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Child Birth Articles

03/14/2011 Hypnosis for hyperemesis gravidarum.
10/21/2011 The efficacy of hypnosis as an intervention for labor and delivery pain...
04/22/2009 Hypnotic analgesia during first-trimester termination
10/13/2008 Hypnosis for childbirth.
07/29/2009 Can Hypnosis Help Enhance Fertility?
07/29/2009 The effects of childbirth self-efficacy and anxiety during pregnancy on prehospitalization labor.
10/02/2009 The effect of pregnancy on hypnotizability
09/17/2009 Clinical indications and perceived effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine
07/20/2010 Hypnotherapy, gestational age and incidence of preterm labour
06/29/2010 Changes in resistance of the umbilical artery, foetal movements and short time variation through...
11/12/2012 Treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum.
12/24/2012 Non-opioid drugs for pain management in labour.
10/18/2012 The Effects of Clinical Hypnosis versus Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) before External Cephalic
11/29/2012 Hypnosis during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period for preventing postnatal depression.
10/29/2012 Prenatal Counseling and Birth Hypnosis: A Clinical Model
02/21/2013 Clinical hypnosis before external cephalic version.
03/07/2013 Clinical hypnosis in the treatment of postmenopausal hot flashes: a randomized controlled trial.
01/29/2013 Hypnosis for pain management during labour and childbirth.
02/19/2013 Self-hypnosis for coping with labour pain: a randomised controlled trial.
06/25/2013 When the bough breaks: rethinking treatment strategies for perinatal depression.
08/19/2013 Clinical hypnosis for labour and birth: a consideration.
08/08/2013 Hypnosis Antenatal Training for Childbirth: a randomised controlled trial.
11/21/2013 Clinical hypnosis for labour and birth: a consideration.
08/26/2013 Hypnosis versus diazepam for embryo transfer: a randomized controlled study.
08/15/2013 Effect of self-hypnosis on duration of labor and maternal and neonatal outcomes...
02/18/2014 Non-hormonal methods for induction of labour.
06/26/2014 The effect of hypnosis on dysmenorrhea.
08/21/2014 Hypnotherapy for labor and birth.
11/04/2014 Hypnosis for induction of labour.
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