Effectiveness of hypnosis in reducing mild essential hypertension: a one-year follow-up.
03/21/2007 Treating postpartum depression with hypnosis: addressing specific symptoms presented by the client.
03/22/2007 Stroke and the effects of hypnotherapy
04/27/2007 Elucidating tourette's syndrome: perspectives from hypnosis, attention and self-regulation.
06/12/2007 Over Come Panic/Anxiety and Agoraphobia Part VI
06/23/2007 Hypnosis and the treatment of posttraumatic conditions: an evidence-based approach.
07/31/2007 Granulocyte activation in humans is modulated by psychological stress and relaxation.
07/13/2007 Efficacy of hypnotherapy in the treatment of eating disorders.
08/10/2007 How To Release Negativity
11/09/2007 Hypnosis for schizophrenia.
12/12/2007 Effects of Binaural-Beat Stimulation on Recovery Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Study.
01/06/2008 Hypnosis and Addictions
01/26/2008 Why Would You Say “WHEE!” When You’re Stressed?
05/30/2008 An exploratory outcome comparison between an Ericksonian approach to therapy & brief dynamic therapy
06/19/2008 Hypnotic induction and therapeutic suggestions in first-trimester pregnancy termination.
06/20/2008 Hypnosis-provoked nonepileptic events in children.
12/16/2007 Hypnosis for schizophrenia.
12/15/2007 Color: Its Therapeutic Power for Rapid Healing.
12/22/2007 Stress-free Festive Season: 3 Keys to maximize your holiday-enjoyment
03/07/2008 Releasing Phobia's and Traumatic Events FAST
03/25/2008 The treatment of parasomnias with hypnosis: a 5-year follow-up study.
04/15/2008 Hypnosis-provoked nonepileptic events in children.
04/18/2008 An exploratory outcome comparison between an Ericksonian approach.
04/30/2008 User friendly hypnosis as an adjunct for treatment of habit cough: a case report.
05/06/2008 Hypnotic abreaction releases chaotic patterns of electrodermal activity during dissociation.
05/07/2008 Effectiveness of complementary and self-help treatments for anxiety in children and adolescents.
06/14/2008 Buddhist psychology, psychotherapy and the brain: a critical introduction.
06/19/2008 Change, Intial Sensitizing Event, and Hypnosis
06/14/2013 ISEPP denounces DSM-V
09/08/2008 Psychogenic and organic movement disorders in children.
10/27/2008 Cognitive behaviour therapy for violent men with antisocial personality disorder in the community.
03/19/2009 Heightened level of amygdala activity may cause social deficits in autism
03/27/2009 Hypnotherapy in the treatment of chronic combat-related PTSD patients suffering from insomnia.
04/06/2009 Lasting false beliefs and their behavioral consequences
04/10/2009 Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in postwar Kosovar adolescents using mind-body skills gro
07/26/2021 Group hypnosis for stress reduction and improved stress coping...
07/23/2008 Meditation with yoga, group long-term depressed mood.
06/30/2008 Lifetime Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Lebanon: First Onset, Treatment, and Exposure to War
08/24/2008 The exposure hierarchy as a measure of progress and efficacy in the tx of social anxiety disorders.
08/23/2008 Neurostimulation and the minimally conscious state.
10/15/2008 Mirror neuron system as the joint from action to language.
10/19/2008 Functional MRI study of brain activation alterations in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
10/19/2008 Treating comorbid panic disorder in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.
10/25/2008 An experimental clinical trial of a cognitive behaviour therapy package for chronic stuttering.
10/29/2008 Temporal relationship between change in cognition and change in functioning in schizophrenia.
11/01/2008 Obsessive-compulsive symptoms: The contribution of obsessional beliefs and experiential avoidance.
11/26/2008 A holistic approach to caring for people with Alzheimer's disease.
11/08/2008 Speech and language skills: their importance in development.
11/09/2008 Treatments for Tinnitus.
10/24/2008 Brief selective hypnotherapy in the treatment of flying phobia.
11/28/2008 Self-mutilating behavior in patients with dissociative disorders.
01/09/2008 Developing hypnotic analogues of clinical delusions: mirrored-self misidentification.
03/29/2009 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and complementary/alternative medicine.
04/03/2009 Hypnotizability as a potential risk factor for posttraumatic stress.
05/11/2009 Hypnosis for complex trauma survivors: four case studies.
05/11/2009 Fear of heights: cognitive performance and postural control.
06/09/2009 Well-being therapy for generalized anxiety disorder.
06/15/2009 Virtual Reality Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Public Speaking Anxiety: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
06/29/2009 Neural correlates of sad faces predict clinical remission to cognitive behavioural therapy in dep.
04/12/2009 Efficacy and effectiveness of school-based prevention and early intervention programs for anxiety.
05/19/2009 Psychosocial treatments for childhood and adolescent bipolar disorder.
06/02/2009 Treated depression in adolescents: predictors of outcome at 28 weeks.
04/29/2009 An empirical test of the metacognitive model of obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
04/28/2009 The relationship of cognitive confidence to OCD symptoms.
06/15/2009 A benchmarked feasibility study of a self-hypnosis treatment for depression in primary care.
07/14/2009 How the Cycle of Desire Prevents True Happiness
08/03/2009 Proactive Phobia Management With Hypnosis
07/24/2009 The Psycholpathology of Normal
07/06/2009 Hypnotherapeutic olfactory conditioning (HOC): case studies of needle phobia, panic disorder, & PTSD
01/19/2010 Hypnosis And The Fear Of Crowds
06/25/2009 Photostimulation for Stress Management
02/18/2010 Hypnosis as a vehicle for choice and self-agency in the treatment of children with Trichotillomania
03/11/2010 Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety- and stress-related disorders
07/16/2009 Managing ADHD Naturally
07/23/2009 Diet and Brain Function
04/01/2010 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
07/06/2009 Viktor Frankl Part 1
07/13/2009 Viktor Frankl Part 2
07/21/2009 Peace, Even Through Difficult Times
07/09/2009 A Terrific Tool for Effective Stress Management: Abdominal (Diaphragmatic) Breathing
07/22/2009 The Science and Art of Motivational Humor: Definition and Functions
07/27/2009 Stress Doc's ™ Tips and Techniques for Becoming a Healing Humorist
08/17/2009 Humor and the Work Team – Healing, Harmonizing, and Harnessing Morale and Productivity
07/31/2009 A Cross Sectional Survey Of Client Experiences Following a Course Of Pure Hypnoanalysis (PHA)
07/31/2009 Positron tomographic emission study of olfactory induced emotional recall in veterans.
08/24/2009 Post-traumatic stress disorders in medical practice: diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines...
10/11/2009 Complementary and alternative medicine use in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
12/14/2009 Trichotillomania and Hypnotherapy
05/27/2013 Overcoming Negativity in Healing
05/13/2010 Hypnosis, rumination, and depression
05/18/2010 Hypnotically catalyzing experiential learning across treatments for depression
05/20/2010 Hypnosis in the treatment of depression
05/27/2010 Evidence-based hypnotherapy for depression
06/17/2010 A meta-analysis of hypnosis in the treatment of depressive symptoms: a brief communication
06/05/2010 Exercise therapy for schizophrenia
06/14/2010 Reframe Panic and Stress
08/10/2010 The management of blood phobia and a hypersensitive gag reflex by hypnotherapy: a case report
11/30/2010 Ethnic differences in trichotillomania
09/01/2010 Preferences for hypnotic imagery for hot-flash reduction: a brief communication.
09/15/2010 Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Healing Injuries, Pain and Mind-body Conditions. No. 2.
10/13/2010 Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Healing Past Injuries, Pain and Mind-body Conditions. No. 3.
06/03/2010 Hypnosis and anxiety problems
11/25/2010 Systemic hypnosis with depressed individuals and their families.
12/23/2010 Rapid remission of anorexia nervosa and unconscious communication.
12/30/2010 A new hypnotic technique for treating combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder/
09/29/2010 Psychogenic paralysis and recovery after motor cortex transcranial magnetic stimulation.
11/10/2010 Hypnotically facilitated exposure response prevention therapy for an OIF veteran with OCD.
12/08/2010 Best practice guide for the treatment of nightmare disorder in adults.
12/15/2010 Using Hypnosis as Adjunct Care in Mental Health Nursing.
12/29/2010 Long-term follow-up of self-hypnosis training for recurrent headaches: what the children say.
09/08/2010 Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Healing Past Injuries, Pain and Mind-body Conditions. No. 1.
03/17/2015 Using Space and Time in Therapeutic Interventions
04/25/2011 A Practice-Based Comparison of Brief Cognitive Behavioural Treatment.
05/27/2011 Psychological stress and psychosomatic treatment: major impact on serious blood disorders?
06/10/2011 Cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnotic relaxation to treat sleep problems in an adolescent
04/29/2011 Guilt is not a Requirement
05/09/2011 Make Worrying at Thing of the Past and Free your Future
06/24/2013 The Value of a Healthy Ego
05/11/2011 Turning Shyness into Popularity
06/27/2011 The sociocognitive and dissociation theories of hypnosis: toward a rapprochement.
07/08/2011 "That's not my arm": A hypnotic analogue of somatoparaphrenia.
08/23/2011 Mind-body interventions during pregnancy for preventing or treating women's anxiety.
11/04/2011 Single-Session Manualized Ego State Therapy (EST) for Combat Stress Injury, PTSD, and ASD...
11/06/2011 Hypnotherapy Treatment for Anxiety (Mental Health Guru)
11/20/2011 Phobia Hypnotherapy
06/15/2015 A Theory on the Cause and Possible Cure for Schizophrenia
01/12/2012 A New Therapeutic Paradigm
02/16/2012 Somatoform disorders in children and adolescents.
03/22/2012 The cognitive demands of hypnotic response.
04/03/2012 Setting free the bears: escape from thought suppression.
03/16/2011 Best practice guide for the treatment of nightmare disorder in adults.
06/14/2012 Post-traumatic stress disorder: cognitive hypnotherapy, mindfulness...
12/30/2014 I wept for four years and when I stopped I was blind.
01/06/2015 Brain circuits implicated in psychogenic paralysis in conversion disorders and hypnosis.
01/13/2015 Perceptually-oriented hypnosis: removing a socially learned pathology and developing adequacy...
08/04/2021 Hypnosis and The Therapeutic Relationship: Relational Factors of Hypnosis in Psychotherapy.
08/04/2021 Gazing Back, Playing Forward: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Musings...
08/12/2021 Mindful Hypnotherapy to Reduce Stress and Increase Mindfulness: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study.
08/13/2021 Early Hypnotic Intervention After Traumatic Events in Children.
08/14/2021 Toward a Relational Theory of Hypnosis.
08/14/2021 The Effectiveness of Group-based Cognitive Hypnotherapy on the Psychological Well-being of Patients
08/15/2021 Clinical Hypnotherapy in Grief Resolution - A Case Report.
03/30/2015 Are hypnosis and dissociation related? New evidence for a connection.
08/16/2021 Non-pharmacological interventions for adult ADHD: a systematic review.
02/21/2012 Complementary and miscellaneous interventions for nocturnal enuresis in children.
06/12/2012 Cognitive hypnotherapy with bulimia.
06/28/2012 Cognitive hypnotherapy for major depressive disorder.
07/17/2012 Effectiveness of Ericksonian hypnosis in tinnitus therapy: preliminary results.
08/07/2012 The use of functional neuroimaging to evaluate psychological and other non-pharmacological treatment
09/04/2012 Hypnotic intervention in a 7-year-old thumbsucker: a case study.
07/11/2012 Cognitive underpinnings of recovered memories of childhood abuse.
08/29/2012 Complementary and miscellaneous interventions for nocturnal enuresis in children.
12/03/2012 Delsartean hypnosis for girls' bodies and minds...
12/10/2012 Talking to the senses: modulation of tactile extinction through hypnotic suggestion.
12/31/2012 Tics and Tourette syndrome: an adult perspective.
11/22/2012 Hypnosis in the right hemisphere.
01/17/2013 Scores on an emotional Stroop task after treatment of social anxiety disorder.
02/14/2013 Virtual reality exposure therapy and hypnosis for flying phobia in a treatment-resistant patient:...
02/14/2013 The use of online resources in the treatment of three cases of simple phobia.
01/15/2013 Towards a Taxonomy of Common Factors in Psychotherapy-Results of an Expert Survey.
02/03/2013 Neurophysiological correlates of dissociative symptoms.
03/21/2013 Three statements of human existence
04/23/2013 Feasibility of clinical hypnosis for the treatment of Parkinson's disease: a case study.
06/04/2013 A Systematic Review of Stress-Management Programs for Medical Students.
06/11/2013 Mind-Body Medicine for Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders.
04/18/2013 The power of belief and expectancy in understanding and management of depression.
05/09/2013 Antidepressants in the treatment of depression: the clinician and the controversy.
05/16/2013 Suggestion in the treatment of depression.
08/05/2013 A systematic review of stress-management programs for medical students.
09/03/2013 Hypnotic suggestibility predicts the magnitude of the imaginative word blindness suggestion...
10/15/2013 The effects of hypnosis on anxiety, depression, fatigue, and sleepiness...
10/24/2013 The effective use of hypnosis in schizophrenia: structure and strategy.
11/05/2013 Hypnotic suggestion: opportunities for cognitive neuroscience.
01/29/2014 Disorders of memory and plasticity in psychiatric disease.
02/12/2014 An analysis of paramilitary referrals to psychiatric services at a tertiary care center.
02/26/2014 Impacts of mustard gas exposure on veterans mental health: A study on the role of education.
07/08/2014 A causal model explaining the relationships governing beliefs, attitudes, and hypnotic...
07/22/2014 Can grapheme-color synesthesia be induced by hypnosis?
08/05/2014 Psychosynthesis: a transpersonal model for hypnotically mediated psychotherapy.
09/23/2014 The effectiveness of stuttering treatments in Germany.
07/03/2014 Modelling psychiatric and cultural possession phenomena with suggestion and fMRI.
07/10/2014 Current issues in the treatment of specific phobia...
08/26/2014 Management and Diagnosis of Psycogenic Cough, Habit Cough, and Tic Cough: A Systematic Review.
08/28/2014 Psychophysiology of Dissociated Consciousness.
01/24/2013 Contemporary concepts of dissociation.
07/14/2021 Current neuroscientific research database findings of brain activity changes after hypnosis.
01/07/2013 Self-Destructive Behavior: A Red-Flag for Many Clinicians
07/17/2021 You're Going to Do What? ...
07/17/2013 Addiction and the Brain - drug or alcohol abuse is a disease.
08/29/2013 right hemisphere safety backup at work: Hypotheses for deep hypnosis, post-traumatic stress...
01/09/2014 Randomized Controlled Trial of a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy...
01/07/2014 Neurophysiological correlates of dissociative symptoms.
01/21/2014 Pediatric emotional dysregulation and behavioral disruptiveness treated with hypnosis...
01/23/2014 Waking self-hypnosis efficacy in cognitive-behavioral treatment for pathological gambling...
02/06/2014 Treatment of Functional (Psychogenic) Movement Disorders.
01/22/2014 Non-Alzheimer's disease-related memory impairment and dementia.
02/05/2014 A neurobiological approach to the cognitive deficits of psychiatric disorders.
02/19/2014 Depression during pregnancy: Prevalence and obstetric risk factors among pregnant women...
05/30/2014 Socio-demographic and clinical predictors of absenteeism...
06/04/2014 A case of Hallervorden-Spatz disease presenting as catatonic schizophrenia.
06/09/2014 Psychiatric morbidity and marital satisfaction among spouses of men with alcohol dependence.
06/11/2014 Prevalence and pattern of psychiatric morbidity and health related quality of life...
02/03/2014 Post-stroke depression and lesion location: A hospital based cross-sectional study.
02/10/2014 Group psychotherapies for depression in persons with HIV: A systematic review.
02/10/2014 Group psychotherapies for depression in persons with HIV: A systematic review.
02/17/2014 Recovery from sleep disturbance precedes that of depression and anxiety...
02/24/2014 "I Just Have to Stick with It and It'll Work": Experiences of Adolescents and Young Adults...
05/28/2014 Depression and experience of vision loss in group of adults in rehabilitation setting...
06/02/2014 A neurobiological approach to the cognitive deficits of psychiatric disorders.
06/07/2014 Emetophobia: A fear of vomiting.
06/10/2014 Psychiatric morbidity in prisoners.
06/12/2014 Prevalence and pattern of psychiatric morbidity and health related quality of life in patients...
02/07/2014 UK population norms for the modified dental anxiety scale with percentile calculator...
02/14/2014 Prevention of Post-Stroke Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Using Escitalopram...
08/07/2014 The use of hypnosis in therapy to increase happiness.
08/14/2014 Mindfulness-based hypnosis: blending science, beliefs, and wisdoms to catalyze healing.
08/12/2014 Hypnotizability and Catechol-O-Methyltransferase (COMT) polymorphysms in Italians.
09/09/2014 Psychological and behavioural treatments for adults with non-epileptic attack disorder.
07/08/2014 Childhood anxiety and psychophysiological reactivity: hypnosis to build discrimination...
07/15/2014 Hypnosis aided fixed role therapy for social phobia: a case report.
07/22/2014 A Case of Successful Use of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Parasomnia Overlap Disorder.
06/01/2021 The Question of Commitment
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