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Storing of qi gong energy in various materials and drugs

Full Title: Storing of qi gong energy in various materials and drugs (qi gongnization): its clinical application for treatment of pain, circulatory disturbance, bacterial or viral infections, heavy metal deposits, and related intractable medical problems by selectively enhancing circulation and drug uptake.

In the process of evaluating the effects of external Qi Gong on inanimate substances by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, Qi Gong energy was shown to have a polarity which the author designated for convenience sake (+) or (-), where (+) increases the strength of muscles and (-) weakens them. Depending upon how external Qi Gong is applied and from which part of the body it emanates, the polarity changes. In general, it was found that, when (+) polarity is applied to the painful area or spastic muscles or arteries in vaso-constriction it often reduced or eliminated the pain, spastic muscles or circulatory disturbances. The author succeeded in storing part of the Qi Gong energy in inanimate materials, such as papers, metals (such as a sheet of aluminum foil), glass, stone, band-aids, clothes, drugs, etc. in bi-polar (one end of the same material becomes (+) polarity and the other end of the same material becomes (-) polarity) form in one material or uni-polar, i.e., the entire material either has pure (+) polarity or (-) polarity. Water, EPA, vitamins, antibiotics and other drugs were also converted to (+) polarity. When the material has a bi-polar state, it becomes possible to eliminate one of the polarities by applying certain changing electrical fields. The effect of placing (+) polarity Qi Gong energy stored material was compared with direct application of the Qi Gong on pain, spastic muscle and spastic vertebral arteries. The therapeutic effects of these 2 methods were quite similar for the identical time duration but a more predictable effect was often obtained in the former. As our previous study indicates that acupuncture, electrical stimulation (1-3 pulses/sec.), as well as Qi Gong not only improved the microcirculatory disturbance and relaxed spastic muscles and vaso-constrictive arteries but also reduced or eliminated the pain and also selectively enhanced drug uptake to the area where drugs could not be delivered due to existing circulatory disturbances, by placing (+) Qi Gong stored material, such as a sheet of paper or aluminum foil, band-aid or clothes. Bi- Digital O-Ring Test evaluation indicated that not only did it produce all the beneficial effects of Qi Gong but also enhanced the drug uptake selectively in the area where it is necessary for the drug to be delivered for effective treatment, and reduced lead deposits in tissue.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1990;15(2):137-57. Omura Y. Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York, N.Y.

Posted: 02/21/2010

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