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Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking

Normal States, Altered States – Part 1 and their Governances – a Review of the Basics

by Dennis K. Chong & Jennifer K. Smith Chong

It was Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, that first proposed a formula by which to understand any state of consciousness and by extension, any given state and therefore, any given ontology.

It had to do with the origin of sensory information that the person was getting in a given context.

Our primary sensory systems are: 1. Vision 2. Audition 3. Kinaesthetics 4. Gustation 5. Olfaction

NLP abbreviated these four into the 4-Tuple by deleting the 5th:

< V A K O >.

With this, NLP proposed this general formula to describe the subjective state of any given person for a given context by whether the information source is internal or external:

< Ve/i Ae/i Ke/i Oe/i >

Therefore, it may be proposed that your present state right at this moment is as follows:

< Ve Ae Ki O-/- >

where you are: 1. Ve = visual external as you are reading these word 2. Ai = auditory internal as you are saying these words inside your head 3. Ki = kinaesthetics internal as you are sensing what is written here 4. O-/- = olfaction nil smell outside and you are not generating the smell of something from your past.

From this formulation, you can see that a light to medium trance would be: < Vi Ae Ki Oi >

where Vi = visual internal Ae = auditory external - the voice of the hypnotist Ki = kinaesthetic internal Oi = olfaction internal.

For a truly deep trance the formulation would be: < Vi Ai Ki Oi >.

Then the field of Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP, proposed that the form these descriptions would take depended on the manner of the operation of the governances that we use to configure the way we speak and our way of being for any given context. The problem for the hypnotist, at one logical level, is when he has guided a person into a trance, how does he shift the person from:

1. one tuple to another < V A K O >

2. NSP designated any given context as a space/time intersection, e.g. s/t1 s/t2, s/t3, s/t4 . . . s/tn. As a result, you could have s/t1 . . . s/t1+N. The question in Hypnotism is how would you take a person from one s/t to another:

< s/tn+70 . . . . s/t n+90 . . . . s/tn+99 . . . . > in an elegant manner.

The hypnotist has to find out what is the governance that will determine any ill-formed human ontology, even that of a cancer. To know this is also to know how the actuality of organ language unfolds:

1. you give me a headache 2. you make me sick 3. you are a pain in . . .

Reference: Dennis K. Chong & Jennifer K. Smith Chong: The Knife Without Pain C-Jade Publications 1994

Part two of this paper will elaborate on the operation of the governances.

This article is copyrighted by Dennis K. Chong & Jennifer K. Smith Chong. It is used with permission of the authors.

Posted: 06/10/2008

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