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Comparing NLP and Hypnosis

by Janis Ericson, Hypnosis and NLP Trainer

One of the most prevalent questions I am asked is, "What is the difference between NLP and Hypnosis?"  Here is a comprehensive answer.

NLP is the study of successful people. NLP modelers study what successful people think, say, value, believe, and do. Practitioners of NLP use this information as a map to guide processes that assist clients in making positive changes in their own minds and bodies. It is an extremely effective methodology for personal growth and development.

Hypnosis, however, is a skill a practitioner of NLP requires in order to facilitate effective and lasting change in their clients. The purpose of hypnosis is to access and use the unconscious mind to change beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors to match the map generated with NLP skills. During hypnosis, clients enter a relaxed dream-like state of consciousness that allows for new and healthy patterns to be implanted.

NLP Practitioners generally employ Ericksonian hypnosis, which differs from traditional hypnosis in the way suggestions are made in the client's unconscious mind. Ericksonian hypnotists use subtle, indirect suggestions that are more powerful than direct suggestions and are easily accessed during NLP processes.

In summary, NLP and Hypnosis are separate fields of study, requiring different skills and techniques, but they are often combined together to produce permanent and lasting changes.

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Posted: 09/22/2009

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