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Attracting your love

July 9, 2013 - 04:32 PM

One of the most natural human instincts is to seek an ideal mate. There are many factors that come into consideration. Many of them involve instinctual biological urges and an innate desire to find someone who meets very distinct criteria regarding height, shape, and symmetry – factors that we often call beauty. Generally, a man is looking for a woman who is able to bear children. And, a woman is normally more attracted to someone who can provide safety and security. Often this means that a woman is seeking a man who displays physical prowess. However, I’ve noticed how intellect and financial capabilities may overcome the requirements for certain rather animalistic considerations.

While this addresses why an attractive person may get our attention quickly, it does not help us when it comes helping us prepare ourselves to attract others. Although we may look at being attractive as primarily a biological issue, that is far from being completely accurate. Attractiveness is mostly a mental issue. In fact even when we just a potential mate as being desirable, almost always what eventually ends the relationship is once we are able to get to know the person and access them on a deeper, intellectual basis. Therefore, if we want to be attractive to others, we should focus more on how we manage our mind.

Either you agree or completely disagree with my last statement. However, once at some level we agree that a potential mate is adequate for child production and rearing, factors such as charisma, charm, and confidence come into play. (I know that this may sound rather clinical. However, if you think about it, I am sure that you will agree.) Even that biological (reproduction-oriented level), the assessment must be made in our mind first. On top of that it is vital that you focus on maintaining optimism, confidence, and charisma if you wish to attract someone with whom you hope to have a meaningful relationship.


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