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Self-Help Titles

Hypnosis is great for emotional and physical well-being. In fact, our self-talk is a form of "self-hypnosis" that we use constantly. Our Self-Help Series is designed to use hypnotic techniques for accelerated change. These sessions are fantastic tools when you need a little help "getting out of your own way." Each session is designed to rapidly get you to the hypnotic state where suggestions can be absorbed into your mind rapidly. We recommend that each session be used for a minimum of once a day for 21 days.

Clinical Titles

These sessions are meant as an adjunct to individual psycholocial or medical care by clinical professionals working within the scope of their practices. If you believe that you have a significant psychological or medical concern (or have been diagnosed with a mental or physical illness), we highly advise you to only use these sessions under the care of the appropriate professional. Any negative reactions must be immediately reported to your care provider.

Royalty Free and Titles for Specific Practices

Purchase a Royalty Free License to make as many copies as you wish for your practice. If you do not see a title listed below as a royalty free title, please contact us..

What makes our CD's unique?

  • Written and voiced by a PhD, who is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with many years of clinical experience with individuals and groups!
  • Concise to fit your time limitations, yet comprehensive enough to get effective results!
  • Uniquely combines hypnosis with energy therapy, NLP, and other modalities!
  • Customized music by an experienced film composer and energy healer!
  • Professionally designed and produced!
  • Designed with the Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM principles and techniques.
  • Approved by The International Hypnosis Research Institute.


We want you to be happy with our sessions. Click here for more information on our 90 satisfaction guarantee!

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4. Manage Anger
5. Eliminate Depression


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