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Sleep Problems

Is healthy sleep often escaping you? Do you always feel tired because you just can't get enough restful sleep? Are you constantly waking up and staying up for hours without ever going back to sleep? Do your sleep patterns and snoring affect your relationship with your spouse?

Our Sleep Problems sessions are designed to help you eliminate these issues and allow your sleep time -- and that of your spouse -- to again become a restful and energizing part of your life!

"The relaxation session for Insomnia No More is wonderful. I am enjoying the benefit of these 20 minute breaks during the day and will continue with these sessions indefinitely. As advertised, I am falling asleep quickly and deeply - sleep comes more easily than it has for several years. I use the Somnis music tape at night and rarely hear more than a few minutes of the 35 minute session before falling asleep. Thanks for this. It really works."

- Nancy from Toronto

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Sleep Package

Order the full Sleep Package today and save on the MP3 download if purchased by midnight October 31. Includes INSOMNIA NO MORE!, STRESS ELIMINATOR, and SOMNIS relaxing sleep music. Click on the image for more details.


CD Price: $ 59.99 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $49.99 $37.50 BUY NOW

Sleep Now!

Insomnia is a complex disorder that affects millions of people each year. Do you have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or disturbance during sleep that makes it unrefreshing? This powerful session is extremely effective in helping you retrain yourself to sleep as soundly as a baby. Listen to this Session before you go to bed to both help you fall asleep quickly and to keep you asleep through the night.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

Overcome Nightmares

Are you plagued by recurring nightmares that occur many times during the month? Do you dread going to bed in case you experience a nightmare? This session will help you convert your nightmares into positive dream sequences so that you’ll sleep better.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

Stop Snoring

Over forty percent of adults occasionally snore. Do you wake up constantly during the night because your partner is digging you in the ribs or because you actually wake yourself up because your snoring is so loud? This session can revolutionize your sleeping habits because it works to actually retrain muscles in your mouth and throat.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

Manage the Sound of Snoring

Are you irritable and frustrated when your partner’s snoring wakes you up in the middle of the night? Hypnosis can be very effective in reframing the sounds that your partner makes during sleep because it works at inner mind level where suggestions are easily accepted.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

Stop Sleep Talking

Talking while asleep is a relatively common sleep disorder. Has your partner complained that you talk in your sleep? Do you keep your partner awake? This hypnosis session can eliminate sleep talking because it works directly with inner mind.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

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