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Dentistry Articles

11/18/2006 A long-term therapeutic treatment for patients with a severe gag reflex
06/03/2006 Hypnosis in dentistry
11/03/2006 Changes in neurophysiologic parameters in a patient with dental anxiety by hypnosis
07/12/2021 Hypnosis in Treatment of Stomatodynia: Preliminary Retrospective Study of 12 Cases.
11/18/2011 Hypnosis and dental anesthesia in children: a prospective controlled study.
11/21/2011 Effects of hypnotic focused analgesia on dental pain threshold.
07/18/2021 Role of Hypnosis in Dental Treatment: A Narrative Review.
03/03/2006 Dental anxiety in a representative sample of residents of a large German city
11/23/2006 Anxiety: its management during the treatment of the adolescent dental patient
10/12/2007 Hypnotizability, absorption and negative cognitions as predictors of dental anxiety
07/03/2007 Management of the anxious patient: what treatments are available?
11/07/2007 Patient satisfaction after oral and maxillofacial procedures under clinical hypnosis.
12/21/2007 Complementary and alternative medicine techniques available for dentistry.
05/02/2008 The effectiveness of biobehavioral therapy in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders.
05/01/2009 Psychological treatment of fearful and phobic special needs patients.
07/11/2008 Evaluation of dentists' perceived needs regarding treatment of the anxious patient.
07/29/2008 Evaluation of dentists' perceived needs regarding treatment of the anxious patient.
08/21/2009 Improve Your Patients’ Health and Your Bottom Line
07/19/2009 MIX Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
10/27/2010 Hypnosis for children undergoing dental treatment.
06/12/2012 The art of suggestion: the use of hypnosis in dentistry.
11/26/2012 Sedating the apprehensive debilitated patients for dental procedures...
12/30/2012 Complementary and alternative medicine usage by patients of a dental school clinic.
02/26/2013 The management of dental anxiety and impact of psychosomatic factors on dentistry.
01/14/2013 Use of the Grindcare® device in the management of nocturnal bruxism: a pilot study.
09/05/2013 Effect of hypnosis on induction of local anaesthesia, pain perception, ...
02/20/2014 The management of dental anxiety and impact of psychosomatic factors on dentistry...
07/24/2014 Hypnosis for dental anxiety.
06/01/2021 A controlled trial on the effect of hypnosis on dental anxiety in tooth removal patients.
06/01/2021 Hypnosis/Relaxation therapy for temporomandibular disorders...
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