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“Apply What Top Athletes Know!”

Have you reached training plateaus that you just can’t seem to break? Have you lost enthusiasm for working out? Have you injured muscles during training and find it difficult to rebound and heal as quickly as you used to? Are you doing all the right things, exercising, eating, working out, but still don’t see the results you should? Have you heard that 80% of success in body building has to do with your mental focus, but you have no idea where to start?

“Strengthen the Muscle in Your Head To Improve Your Physique!”

A person's mental attitude has an almost unbelievable effect on his powers, both physical and psychological. The British psychiatrist, J.A. Hadfield, gives a striking illustration of this fact in his booklet, The Psychology of Power. "I asked three people," he wrote, "to submit themselves to test the effect of mental suggestion on their strength, which was measured by gripping a dynamometer." They were to grip the dynamometer with all their strength under three different sets of conditions. First he tested them under normal conditions. The average grip was 101 pounds. Then he tested them after he had hypnotized them and told them that they were very weak. Their average grip this time was only 29 pounds! In the third test Dr. Hadfield told them under hypnosis that they were very strong. The average grip jumped to 142 pounds.

Using the power of the inner mind, this session will help you develop the body you want. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming within a deeply relaxing hypnotic session, you’ll access your mind where you will create incredibly compelling visualizations of your physical goals. Your body will receive suggestions for muscular and tissue growth and naturally fast healing for injured muscles. This session is extremely effective because it works with the most important muscle (the brain) in your exercise regime!

What this means to you is that you’ll notice that your healing process is accelerated. You find yourself able to work through pain thresholds and overcome improvement plateaus. Your motivation and self-belief will be higher and you’ll notice that you start to build muscle mass even when sleeping. The real benefit to you is that you’ll enjoy taking your passion to the next level. You’ll get the body you visualize and find it easier to reach your physical goals!

This session will help you:

checkSuccessfully use your mind to work all of the muscle groups of your body.

checkPromote muscle mass even when you sleep.

checkFind how natural it is to reach your goals.

This strong session is for you! To get started, order this effective CD or MP3 TODAY!

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What makes our CD's unique?

  • Written and voiced by a PhD, who is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with many years of clinical experience with individuals and groups!
  • Concise to fit your time limitations, yet comprehensive enough to get effective results!
  • Uniquely combines hypnosis with energy therapy, NLP, and other modalities!
  • Customized music by an experienced film composer and energy healer!
  • Professionally designed and produced!
  • Designed with the Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM principles and techniques.
  • Approved by The International Hypnosis Research Institute.


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Body Builder


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