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Insight into Subconscious Programming of Kundalini and Chakra Energy Centers

by Diana Moore CHt

I define kudalini energy as that life force energy associated with the chakra centers. It is that life force energy that begins the moment we take our first breath and according to Eastern philosophy, lies coiled at the root chakra (base of the spine) until uncoiled. It is the energy from Creator Source moving through your chakra centers downward to the creative source in Mother Earth and back up again to the Creator Source. It is my opinion that we, as humans, work with the kudalini energy every day but for many of us, we are not aware of it. Let's take a look at how kudalini energy works.

Let us go to the beginning of your life on this planet prior to the time you are walking upon the planet. Imagine that you are a soul awaiting to be born. You look down and see the mother that you wish to be born to. (I am really simplifying this scenario). You look around and see the man your soon-to-be mother is with. You put just enough of your energy into one of the sperm and then this sperm, since it contains a part of your life force energy, can swim faster and farther than all the other and hits the egg. BOOM!!! Here you are.

It is my opinion and perception that within the egg is contained all of the genetic coding and behavior patterns of your mother, your mother's mother, your mother's father and all blood lines. Within the sperm is contained all of the genetic coding and behavior patterns of your father, your father's mother, your father's father and all blood lines relating thereto. And this is just for this lifetime. I also believe that within your energy body your archaic records are stored. Within these records are stored genetic coding and behavior patterns of every parent that you have ever had and their bloodline. So, before you are even born, your subconscious has been, to some degree, pre-programmed.

I also believe that 90% of the world's population is living this lifetime based upon a past lifetime. How many times have you caught yourself saying something like, "If I have to come back again, I am not going to be _______." (The blank is whatever it is you are not going to be).

Side Note: You are now a one-celled being and you split into two cells and these two cells split and form four cells which form a box. As the two cells split into four, a fifth cell is formed (in the center) and this is called "The flower of life." These cells contain your life force energy and they create you. This is also the reason stem cell research is so important. These original five cells are the only cells within your body that do not rejuvenate. They remain within the body until birth, at which time the cells move throughout the body and are more difficult to be identified. So you, only being a few cells old, have "turned on" your subconscious tape recorder and begins to record every emotion, thought and sense that your mother has and/or experiences. It is also as if you have eyes outside her tummy and you can pick up on the emotions of your father and the people surrounding your soon-to-be mother and father. As you develop, so do your chakra energy centers and they are already beginning to be filled, either negatively or positively.

For instance, let's say you are in the womb for seven months. Your mother and soon-to-be father are constantly fighting. Your soul is beginning to feel afraid and frightened. You are not sure you will have the nurturing you need for your survival on the earth plane. These feelings now get stored into your root center and your naval center. Now, these are magnetized by the energy originally stored here from your parents and their parents.

Based on the Law of Attraction, (likes attract likes) you attract to you, words and emotions from outside the womb that make you feel even more unsure that you will not have the nurturing you need to survive both emotionally and physically on the earth plane. These energies are stored within all of your energy centers and especially in the creative or naval center. By the time you are born, you are already magnetized to receive either emotional support from loved ones or not. By the time you are adult, many of these centers have been overloaded with negative programming and actions and now they overflow into the etheric or causal body and bingo, you get sick or you get a dis-ease.

I believe dis-ease of the body occurs when an energy center overfills with negative programming. Hypnosis, meditation classes, Reiki, yoga, massages, metaphysical workshops and classes, self-development or self-improvement therapy should assist in gently opening up these centers. However, sometimes an over-zealous teacher, facilitator or therapist will push healing energy through these centers before they are ready to be opened. Sometimes, our subconscious or conscious part of ourselves wants these centers to be completely opened and cleaned out. BE GENTLE WITH SELF.

Think of each of these centers as being an onion. You peel off a layer of each of these centers. These centers will read as opened, but there are still more layers attached to each energy center. So the first layer of onion comes off. You have your chakra centers tested and they test open and balanced. This does not mean that these centers are completely cleared of subconscious issues or blocks. It just means that for now, a layer of the onion is off.

Now, the next layer of the onion can begin to make its way to the front of the energy center. (I call this, the "bubbling up" effect). Subconscious issues are making their way into your consciousness. All of this takes work and processing time. Some of us want to "hurry the process" and get it all out at once. AND BOOM. Healing energy is literally blasted into each center and completely opens it up. Where is all that darkness and stuck energy, (sometimes seen as tar or dirty oil) to go? These chakra centers now dump all that icky stuff into your energy field and into your physical body, creating the space for personality disorders and/or dis-ease to occur. Also, since you are now more "negatively charged," you will be prone to attract more negativity into your life.

If you are a facilitator, take care with your patients and clients so that there is a gentle unfoldment. If you are working on your personal enlightenment, be gentle with self. Allow the issues that are blocking to come up gently and lovingly. Nurturing of self is important.

Tell your patients (clients) and yourself to take at least 15 minutes each day to do something that is enjoyed. It may be reading, walking, exercising, meditating, and/or listening to that special music. Be gentle with self while on your path to knowing self. There are no quick fixes.


Copyright 2010, Diana Moore

Posted: 03/15/2011

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