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Check out these testimonials from real people who have used Dr. Brunson's techniques for themselves or their patients:

“I've noticed many subtle changes in my attitude and behaviors which suits me just fine as I wasn't looking for drastic changes! LOL Thanks for your wonderful products. I look forward to using several more in the future! Peace & Blessings”
~ Mark L. Mesa, AZ

“I innately have a more positive outlook from Allowing Abundance, which I appreciate. I will continue with other titles.”
~ Allison W., New York, NY

“So far, very good! The suggestions started working on me right away - I guess because I was very ready to make changes in the first place. Thanks!!” ~
Jewel K. Prairieville, LA

“I HAVE listened to Tennis Master each day since receiving it. I have enjoyed the sessions and I look forward to my "special time" each day.” ~
Chris M., Downingtown, PA

“Your CD entitled "Erectile Dysfunction" certainly has facilitated remarkable progress in my challenge to conquer erectile dysfunction: from the initial onset of your CD, the breathing pattern that you outline in order for me to ease into a state of focused hypnosis and specifically designed heightened suggestibility is a breathing pattern of inspiration and expiration which I have never experienced in the past. This uniqueness extends throughout the entirety of your CD, "Erectile Dysfunction." Your guiding concept of the necessity for taking one's partner into clear consideration as a participant in the act(s) of sexual intimacy, and your prompting that the pleasure of one's partner needs to be in one's forefront of consciousness, are literally "golden" in value. (In the past, throughout my entire life, I solely and exclusively concentrated on only myself and my own derivation of pleasure as a result of sexual intimacy: Dr. Brunson, you have provided me with a totally revolutionary paradigm of human sexuality and pleasureableness which I never knew either existed, or was feasible to attain.)” -
Fred B., New York

"After listening to the "Controlling your Bladder" title twice a day for the last 21 days, I have gone from going to the toilet 12 to 14 times a day to now going 4 to 6 times a day. My quality of life has improved greatly, thanks to you, Tim." ~
Raymond from Hampton Park

"This is a powerful induction. I am currently working with a patient who has fibromyalgia and concentrating on pain management. She is doing much better and I am tailoring the induction to work with other manifestations of the disease."
--Dr. Richard C., Sex Therapist and NLP Master Practitioner

"I'm really excited about this session and will certainly use it again many more times."
--Stella G., Social Worker

"I found this script to create a nice and pleasant feeling. It was very relaxing. I did feel my headache slipping away by the end recording."
-- Doreen D., Certified Mental Health Technician

"This was very relaxing, and if I were preparing for surgery, would feel more confident that everything is going to be OK."
--Phyllis S., Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Hypnotherapist

"When I listened to your session I felt totally relaxed so much so that even though I did get interrupted I was able to stop the recording and on restart went straight back to where I left off without any problem."
--Finola B.

"This session sent me into a trance! My brain is still trying to work it all out. Obviously some very powerful concepts."
--Margaret C.

"I personally found the session to be very nurturing and empowering - the simplicity added to the power."
--Moira H., Hypnotherapist

"An excellent induction, guided imagery, and one of the best I have heard."
-- Dr. Fred W., Clinical Hypnotherapist

"This session certainly deeply relaxed me, and I almost went into a sleep state a couple of times. I noticed that my breathing deepened, and I felt overall warmth, especially in my feet."
-- Thomas B.

"I felt very relaxed & self-assured that if I was under going an operation it would turn out well."
--Honie A., Social Worker

"I used this session today as it is rainy outside and I have some "pain" in my left knee going up into my hip. I felt the anesthesia filling my knee and leg; I could even feel it coming in like a the time it was done, my leg and knee felt so much better. Thanks!"
--Kathie L., Registered Nurse

"I've been using this in my practice with a tremendous amount of success. Clients are experiencing being 'pain-free'! I work with many arthritis and fibro sufferers and they are finding relief with this method! It is wonderful to have such an effective tool!"
--Nell S., Hypnotherapist

"I have to say that I find this session amazingly effective. All clients have relaxed very quickly & easily."
--Karen M., Neuro-Lingustis Programmer

"I wanted the experience to last longer! It was so calm and peaceful. As the script continued to encourage my mind to expand on the scene, I found myself imagining more, feeling more, wanting more. I could really see and feel myself in this scene."
--Shellie L.

"I loved this trance. The "in between" words helped me let go and drift. I really did experience a healing movement in the gut, an uplift, a joy, a confidence that healing was taking place"
--Nancy P.

"Awesomely inspirational stuff. Never fails to amaze me."
--Debra T., Massage Therapist

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