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How to use these self-help hypnosis sessions.

Every day of the month I provide you with a free hypnosis session. I highly recommend that you listen to these sessions when you have at least 20 minutes during which you will not be disturbed. Also, it is best to listen using stereo headphones.

How to change your life with these hypnosis sessions.

While you may encounter transformation after only a few sessions with a particular title, this should not be your goal. Your brain is an adaptive mechanism, which alters itself when it is stimulated. The resulting programming is hard-wired in your brain and becomes a permanent part of your internal programming. In order to do this, these sessions provide a unique form of stimulation, which when used at least once per day for 21 days or more we create lasting change. After the 21 day period, I recommend that you give temporarily stop using a particular session and start the 21 day cycle using a different session. You can return to previous sessions after a minimum of a 21 day break.


Do not use these recordings if you are prone to seizures or are under the care of a mental health professional without prior approval from your psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, clinical social worker, or medical doctor. These sessions are not meant to serve as mental health or medical products. These session DO NOT contain any subliminal or hidden messages.

Music by Music for Hypnotherapy. Royalty-free music available for hypnotherapists. Relaxing music for everyone. Get yours today!

June 2021

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1Allowing Abundance
2Sports Master
3Sexual Addiction No More!
4Enhancing Your Football Skills
5Overcome Internet Porn Addiction!
6Anxiety Free
7Eliminate Guilt
8Worry Free
9Insomnia No More!
10Great Self Esteem
11Attracting Your Love
12Relaxing Paradise
13Enjoying Wide Open Spaces
14Enhancing Musical Performance
15Creative Solutions
16Reading Comprehension
17Procrastination Away
18Mind Body Integration
19Diminishing Your Headaches
20Manage Anger
21Memory Talent
22Emotional Freedom
24Modeling Excellence
25Memory Talent
26Happiness Generator
27Reading Speed
28Enhancing Musical Performance
29Golf Like the Pros
30Running Improvement

What makes our CD's unique?

  • Written and voiced by a PhD, who is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with many years of clinical experience with individuals and groups!
  • Concise to fit your time limitations, yet comprehensive enough to get effective results!
  • Uniquely combines hypnosis with energy therapy, NLP, and other modalities!
  • Customized music by an experienced film composer and energy healer!
  • Professionally designed and produced!
  • Designed with the Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM principles and techniques.
  • Approved by The International Hypnosis Research Institute.


We want you to be happy with our sessions. Click here for more information on our 90 satisfaction guarantee!

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1. Maximize Self Confidence
2. Smoking NO MORE!
3. Enhances Body Image- Weight Loss
4. Manage Anger
5. Eliminate Depression


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