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Keep the promises you make to yourself

by Joyce-Anne Locking

Are your true values being expressed through your present lifestyle? Thoughts, like magnets, attract the life path chosen daily by decisions we make on how to spend our time. When we trust ourselves to follow our dreams and dare to do what really matters to us most, we begin a brickroad type of journey. Step by step we start to build a significant way to the future.

Everything that occurs in your life is directly influenced by these three power sources: thoughts, words and actions. These are the ingredients that shape the direction your life takes. Spend quality time with yourself. Inner security is more powerful than outer security, in that it is created in stillness. It really does matter how we use our minds. If you focus on negative thoughts, you begin to attract negative experiences. Oftentimes we are much too demanding or critical of ourselves. The way we speak to ourselves in our own thought process is crucial. Keep the promises you make to yourself. If your way of thinking does not support your dreams or goals, mentally shift your thoughts to something that does. Retrain your mind to trust yourself. Be aware of the thoughts you tell yourself. It is important to also make a shift in language as well. Change everything into the present tense and you begin to grasp the vision of your life in the present moment. Challenge yourself to change the way you believe in your future. Expect to follow your bliss through the entire year ahead. Change the way you look at things. Honour your spirit, the true you. Protect your time and energy by being more selective about what you choose. Make your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being your top priority. When you allow your life to serve the purpose of reflecting your true values, you will easily be on the way of fulfilling your dreams.

Posted: 11/17/2010

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