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Effects of Qigong exercises on 3 different parameters of human saliva.

To analyze the effects of a Qigong program on various parameters of unstimulated saliva, including volume, pH and secretory immunoglobulin A (S-IgA) level.

METHODS: Twice a day from the beginning of Fall 2005, twenty-three healthy volunteers aged 22-24 did special Qigong exercises and massage of acupuncture points which stimulated the energy cycle and increased body water energy. The unstimulated saliva volume and pH were recorded every week in Spring (April, May, June) 2005 before the volunteers started to learn and exercise Qigong, and after Qigong intervention in Spring (April, May, June) 2006. During the period of study, saliva was collected in the same location and on similar dates at the Dental Faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The S-IgA levels of the last samples of the last week of Spring 2005 and 2006 were measured. RESULTS: The unstimulated saliva volume after Qigong exercises (2.94+/-0.20 mL/5min) was significantly higher as compared to the pre-Qigong phase (1.65+/-0.102 mL/5min, P<0.05). The S-IgA level was 105.45+/-9.41 mg/mL before doing Qigong exercises, and 156.23 +/- 88.56 mg/mL after doing Qigong exercises, and a statistically significant difference was seen between the two measurements (P=0.005). The change in pH was not statistically significant. CONCLUSIONS: The application of Qigong is beneficial for increasing salivary volume and other parameters. Moreover, the results suggest that Qigong may be a useful medication for patients with salivary hyposecretion. Further research is recommended in examining the long-term effects of Qigong on improving salivary volume and other parameters in individuals with salivary hyposecretion.

Chin J Integr Med. 2008 Dec;14(4):262-6. Bayat-Movahed S, Shayesteh Y, Mehrizi H, Rezayi S, Bamdad K, Golestan B, Mohamadi M. Sports Medicine Research Center, Medical Sciences/University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran,

Posted: 01/12/2009

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