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Massage, hypnotherapy, and many other forms of alternative healing enhances creativity. There are no ifs, and, or buts about it. The relaxation that occurs stimulates inspiration, because a relaxed mind in a relaxed body are more receptive to the impulses of creativity than their tense counterparts. Is there any surprise that so many of the world's great scientific insights and artistic conceptions occur in a restful state rather than a restless one? The famed "a ha" experience of eureka that can make you laugh in delightful "ha-ha," happens when you're most relaxed, not when you're most worried or irritable. While receiving an Indonesian massage on a luxury yacht off the coast of Thailand (I know...that sounds good to me while I read it, too, even a year after the fact), I gained inspiration for this column, as well as for one on tuning in to what your healing clients experience from your treatments. During other massages and coaching sessions that I've received in the past, I've gained ideas for other columns, for new workshops that I would eventually give, and for new books and mini-books that I would write.

If you'd like to have more creative people on your client roster, talk to existing clients who are in the creative arts and ask them for testimonial quotes about how your treatments or sessions awaken their creativity, both during a session as well as after. Then, create a brochure on your modality and creativity, and target creative people in your area--or throughout the world if you work by remote. This could include actors, directors and theater companies; dancers, choreographers, and their companies; writers and writer groups; painters, sculptors, and art schools; musicians, orchestras, and music schools. Once you've completed the brochure--and had it edited and proofread by another pair of eyes--snail mail it to the heads of these organizations. Tell them, in a cover letter, that your modality--and the way that you practice it--is a great boon to creative people, as the enclosed brochure indicates. Give them a sense of your background, as well as letting them know that you work with a variety of creative people. Then, at the end of the letter, indicate that you'll follow up your written correspondence with a phone call in about a week to 10 days if you haven't heard from them before, making sure that you leave your phone number in the letter. Then make a note in your calendar to do just that. Then, get ready for some creative people to create growth in your healing business.

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Posted: 09/01/2010

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