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Normal States, Altered States Part 11 and their Governances – a Review2008 of the Basics

by Dennis K. Chong MD & Jennifer K. Smith Chong

Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP, proposed that the form of the tuple depended on the manner of operation by the governances that we use to drive our thinking, speaking and our way of being in any given context. These governances are the semantic paradigms or blueprints that we use to understand ourselves, others, things, and situations. They include our Race, Family, Language, Religion, Culture, Politics Politic, Social System, Myths, Traditions and NSP designated any given context as a space/time intersection, e.g. s/t1 s/t2, s/t3, s/t4 . . . s/tn. As a result, you could have s/t1 . . . s/t1+N. Everything is language or more accurately the language structures (our red inking) of the language. Fritzof Capra: Web of Life, A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems, Anchor Books, Doubleday, 1996, page 288.

There is a critical and significant distinction between the words that you hear articulated by a person and the embedded language structures he uses.

The governances are mediated by the linguistic structures of any philosophical-logical system. In turn, all metamentations and analogical operations are driven by linguistic structures. Thus, if you hear a person scream at another in an angry tone: Dam it! Can't you ever be on time?

The linguistic structure is either SHOULD or MUST as in: People SHOULD be on time. People MUST be punctual!

There are three classes of paradigms, General, Specific and Meta.

We use these classes of paradigms or more specifically their linguistic structures to drive our thinking and being. They are aggregated together as a unity known as the Hierarchy of Paradigms, HOPs.

The General Paradigms are those shared by a group of people and can be the basis for the existence of the group. People with different General Paradigms will inevitably entail some problems of misunderstanding, misconceptions, fear and anger.

The governances are complex and constitute our operating system. Our governances work continuously and out of our conscious awareness. Therefore, we automatically and effortlessly unfold to any context. If you are on a cruise ship with a vodka in one hand you will be one way, if you were at a diplomatic reception given by the President in the White House you would be another way. If something happens to change the context your governances will determine a new subjective state for you.

The aggregate of all the governances in the form of the HOPs underpin this truth that: Every human being is an uncharted universe of utter wonder and complexity.

Once we learn a persons Hops, after guiding them into a trance, it will be possible to shift them from: 1. one s/t to another < s/tn+70 . . . . s/t n+90 . . . . s/tn+99 . . . . > in an elegant manner.

The Principle of Overlap I that was originally enunciated in the field of NLP accomplishes this. We index it as Principle of Overlap I because Neuro-Semantic Programming a Principle of Overlap II.

This article is copyrighted by the authors and used with permission.

Posted: 07/22/2008

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