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Forensics Articles

12/06/2006 Spontaneous hypnosis in the forensic context
01/04/2007 Forensic Hypnosis
11/16/2006 The cognitive interview: does it successfully avoid the dangers of forensic hypnosis?
05/03/2006 The effect of interviewing techniques on young children's responses to questions
05/02/2011 Use of complementary and alternative medicine at Norwegian and Danish hospitals.
07/25/2011 Solving crimes with hypnosis.
11/22/2011 A comparison of memory for homicide, non-homicidal violence, and positive life experiences.
11/24/2011 Hypnotic interviewing: the best way to interview eyewitnesses?
11/03/2006 The consistency of false suggestions moderates children's reports
06/18/2008 The effect of question format on resistance to misleading postevent information and self-reports.
11/21/2007 How Can We Help Witnesses to Remember More? It's an (Eyes) Open and Shut Case.
03/18/2008 Double jeopardy in the interrogation room for youths with mental illness.
04/02/2008 Cognitive science and the law.
05/15/2008 A little elaboration goes a long way: the role of generation in eyewitness suggestibility.
05/20/2008 Interrogative pressure in simulated forensic interviews: the effects of negative feedback.
05/27/2008 Eye-witness memory and suggestibility in children with Asperger syndrome.
07/08/2008 Eye Witness Testimony -- Worthless at Best
11/10/2008 Biased lineup instructions and face identification from video images.
06/23/2014 The Validity of Eyewitness Accounts: What you see is what you think!
04/27/2009 Inventing stories: forcing witnesses to fabricate entire fictitious events.
05/25/2009 Eyewitness identification evidence and innocence risk.
10/29/2008 Interrogative suggestibility, compliance and false confessions among prisoners.
10/31/2008 Stereotypes influence false memories for imagined events.
03/20/2009 The co-witness misinformation effect: memory blends or memory compliance?
03/08/2010 Activate Your Life with EFT: Case Study – The Fear of Public Speaking
01/22/2013 The rise and fall of forensic hypnosis.
11/13/2014 Using hypnosis to disrupt face processing: mirrored-self misidentification delusion...
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