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Tim Brunson
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Have you tried other "over-the-counter" weight loss hypnosis products and been disappointed that they don't work?
Don't despair - I've developed powerful new

"RX" Strength Hypnosis

CD and MP3 sessions that have been designed to work quickly AND effectively! A natural and SAFE way to lose weight and increase your health and fitness!

This session uses the breakthrough Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM Method in a self hypnosis CD and MP3 Download format!
This is an easy weight loss system - just listen and lose weight!

Weight Loss Package

  • Do your joints ache because of the weight you're carrying?
  • Have you tried all kinds of fat loss diets with no success?
  • Do you succeed for a few days, but then can't resist your favorite food?
  • Are you overwhelmingly hungry when you start to cut calories?
  • Does food give you physical comfort that you feel is lacking in your life?
  • Does giving up your favorite foods make you feel sad?
You know the reasons why you should maintain a healthy weight. You know it would be wonderful to be able to feel fit, healthy and slim. But there are so many reasons why you've not been able to lose weight - until now!!

My "Ideal Body" Instantly Downloadable weight loss MP3 Sessions or CD's WILL Work!


I Guarantee it!

I've had years of clinical experience helping clients, such as you, easily embrace a life that is healthier and more vibrant. My Ideal Body Sessions were developed using cutting edge techniques I've researched in over documented 2,700 hours of study. Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM was developed to rapidly begin physical and behavioral transformation. It is a unique combination of ultra modern and ancient skills designed to address energy imbalances in the brain and body to create LASTING CHANGE IN HOW YOU APPROACH WEIGHT LOSS!

Using hypnosis to help you EASILY lose weight is really effective because it harnesses the power of your mind to addresses negative self talk and self sabotaging eating habits at the subconscious level, replacing them with self-care suggestions and anchors for positive choices. Lasting weight loss comes about with a commitment to a life change. A life where you make conscious choices EVERY DAY of your life. A life where you are eating sensibly, not going on painful crash diets.

By listening to these sessions, you’ll be able to eliminate your cravings, your desires and your overwhelming need to eat foods that have been causing you to gain weight.  What this means to you is that you’ll be unaffected by things that would have previously prompted you to reach for "comfort food".  Connections between eating and emotional stress will be eliminated so that you won’t even feel tempted but instead will find new, healthy ways for self-care. You'll be amazed that you will naturally want to eat foods that are good for you - whole grains, vegetables, fruits, leans meats AND ENJOY THEM even if you've never really liked them before!!! You'll start to want to exercise more, helping accelerate body toning and weight loss. The more you listen to these sessions, the more you'll be able to listen to the needs of your body and be able to stop eating when your stomach is full. You'll also notice that you'll feel satiated longer even when reducing calories. A powerful aspect of these sessions is the visualization step, where your new body is created in your subconscious. It is then only a matter of time before this new body image manifests in your physical shape!

The real benefit to you by embarking on this radical ideal weight program is that finally you’ll be able to welcome vibrant health into your life. You'll feel better, you'll look better as you safely lose weight, tone your body and start exercising. Hypnosis for weight loss is one of the best ways to lose weight - unlike other weight loss plans that starve you or weight loss supplements that might be dangerous - hypnosis is a natural weight loss method.

This special package includes the "Enhanced Body Image " MP3 or CD , my "Eating For Health " MP3 or CD and the energizing "More Exercise " MP3 or CD. I'll also include instructions on the most effective way to use these three CD's.

These hypnosis downloads or hypnosis mp3's may be the best weight loss program you've ever invested in. Dieting will be a thing of the past as you embrace a totally new lifestyle designed to safely and effortlesssly lose weight quickly.

Although you may find that you find it easy to change you diet very quickly after starting to listen to this Ideal Body program, I recommend that you alternate these sessions daily for at least 45 days to firmly integrate this new way of eating and exercising into your life.


Within a few minutes you can be on your way to programming your mind and body to easily and effortlessly and begin your journey to a new you by re-training your subconscious mind and strengthening your mind/body connection.


Our Weight Loss Package includes:

Enhanced Body Image - Hypnosis with Brain Entrainment. For Weight Loss

Eating For Health - Hypnosis with Brain Entrainment. For Weight Loss

More Exercise - Hypnosis with Brain Entrainment. For Weight Loss

Order today for only $59.99 for the CD version (a savings of $11.95 over single product prices) or $37.50 (a savings of $22.44) for an immediate MP3 download..

These are Hypnotherapy Solutions for LifeTM sessions,
the most powerful recorded sessions on the market today.
WARNING: These sessions use advanced brain entrainment technology and are not intended to be used while driving or operation machinery or if you pregnant, under 18, wearing a pacemaker, or prone to seizures.

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I want you to be happy with our sessions. If you have listened, as instructed, to the "IDEAL BODY ' CD's or MP3's and have not changed how you view food and exercise, please return the CD set or contact me (if MP3) for a FULL refund within 90 days of purchase. Bear in mind that weight loss, to be effective, should be steady and safe. This program is designed to change your attitude so that you can make changes in your eating and exercise habits.

Tim Brunson's hypnosis weight loss CD's and MP3's can be effectively used with any of the following diets:

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