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07/16/2011 Patients' direct experiences as central elements of placebo analgesia.
07/23/2011 Translating cognition from animals to humans.
07/30/2011 Holistic approach to treatment of intractable central neuropathic itch.
08/06/2011 From SOLER to SURETY for effective non-verbal communication.
08/05/2011 Nurses' experiences, expectations, and preferences for mind-body practices to reduce stress.
08/13/2011 The importance of a holistic approach during the perioperative period.
08/19/2011 Touching ethics: assessing the applicability of ethical rules for safe touch in CAM...
08/16/2007 In vitro effect of Reiki treatment on bacterial cultures.
08/18/2007 Personal interaction with a Reiki practitioner decreases noise-induced microvascular damage.
08/12/2007 Effects of therapeutic touch on blood hemoglobin and hematocrit level.
08/14/2007 Effectiveness of Healing Touch on agitation in people with dementia.
09/12/2007 A pilot study of healing touch and progressive relaxation for chronic neuropathic pain.
09/14/2007 The effect of Reiki on pain and anxiety in women with abdominal hysterectomies.
08/18/2007 Reiki--Japanese art of curing and its position in schemes of holistic therapeutics in Poland.
08/21/2007 A transition from nurse to touch therapist,
09/22/2007 Healing Touch: a low-tech intervention in high-tech settings.
09/24/2007 Therapeutic touch and dementia care: an ongoing journey.
07/15/2007 Cortical dynamics as a therapeutic mechanism for touch healing.
08/26/2007 "Laying on of hands" improves well-being in patients with advanced cancer.
09/26/2007 Pilot crossover trial of Reiki versus rest for treating cancer-related fatigue.
10/10/2007 Long-term effect of childhood sexual abuse and incest with a treatment approach.
09/30/2007 An argument for therapeutic touch as a complement to traditional medical practice.
10/06/2007 Energy-based modalities.
10/14/2007 Twenty years of therapeutic touch in a Canadian cancer agency.
10/17/2007 Lifestyle, biomechanical, and bioenergetic complementary therapies in pediatric oncology.
10/20/2007 A study of preparation before giving tactile touch in an intensive care unit.
10/18/2007 Use of complementary and alternative medicine in epilepsy.
10/21/2007 A pilot study: Reiki for self-care of nurses and healthcare providers.
07/16/2007 Therapeutic touch for the healing of skin injuries in guinea pigs
07/26/2007 The increasing use of reiki as a complementary therapy in specialist palliative care.
07/28/2007 Positive well-being changes associated with giving and receiving Johrei healing.
08/06/2007 Positive touch, the implications for parents and their children with autism: an exploratory study.
09/20/2007 Using Reiki to decrease memory and behavior problems in mild cognitive impairment.
02/10/2008 Breast biopsy and distress: feasibility of testing a Reiki intervention.
04/05/2008 Therapeutic Touch and Agitation in Individuals With Alzheimer's Disease.
04/20/2008 The internal process of therapeutic touch.
05/04/2008 Therapeutic Touch Stimulates the Proliferation of Human Cells in Culture.
02/02/2008 The effectiveness of Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, and Reiki healing with Registered Nurses
02/14/2008 An analysis of the demarcation problem in science and its application to therapeutic touch theory.
02/16/2008 Pandimensional field pattern changes in healers and healees: experiencing therapeutic touch.
07/20/2008 Biofield considerations in cancer treatment.
04/25/2009 Using non-contact therapeutic touch to manage post-surgical pain in the elderly.
06/03/2008 Healing Touch
07/05/2008 Healing touch with veterans experiencing chronic neuropathic pain from spinal cord injury.
07/06/2008 An integrative review of research.
07/27/2008 Human biofield and intention detection: individual differences.
08/03/2008 Biofield energy healing from the inside.
08/08/2008 Biofield perception: a series of pilot studies with cultured human cells.
11/05/2008 The efficacy of healing touch in coronary artery bypass surgery recovery.
08/12/2008 Therapeutic touch with preterm infants: composing a treatment.
08/26/2008 Healing touch with veterans experiencing chronic neuropathic pain from spinal cord injury.
08/13/2008 An integrative review of Reiki touch therapy research.
01/06/2008 The safety and efficacy of therapeutic touch in premature infants.
01/20/2009 Therapeutic touch affects DNA synthesis and mineralization of human osteoblasts in culture.
02/03/2009 Touch therapies for pain relief in adults.
02/17/2009 A pilot study of the experience of participating in a Therapeutic Touch practice group.
04/05/2009 Reiki for the treatment of fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial.
04/18/2009 A double-blind randomized controlled pilot trial examining the safety and efficacy of ther. touch
05/09/2009 The Effects of Therapeutic Touch on Pain.
06/29/2009 Hands off versus Touch healing and Distant healing with Reiki
12/01/2009 Effectiveness of the application of therapeutic touch on weight, complications...
11/17/2009 Gradual effects of therapeutic touch in reducing anxiety in university students
11/24/2009 Pilot trial examining the safety and efficacy of therapeutic touch in premature infants
12/15/2009 The effect of therapeutic touch on behavioral symptoms and cortisol in persons with dementia
12/08/2009 The effects of therapeutic touch on pain
10/03/2010 The neurobiology of migraine.
10/10/2010 Effects of complementary therapies on clinical outcomes in patients being treated with...
10/17/2010 The Development and Validation of an Outcome Measure for Spiritual Healing: A Mixed Methods Study.
10/24/2010 The Touchstone Process: an ongoing critical evaluation of Reiki in the scientific literature.
10/31/2010 The Effect of Reiki on Work-Related Stress of the Registered Nurse
11/07/2010 Effects of Reiki on anxiety, depression, pain, and physiological factors in....
11/14/2010 The neurobiology of migraine.
11/21/2010 Using enzyme folding to explore the mechanism of therapeutic touch: a feasibility study.
11/28/2010 A study of the feasibility of introducing therapeutic touch into the operative environment...
12/12/2010 Human relationships: an exploration of loneliness and touch.
09/07/2010 A randomised controlled single-blind trial of the effects of Reiki and positive imagery...
12/05/2010 Effect of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer's disease.
12/19/2010 Energy healing and pain: a review of the literature.
12/09/2011 Reiki therapy: a nursing intervention for critical care.
10/21/2012 Effects of Therapeutic Touch on Anxiety, Vital Signs, and Cardiac Dysrhythmia...
10/14/2012 The implementation and evaluation of therapeutic touch in burn patients...
11/25/2012 Effect of therapeutic touch on brain activation of preterm infants...
12/23/2012 Therapeutic touch for healing acute wounds.
03/20/2013 Using a mixed methods research design to investigate complementary alternative medicine (CAM)...
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