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Weight Loss

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Are your clothes too tight? Do you avoid stepping on the scales because you don't want the bad news? Is your closet full of clothes that used to fit you? Are tired and out of breath because you're carrying around too much extra weight?

Our Weight Loss sessions are designed to help you shed unwanted pounds by using your mind to improve your body image, help improve your eating habits, and increase your metabolism through exercise.

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Slim & Trim

Order the full weight loss package today and save. Includes ENHANCED BODY IMAGE - WEIGHT LOSS, EATING FOR HEALTH and MORE EXERCISE. Click on image for more details.


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Slim & Trim

Hypnosis has been known as one of the most effective techniques for weight loss. Have you had problems losing weight, or sticking to diets? This self hypnosis session will address any difficult areas for you and make losing weight much easier.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

Healthy Eating

Most of us don’t have time to devote to preparing healthy meals to nourish ourselves and our families. But we all know that healthy eating is essential to wellbeing. This session will help you to make healthy changes by eliminating habits of eating unhealthy foods.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

Start Exercise

Hypnosis will help you change the way you think about exercising. You’ll be able to look forward to exercising when you wake up every morning. You’ll be able to become motivated and stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Enjoy exercise with this hypnotherapy session.


CD Price: $ 23.98 BUY NOW
MP3 Price: $19.98 BUY NOW

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