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Aromatherapy Articles

11/02/2011 The effect of lavender oil on stress, bispectral index values, and needle insertion pain...
10/18/2008 Differences Between the Physiologic and Psychologic Effects of Aromatherapy Body Treatment.
04/17/2009 Anxiolytic effect of aromatherapy massage in patients with breast cancer.
05/02/2010 Stimulating effect of aromatherapy massage with jasmine oil
05/10/2010 Effect of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer's disease
06/02/2010 The effects of lavender scent on dental patient anxiety levels: cluster randomised-controlled trial
06/23/2010 The use of aromatherapy to treat behavioural problems in dementia
05/17/2010 The effects of aromatherapy on stress and stress responses in adolescents
06/09/2010 The use of the essential oil lavandin to reduce preoperative anxiety in surgical patients
06/16/2010 Expectancies, not aroma, explain impact of lavender aromatherapy...
06/30/2010 Aromatherapy in childbirth: a pilot randomised controlled trial
06/22/2011 Aromasticks in cancer care: an innovation not to be sniffed at.
06/29/2011 Orange Interventions for Symptoms Associated With Dimethyl Sulfoxide During Stem Cell Reinfusions...
07/13/2011 Healing advantages of lavender essential oil during episiotomy recovery: a clinical trial.
07/20/2011 Effectiveness of aroma massage on advanced cancer patients with constipation: a pilot study.
01/04/2011 Effects of aromatherapy on changes in the autonomic nervous system, aortic pulse..
01/11/2011 Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future.
02/01/2011 A systematic review of insomnia and complementary medicine.
02/08/2011 The influence of essential oils on human vigilance.
02/22/2011 Biosynthesis and therapeutic properties of lavandula essential oil constituents.
03/01/2011 A systematic review on the anxiolytic effects of aromatherapy on rodents under..
03/08/2011 Differential effects of the aromas of Salvia species on memory and mood.
10/26/2011 The effect of lavender aromatherapy on autonomic nervous system in midlife women with insomnia.
10/13/2012 Anxiolytic-like activity and GC-MS analysis of (R)-(+)-limonene fragrance...
10/27/2012 Living with pleasure in daily life at the end of life...
11/03/2012 Soothing the senses.
11/10/2012 Effect of sweet orange aroma on experimental anxiety in humans.
11/17/2012 Risk factors of patients with and without postoperative nausea (PON).
11/24/2012 The effect of aromatherapy on postoperative nausea in women undergoing surgical procedures.
12/01/2012 The effects of clinical aromatherapy for anxiety and depression in the high risk postpartum woman..
12/08/2012 A brief review of current scientific evidence involving aromatherapy use for nausea and vomiting.
10/20/2012 Aromatherapy and Massage Intrapartum Service Impact on Use of Analgesia and Anaesthesia in Women...
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