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Learning and Memory Articles

11/21/2006 Mental Imagery and Learning Surgical Procedures
11/22/2006 Stress Management and Academic Performance
11/02/2006 Mental Imaging and Relearning
05/17/2007 Brain-Compatible Goal Setting - How and Why Goals Drive Motivation
02/01/2007 Relationship Between Relaxation by Guided Imagery and Performance of Working Memory
03/11/2007 Picturing an Action Improves Likelyhood of Performing Action
08/03/2006 Hypnotic suggestion modulates cognitive conflict: the case of the flanker compatibility effect
11/03/2006 Relaxation Response and Improve Attention
10/03/2006 The effect of hypnotic training programs on the academic performance of students.
11/15/2006 Facilitating memory with hypnosis, focused meditation, and eye closure
07/03/2006 Tele-hypnosis in the treatment of adolescent school refusal
07/03/2006 Effects of misleading questions and hypnotic memory suggestion on memory reports: a signal-detection
11/04/2005 Trying to recollect past events: confidence, beliefs, and memories.
11/04/2006 Trance and the trickster: hypnosis as a liminal phenomenon
06/03/2006 Learning in trance: functional brain imaging studies and neuropsychology
08/07/2014 Older adults have 'morning brains': Noticeable differences in brain function across the day
01/24/2011 The ups and downs of memory.
03/25/2011 Social processes affecting the mnemonic consequences of rumors on children's...
03/28/2011 People who expect to enter psychotherapy are prone to believing...
09/21/2011 What People Believe about How Memory Works: A Representative Survey of the U.S. Population.
11/03/2006 Believing is seeing: how rumors can engender false memories in preschoolers
11/03/2006 The effect of question repetition within interviews on young children's eyewitness recall
11/03/2006 Strategies for verifying false autobiographical memories
07/03/2005 Source monitoring in eyewitness memory: implicit associations, suggestions, and episodic traces
11/03/2005 Trying to recollect past events: confidence, beliefs, and memories
01/11/2013 Hypnotherapy Education or Training
05/07/2007 Personal Brain Revitalizer: Take Advantage of Your Brain Cycles
05/10/2007 Reading Fiction – How it Enriches Brain Functioning
05/21/2007 Effective Learning - Four Keys to Success
06/06/2007 Hypnosis and pseudomemories: the effects of prehypnotic expectancies.
06/02/2007 Be Aware of Obstructions to Your Learning
06/07/2007 Pseudomemory in hypnotized and simulating subjects.
06/08/2007 Reality versus suggestion: pseudomemory in hypnotizable and simulating subjects.
12/03/2007 Meditation practices have various health benefits including the possibility of preserving cognition
11/27/2007 The roles of prior experience and the timing of misinformation presentation on young children
12/06/2007 Short-term plasticity in the auditory system
01/07/2008 Hebbian Learning: The Value of Repetition
02/08/2008 Hypnosis enhances recall memory: a test of forced and non-forced conditions.
03/03/2008 Paired-associate learning and recall of high and low imagery words.
02/09/2008 Memory liabilities associated with hypnosis: does low hypnotizability confer immunity?
05/07/2008 Taking the feeling out of emotional memories.
01/29/2008 Mesmerizing memories: brain substrates of episodic memory suppression in posthypnotic amnesia.
03/20/2008 Effects of contextual cues in recall and recognition memory: the misinformation effect reconsidered.
03/27/2008 An analogue study of the effects of Psychological Debriefing on eyewitness memory.
04/09/2008 Resistance to misleading postevent information and self-reports of events occurring during hypnosis.
05/12/2008 Clinical holistic medicine: how to recover memory without "implanting" memories in your patient.
05/14/2008 Mixing memories: the effects of rumors that conflict with children's experiences.
03/17/2008 Anxious and nonanxious children's recall of a repeated or unique event.
04/01/2008 Aging and the misinformation effect: a neuropsychological analysis.
07/01/2008 The future orientation of constructive memory.
08/08/2008 How Squeezing Your Fingers Can Help You Survive The Bar Exam
06/16/2014 Intelligence, Learning, and Testing
04/17/2009 Imagining nice and nasty events in childhood or adulthood
08/10/2008 Perceptual difficulty in source memory encoding and retrieval.
08/30/2008 Weak hand preference in children with down syndrome is associated with language deficits.
08/27/2008 The role of learning in nocebo and placebo effects.
09/01/2008 The future orientation of constructive memory: an evolutionary perspective.
09/12/2008 Clarification of the memory artefact in the assessment of suggestibility.
08/17/2008 Rumor mongering and remembering: how rumors originating in children's inferences can affect memory.
08/12/2008 Survey of complementary and alternative therapies used by children with specific learning difficult
10/24/2008 True and false recall and dissociation among maltreated children: the role of self-schema.
10/27/2008 Memory on the beach: an Australian memory (and hypnosis) laboratory.
10/24/2008 The future orientation of constructive memory.
12/02/2008 Truth induction in young maltreated children.
02/27/2009 Children's recall of emotionally arousing, repeated events.
03/04/2009 The persistence of false beliefs.
03/06/2009 Slowing presentation speed increases illusions of knowledge.
03/09/2009 Memory for media: investigation of false memories for negatively and positively charged public event
03/11/2009 The diagnostic accuracy of questions about past experiences of being mechanically restrained.
03/13/2009 Emotional content of true and false memories.
03/16/2009 The child in time: the influence of parent-child discussion about a future experience.
03/18/2008 Creating false memories for events that occurred before versus after the offset of childhood amnesia
03/18/2009 False recognition following study of semantically related lists presented in jumbled word form.
03/25/2009 You say tomato? Collaborative remembering leads to more false memories for intimate couples.
04/13/2009 What the stories children tell can tell about their memory.
04/15/2009 Déjà vu in the laboratory.
04/24/2009 The effects of social influence on children's memory reports
05/04/2009 Remembering words not presented in sentences: how study context changes patterns of false memories.
07/16/2013 Learning, Motivation, and Male Dopamine Fatigue
06/17/2009 Experimental production of past-life memories in hypnosis.
08/21/2009 Are subjective memory problems related to suggestibility, compliance, false memories, ...
10/07/2009 The influence of instructions and terminology on the accuracy of remember-know judgments
12/28/2009 Neuroscientists at Case Western Reserve University store information in isolated brain tissue
07/27/2010 Immediate and persisting effects of misleading questions and hypnosis on memory reports
09/28/2010 Children's eyewitness memory for multiple real-life events.
10/05/2010 Memory for actions of an event: older and younger adults compared.
10/12/2010 Human figure drawings and children's recall of touching.
11/16/2010 Memory focused interventions (MFI) as a therapeutic strategy in hypnotic psychotherapy.
09/16/2010 Children's suggestion-induced omission errors are not caused by memory erasure.
09/30/2010 Reevaluating the potency of the memory conformity effect.
12/02/2010 On telling the whole story
12/28/2010 Extreme cognitive interviewing: a blueprint for false memories through imagination inflation.
09/15/2010 A hypnotic paradigm for studying intrusive memories.
04/19/2011 Enhancing witness memory with techniques derived from hypnotic investigative interviewing.
07/29/2011 The effects of encoding in hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestion on academic performance.
07/01/2021 Hypnotizability and Performance on a Prism Adaptation Test.
05/03/2012 Gaining knowledge via other minds: children's flexible trust in others as sources of information.
02/01/2012 Effects of interviewer behavior on accuracy of children's responses.
07/14/2012 Reading speed, comprehension and eye movements while reading Japanese novels...
01/27/2015 Hypnotizability, not suggestion, influences false memory development.
03/02/2015 Memory formation during anaesthesia: plausibility of a neurophysiological basis.
02/14/2012 Altered and asymmetric default mode network activity in a "hypnotic virtuoso": An fMRI and EEG study
03/06/2012 Traditional and alert hypnosis for education: a literature review.
08/02/2012 Boosting Human Learning by Hypnosis
07/04/2012 Motivated forgetting and misremembering: perspectives from betrayal trauma theory
07/18/2012 A theoretical framework for understanding recovered memory experiences.
07/25/2012 The cognitive neuroscience of true and false memories.
08/01/2012 Introduction: in the aftermath of the so-called memory wars.
10/15/2012 Posthypnotic state changes and flashbacks: analogous processes?
10/25/2012 Building false memories without suggestions.
12/27/2012 Perception of short time scale intervals in a hypnotic virtuoso.
03/21/2013 Children's event reports: factors affecting responses to repeated questions...
12/27/2012 Neurocognition under hypnosis: findings from recent functional neuroimaging studies.
08/14/2014 Using suggestion to model different types of automatic writing.
04/16/2013 Boosting human learning by hypnosis.
02/13/2014 Are the "Memory Wars" Over? A Scientist-Practitioner Gap in Beliefs About Repressed Memory.
06/05/2014 The gestural misinformation effect: skewing eyewitness testimony through gesture.
08/19/2014 Are the "memory wars" over? A scientist-practitioner gap in beliefs about repressed memory.
08/26/2014 Suggestion overrides automatic audiovisual integration.
08/05/2014 Age differences in eyewitness memory for a realistic event.
08/12/2014 Do older adults change their eyewitness reports when re-questioned?
06/11/2015 Creating past-life identity in hypnotic regression.
06/25/2015 A hypnotic analogue of clinical confabulation.
06/01/2021 Hypnosis-induced mental training improves performance on the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery...
06/01/2021 Acute Effects of Online Mind-Body Skills Training on Resilience, Mindfulness, and Empathy.
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