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Tim Brunson
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, author of "Chiropractic Suggestions: Using Healing Words to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Success"

Set yourself apart from other Chiropractors!

Introducing a REVOLUTIONARY way to increase treatment effectiveness AND
patient satisfaction!

Use the CLINICALLY PROVEN effectiveness of Hypnotherapy to prepare your patients for the maximum HEALING BENEFITS of your chiropractic manipulations and adjustments - without ever having to learn hypnosis yourself!

"CHIROPRACTIC HEALING SUGGESTIONS" CD. Customized with your name throughout the audio!


I've made it as easy to deliver a CUSTOMIZED healing suggestion to your patient as they relax on a hydrotherapy bed or wait in a treatment room.

The effectiveness of any healing, whether allopathic, psychological or chiropractic is in some part influenced by the expectations or resistance of the patient.

The deliberate choice of words used before an adjustment can help the patient relax, condition the subconscious mind to accelerate the healing process started by the spinal manipulation and future pace the joyous benefits of a pain free body.

Happy, healthy and satisfied patients are the best advertisement for your practice.

Increase patient goodwill and referrals by improving the effectiveness of your treatments!


This includes:

Master CD of customized relaxation/suggestion session followed by 10 minutes of music. Make copies for every hydrotherapy or treatment room!

The session will mention your name at least 3 times in association with healing, relaxation and feeling well.

The session will give direct, gentle and ethical suggestions for the patient to get the most benefit possible from the adjustment experienced in your practice.


YES, Dr. Tim. I'm interested in taking my practice to the next level. I understand that my investment in this innovative added benefit for my patients is only $199.

This customized audio is worth hundreds by itself. But if you sign up by June 26, 2024, I'm going to include 2 additional bonuses worth OVER $325! This bonus offer won't be offered for long!

BONUS #1. Sign up and get a CUSTOMIZED ROYALTY FREE 20 minute follow up relaxation audio for your patients. Make as many copies as you want. Give them to prospective patients, current patients, etc. Or even sell them! Customize two sentences you wish your patients to hear before the relaxation portion of the audio begins. For example, "This CD is brought to you compliments of Dr. Kildare. Your health and well being is my goal."

Your patients will love this stress-relieving audio! VALUE $200.


BONUS #2. Sign up today and get access to the online course: "Chiropractic Suggestions: Using Healing Words to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Success".


Non Customized version is available for $49.00. Not eligible for bonuses.

** Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as this is a customized project. Once you have ordered, you will receive an e-mail asking for confirmation of the name and two sentences you want to use in the customized audios.

Login information for the Chiropractor course will be sent to your e-mail account.


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