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Homeopathic Medicine Articles

04/03/2011 A review of three simple plant models and corresponding statistical tools for basic research
11/24/2011 Homeopathic and integrative treatment for feline hyperthyroidism - four cases (2006-2010).
11/16/2011 Review of the use of high potencies in basic research on homeopathy.
11/30/2011 Undergraduate homeopathy education in Europe and the influence of accreditation.
12/14/2011 Measuring the effectiveness of homeopathic care through objective and shared indicators.
12/28/2011 Homoeopathic remedies in dermatology: a systematic review of controlled clinical trials.
01/11/2012 Apparent life-threatening events in infants and homeopathy: An alternative explanation.
10/16/2011 A discussion: the future role of homeopathy in the National Health Service (NHS).
10/30/2011 Blisters and homeopathy: case reports and differential diagnosis.
11/06/2011 The frequency of dietary references in homeopathic consultations.
11/13/2011 Homeopathic ear drops as an adjunct to standard therapy in children with acute otitis media.
08/13/2007 Efficacy of a homeopathic remedy for fear of firework noises in the dog (Canis familiaris).
08/11/2007 Effect of homeopathic treatment of 60 Japanese patients with chronic skin disease.
07/20/2007 The in vitro evidence for an effect of high homeopathic potencies.
07/30/2007 Induction of labor with homeopathy: a case report.
11/14/2007 Use of herbal supplements and nutritional supplements in the UK
11/06/2007 Treatment appraisals and beliefs predict adherence to complementary therapies
11/22/2007 Classification of systems and methods used in biological basic research on homeopathy.
12/05/2007 Toward a unified theory of homeopathy and conventional medicine.
11/30/2007 Setting standards in homeopathic practice-A pre-audit exploring motivation and expectation.
04/03/2008 Evidence-informed management of chronic low back pain.
07/03/2008 Homeopathy: A Simple, Natural, Holistic and Non-Suppressive Systems of Medicine
08/10/2008 Homeopathy: Untangling the Debate
01/13/2009 How do parents of child patients compare consultations with homeopaths and physicians?
01/27/2009 Complementary and alternative medicine in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
02/05/2009 Traditional Indian medicine and homeopathy for HIV/AIDS: a review of the literature.
02/12/2009 How healthy are chronically ill patients after eight years of homeopathic treatment?
02/26/2009 Consider the alternative.
03/02/2009 Understanding homeopathic decision-making: a qualitative study.
04/08/2009 Is Homeopathy a Science?-Continuity and Clash of Concepts of Science within Holistic Medicine.
05/07/2009 Designing clinical trials of homeopathy for menopausal symptoms: a review of the literature.
09/29/2009 Treatment of spasmodic dysphonia with homeopathic medicine: a clinical case report
09/04/2009 Medicine for the 21st Century
09/22/2009 General aspects of homeopathy
10/05/2009 Support for and resistance to homeopathy among managers of the Unified National Health System
10/12/2009 European Union directives and their effect on the registration and authorisation of...
10/18/2009 Homeopathic practitioner's experiences of the homeopathic consultation
10/25/2009 Healthcare provided by a homeopath as an adjunct to usual care for Fibromyalgia (FMS)
11/08/2009 "In at the deep end": an intensive foundation training in homeopathy for medical students
11/15/2009 Homeopathic pathogenetic trials produce specific symptoms different from placebo
11/22/2009 Elements of effective communication-Rediscoveries from homeopathy
11/01/2009 Homeopathic medicines for adverse effects of cancer treatments
11/29/2009 Paediatric homoeopathy in Germany
12/06/2009 Homeopathic pathogenetic trials produce specific symptoms different from placebo
09/09/2009 Complementary and alternative medicine use among patients undergoing otolaryngologic surgery
09/18/2009 Homeopathic treatment of minor aphthous ulcer: a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial
12/13/2009 Homeopathy in the public health system: a seven-year observational study at Lucca Hospital (Italy)
01/06/2010 Individualized homeopathic treatment of dermatological complaints in a public outpatient clinic
12/20/2009 Homeopathic treatment in resistant livedoid vasculopathy: case report
12/27/2009 Homeopathic Individualized Q-potencies versus Fluoxetine for Moderate to Severe Depression
07/08/2010 An exploratory study of the contextual effect of homeopathic care
07/15/2010 The effects of a complex homeopathic medicine compared with acetaminophen...
07/22/2010 The use of simplified constitutional indications for self-prescription of homeopathic medicine
07/29/2010 A critical review of the possible benefits associated with homeopathic medicine
03/31/2011 The Bradford Hill criteria and zinc-induced anosmia: a causality analysis.
04/10/2011 Toward a topological description of the therapeutic process.
11/27/2011 BBC Horizon Homeopathy The Test Part 1
01/06/2011 A review of three simple plant models and corresponding statistical tools for..
01/13/2011 How do homeopaths reason and make decisions? Integrating theory, practice, and..
01/20/2011 Unethical aspects of homeopathic dentistry.
01/27/2011 Use of homeopathy in pediatric oncology in Germany.
02/03/2011 A grounded theory study of homeopathic practitioners' perceptions and experiences..
02/10/2011 Effects of homeopathic medicines on mood of adults with histories of..
02/17/2011 International cooperation in support of homeopathy and complementary medicine in ..
02/24/2011 An overview of education and training of medical informatics in India.
03/03/2011 Pre-trial beliefs in complementary and alternative medicine: whose pre-trial..
03/10/2011 Concepts of homeopathy among general population in Karachi, Pakistan.
03/17/2011 The concept of health - in the history of medicine and in the writings of..
03/24/2011 Awareness of basic life support among medical, dental, nursing students and..
01/16/2011 Adaptive coping strategies and attitudes toward health and healing in German..
11/09/2011 Becoming Whole: The Role of Story for Healing.
11/23/2011 Use of homeopathic preparations in experimental studies with abiotically stressed plants.
12/07/2011 New homeopathic medicines: use of modern drugs according to the principle of similitude.
01/04/2012 Usage of alternative medical systems, acupuncture, homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine...
01/18/2012 An exploratory study on scientific investigations in homeopathy using medical analyzer.
10/23/2011 Comparison of effectiveness of frequently and infrequently used homeopathic medicines.
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