Hypnotherapy Solutions For Life ™ introduces cutting edge hypnosis. brain entrainment, and specially designed sleep music designed to effectively solve many sleeping problems. Includes free bonus.

"Are you always tired?
Wouldn't you like to be able to sleep well?"

The ability to sleep well enables us to handle our problems with more ease and success. But for many, a good night's sleep is just a "dream". So many people have sleep disorders or sleep problems that cause them trouble sleeping. You may have tried melatonin sleep products, prescription sleep aids, read sleep tips on every site and researched every kind of sleep disorder.But if your problem is not physical, this site may truly show you how you can sleep more effectively!


Decades of research have documented the debilitating effects of poor or dysfunctional sleep patterns. Your sleep health can directly effect your physical health. Everything from personality disorders, weight gain, poor judgment, and slower reflexes - lack of sleep seems to be the culprit.

"A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that too little or erratic sleep may be taking an unappreciated toll on Americans' health." ~~ Washington Post.

Your success at work, in relationships, and at home could increase dramatically by training yourself to get better sleep during the night! Sleeping is not something you can do without. But you want natural sleep, not drug induced sleeping. We've developed a product that is a natural sleep help that goes further to actually train you to wake up in the morning, refreshed after a better sleep than you've had in years!

Hypnosis has been proven to help with sleep problems. But we go further...

We know you want to be able to handle life, change, and growth in a positive way. But it's so difficult when you are exhausted and tired. But when you get enough sleep, tasks are easier, and life just seems better. How much sleep do you get each night, and how much should you be getting? How many times do you wake up in the middle of the night saying, "I cant sleep! I have trouble sleeping! I need a sleep aid or some sleeping tips!"


Introducing our Hypnosis Sleep Package

Includes "INSOMNIA NO MORE" and "STRESS ELIMINATOR " Hypnotherapy CDs and "SOMNIS" bedtime sleep music.

  According to the National Sleep Foundation, the annual cost in lost worker productivity due to sleeplessness is about $18 billion dollars.

Dr. Tim Brunson has carefully scripted and designed the "Insomnia No More" CD to bring maximum relief to those who struggle every night with sleep. It includes cutting edge hypnosis using his Advanced Neuro-Noetic Hypnosis™, brain entrainment technology, and sleep music designed to calm and relax. Every aspect is designed to allow you to experience better sleep. (Covering: Sleeping Problems)

Annie Brunson, an award winning composer, has worked with her husband to create beautiful scores and music for hypnotherapists all around the world. The sleep music CD,"SOMNIS", is designed to gently lull the listener to sleep. The brain entrainment version is designed for use with or without headphones for a more comfortable listening experience.

What are other professionals saying about hypnosis tracks written and voiced by Tim Brunson, PhD?


"I let myself experience the imagery, the ebb and tide of your voice. It was so easy to *be* there! As I truly love nature and am at one with it, I can always achieve the experience fully having, in reality, experienced a great deal of much of what the world has to offer in the natural world. -- I definitely experienced a feeling of well-being during and after."

- Hypnotherapist, California


"The relaxation session for Insomnia No More is wonderful. I am enjoying the benefit of these 20 minute breaks during the day and will continue with these sessions indefinitely. As advertised, I am falling asleep quickly and deeply - sleep comes more easily than it has for several years. I use the Somnis music tape at night and rarely hear more than a few minutes of the 35 minute session before falling asleep. Thanks for this. It really works."

- Nancy from Toronto

Dr. Tim has a unique style of hypnosis that is extremely effective. He's spent years studying and developing Advanced Neuro-Noetic Hypnosis ™, and perfecting the scripts he uses in his products. He has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a Master Practitioner and certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

"Wouldn't you like to begin safely training yourself to sleep well tonight? "

Much sleep research has recognized the effectiveness of hypnosis. Hypnosis is safe and natural. Unlike prescription sleep products with the accompanying danger of addiction, the result of hypnosis is refreshing, un-medicated sleep. As you keep listening to the session over a period of at least 21 days, you'll notice that your sleep health improves, and problems sleeping just disolve away.

Hypnosis will help you re-program your unhealthy sleep patterns over the next few weeks. Each night you'll find it easier and easier to fall and remain asleep. Using the hypnosis sessions during the day or before bedtime and the bedtime sleep music with brainwaves while falling asleep, you'll have the tools you need to conquer insomnia and start living a fuller, more vibrant life.

"Many insomniacs say they would do anything to get a good night's sleep! They can't take another sleepless night with no sleep. How do you think you'll feel with a great night's sleep? "

How do you think you'll feel once you'll be able to sleep restfully and start regaining health you may have lost through insomnia? What if you were no longer sleep deprived, but alert, focused and able to get so much accomplished during each day!

We want to bet that you'll be more able to successfully address self-improvement issues, have more fun in life, and generally feel better than you have in ages.

"Get the sleep you need!"

SPECIAL OFFER: Order by Jun 02, 2024 and you'll get "Insomnia No More" and "Stress Eliminator" hypnotherapy sessions, "Somnis" bedtime sleep music without brain entrainment, and "Somnis" bedtime sleep music with the powerful brain entrainment feature. PLUS, if you order soon, we'll also include a valuable FREE BONUS!



Highly effective "sleep better" pre-sleep tapping session. This 7 minute audio takes the listener through 3 rounds of tapping inspired by EFT. To be used just before sleep and before the SOMNIS sleep music track. Listen to sample here.
A $20 value!

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sleep hypnosis
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We also have Weight Loss and Stop Smoking packages as well as single sleep hypnosis products.

Plus over 100 other titles ranging from abundance and confidence to sports performance and sexual issues. For a complete list of hypnosis titles: www.TimBrunson.com


emwaveIf you are serious about sleeping better, you may also be interested in the emWave® Solution for Better Sleep. This portable and easy-to-use device is a drug-free and simple way to reset your body's natural rhythms so that you can sleep deeply again night after night. Developed from the Institute of HeartMath's 16 years of research on the relationship between the heart, brain, stress and emotions, emWave is both innovative and practical. It enhances your life through it scientifically-validated technology and is used by health professionals worldwide. Use it in conjunction with our hypnosis sleep package to get the best sleep you've had in years! After ordering our sleep package, come back here to order the emwave.

I wish you sweet dreams,

Tim Brunson, PhD

P.S. Brain entrainment is a very powerful technology. It should not be used by pregnant women, people who suffer from seizures, and children under 18. The brain entrainment version of the bedtime sleep music is designed to be used with or without headphones and should not be used on a speaker if children are within hearing distance. Your package includes a version without brain entrainment to use in this case.



I want you to be happy with our sessions. If you have listened, as instructed, to the CD's or MP3's and have not received the benefit you desired, please return the CD or contact me (if MP3) for a FULL refund within 90 days of purchase. Bear in mind that any change, to be effective, takes at least 21 days of daily reinforcement. You may notice a pulsing in the background music. This is part of the brain entrainment technology and is NOT a defect in the recordings.


* Packaging may differ slightly from picture.


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