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Massage Therapy Articles

01/06/2011 Caring for overseas liver transplant recipients: taiwan primary family...
01/01/2011 Zoologic companion animal rehabilitation and physical medicine.
02/01/2011 The role of manual therapies in equine pain management.
02/07/2011 Experimental study on mechanical vibration massage for treatment...
01/10/2011 Massage and touch therapy in neonates: the current evidence.
01/24/2011 Manipulation or microdiskectomy for sciatica?...
01/31/2011 Integrative care for the management of low back pain...
01/13/2011 Masseter muscle sonographic evaluating efficacy of massage...
01/20/2011 Clinical efficacy of a novel sonic infusion system for periorbital rhytides.
01/27/2011 Effect of foot massage to decrease physiological lower leg oedema...
01/30/2011 The effect of chair massage on muscular discomfort...
02/02/2011 Neck pain in Hong Kong: a telephone survey on consequences and health service...
02/08/2011 Chair massage for treating anxiety in patients withdrawing from drugs...
02/15/2011 Piloting tailored teaching on nonpharmacologic enhancements for postoperative...
02/22/2011 Nurses' use of non-pharmacological methods in children's postoperative pain...
02/22/2011 Nurses' use of non-pharmacological methods in children's postoperative pain...
03/03/2011 Back massage therapy promotes psychological relaxation...
03/09/2011 PSGR and PCA3 as biomarkers for the detection of prostate cancer in urine.
03/14/2011 Physiological responses to touch massage in healthy volunteers.
03/21/2011 Complementary therapies for children undergoing stem cell transplantation...
03/28/2011 Uterine massage to reduce postpartum hemorrhage after vaginal delivery.
04/07/2011 Early aggressive treatment improves prognosis in complex regional pain syndrome.
04/14/2011 Using massage to ease constipation.
04/28/2011 Postpartum depression: an essential overview for the practitioner.
05/05/2011 Venous thromboembolism following vigorous deep tissue massage.
05/19/2011 Reflexology for the symptomatic treatment of breast cancer: a systematic review.
05/26/2011 Protective essential oil attenuates influenza virus infection: an in vitro study in MDCK cells.
05/26/2011 Sensorimotor interventions improve growth and motor function in preterm infants.
06/26/2011 A qualitative study of mindfulness-based meditation therapy in Japanese cancer patients.
09/02/2007 Massage intervention for promoting mental and physical health in infants aged under six months.
09/06/2007 Effect of stimulation in coma.
08/19/2007 CAM therapies among primary care patients using opioid therapy for chronic pain.
08/15/2007 Preterm infants show reduced stress behaviors and activity after 5 days of massage therapy.
08/16/2007 Non-pharmacological treatment of chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain.
08/17/2007 Effectiveness of Massage Therapy for Chronic, Non-malignant Pain: A Review.
08/20/2007 Dissociation reduction in body therapy during sexual abuse recovery.
11/28/2007 Working with tactile massage-A grounded theory about the energy controlling system.
12/01/2007 Predictors of complementary and alternative medicine use among older Mexican Americans.
12/06/2007 Creation of a Healing Enhancement Program at an academic medical center.
11/12/2007 The effects of foot and facial massage on sleep induction, blood pressure, pulse
01/30/2008 Massage therapy for the treatment of depression: a systematic review.
05/14/2008 The effect of deep-tissue massage therapy on blood pressure and heart rate.
05/21/2008 Role of massage therapy in cancer care.
05/28/2008 Massage or music for pain relief in labour: A pilot randomised placebo controlled trial.
10/12/2008 The value of massage therapy in cancer care.
10/25/2008 An exploratory study of neurohormonal responses of healthy men to massage.
08/18/2008 The combined acute effects of massage, rest periods, and body part elevation on resistance exercise.
10/18/2008 The combined acute effects of massage, rest periods, and body part elevation on resistance exercise.
10/02/2008 A novel clinical-trial design for the study of massage therapy.
01/19/2009 Massage therapy for children with cancer.
05/15/2009 Procedural pain heart rate responses in massaged preterm infants.
04/30/2009 Moderate pressure massage elicits a parasympathetic nervous system response.
06/11/2009 Compression on trigger points in the leg muscle increases parasympathetic nervous activity.
06/18/2009 Massage after exercise--responses of immunologic and endocrine markers.
04/10/2009 Teaching massage to nursing students of geriatrics through active learning.
04/24/2009 Randomized trial of therapeutic massage for chronic neck pain.
05/08/2009 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Massage Therapy in Children with Sickle Cell Disease.
05/01/2009 Muscular load to the therapist's shoulder during three alternative techniques
05/22/2009 Light pressure massage for patients with severe anxiety.
09/24/2009 Massage in the management of agitation in nursing home residents with cognitive impairment
10/14/2009 Effects of a full-body massage on pain intensity, anxiety, and physiological relaxation
11/02/2009 Massage with kinesthetic stimulation improves weight gain in preterm infants
11/16/2009 Massage and mobilization of the feet and ankles in elderly adults
11/30/2009 Massage for Low Back Pain
12/14/2009 The culture of massage therapy
12/21/2009 Tactile massage within the primary health care setting
10/26/2009 Effects of the intelligent-turtle massage on the physical symptoms and immune functions
10/07/2009 Massage therapy for cancer palliation and supportive care
10/20/2009 Effects of therapeutic massage on the quality of life among patients with breast cancer
10/27/2009 The effect of massage on immune function and stress in women with breast cancer
11/09/2009 Massage accelerates brain development and the maturation of visual function
11/23/2009 Effects of abdominal massage in management of constipation--a randomized controlled trial
12/07/2009 Might massage or guided meditation provide "means to a better end"?
12/28/2009 The existential experiences of receiving soft tissue massage in palliative home care
01/03/2010 Use of sonographic elastography of the masseter muscles for optimizing massage pressure
01/10/2010 Quantitative application of transverse friction massage
06/28/2009 Tian Di Bamboo Massage: The Art of Massage with Bamboo
04/10/2010 Effect of massage therapy on pain, anxiety, and tension in cardiac surgical patients: a pilot study
04/16/2010 Preterm infant massage therapy research: a review
04/24/2010 Massage therapy for fibromyalgia symptoms
07/17/2010 Effect of massage therapy on pain, anxiety, and tension after cardiac surgery: a randomized study
05/11/2010 Comparison between massage and music therapies to relieve the severity...
05/18/2010 The efficacy of classical massage on stress perception and cortisol...
05/25/2010 Itching, Pain, and Anxiety Levels Are Reduced With Massage Therapy...
05/31/2010 Treatment effects of massage therapy in depressed people: a meta-analysis
08/06/2010 Back massage therapy promotes psychological relaxation and an increase in...
08/13/2010 Depression, mood, stress, and Th1/Th2 immune balance in primary breast cancer patients...
08/20/2010 Massage therapy reduces tension, anxiety, and pain in patients awaiting invasive...
07/03/2010 Massage therapy for people with HIV/AIDS
07/10/2010 Itching, pain, and anxiety levels are reduced with massage therapy in burned adolescents
07/24/2010 Differences in practitioners' proficiency affect the effectiveness of massage therapy...
07/31/2010 Massage therapy improves neurodevelopment outcome at two years corrected age for...
08/27/2010 A randomized trial of massage therapy after heart surgery
08/28/2010 Evaluation of Applied Kinesiology meridian techniques by means of surface electromyography (sEMG)
09/16/2010 Therapeutic massage of the neck and shoulders produces changes in peripheral...
07/09/2011 Effects of traditional Japanese massage therapy on gene expression: preliminary study.
01/14/2012 Effects of Meridian Massage on physical growth and the infant's health as perceived by his mother.
12/23/2011 Physiological and clinical changes after therapeutic massage of the neck and shoulders.
11/03/2011 Psychomotor re-education--movement as therapeutic method.
10/10/2012 Ottawa Panel evidence-based clinical practice guidelines on therapeutic massage for low back pain.
11/07/2012 Development of a manualized protocol of massage therapy for clinical trials in osteoarthritis.
12/05/2012 The Effects of Slow-Stroke Back Massage on Minutes of Nighttime Sleep in Persons With Dementia...
12/26/2012 Massage application for occupational low back pain in nursing staff.
01/16/2013 Touch, Caring, and Cancer: randomized controlled trial of a multimedia caregiver education program.
09/16/2014 Hypnosis in paediatric respiratory medicine.
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