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10/01/2006 Mind Body Background
11/02/2006 Hypnotic Interventions and Disease
11/03/2006 Stress and Wound Healing
10/15/2006 Meditation and Imaging
10/21/2006 Physiology of Expectancy (Placebo Response)
11/03/2006 Continued Guided Imagery Practice Increases Desired Outcomes
11/01/2006 Alternative Health Practitioners: The Journal of Complementary and Natural Care
11/12/2006 Hypnosis and Physical Therapy
11/01/2006 Biofeedback Effective for Asthma Control
11/17/2006 Outcomes in Management & Nursing Practice
11/06/2006 Meditators have Better Capabilities to Moderate the Intensity of their Emotional Arousal
11/01/2006 Relaxation and Reducing Blood Glucose Levels
11/02/2006 A Review of the Impact of Hypnosis, Relaxation, Guided Imagery and Individual Differences
10/31/2006 Brains of Highly Hypnotizable Subjects Show a Larger Rostrum
02/04/2013 Is Hypnosis Merely a Placebo Response?
12/15/2006 Association of Involvement in Psychological Self-Regulation with Longer Survival
12/07/2006 Does 'hypnosis' by any other name smell as sweet?
11/27/2006 Meditation Reduces Blood Pressure in Middle School Children
11/27/2006 Found that Guided Imagery Significantly Increased Oxygen
11/08/2006 Increasing Diabetic Self-Care Through Guided Imagery
11/08/2006 Imagery Works as Well as Actual Practice
12/23/2006 The Effects of Intercessory Prayer, Positive Visualization, and Expectancy
11/02/2006 Support The International Hypnosis Research Institute
11/03/2006 Music, Relaxation and Silence Improves Energy Levels
12/12/2006 Hypnosis and The Mind
12/14/2006 Psychobiological basis of hypnosis. Neurophysiologic and psychosomatic considerations
10/03/2006 Does the more vivid imagery of high hypnotizables depend on greater cognitive effort?
11/03/2006 Hypnosis: medicine's dirty word.
05/07/2007 Behavioral interventions in treating anticipatory nausea and vomiting.
09/24/2006 Point specificity of acupuncture in the light of recent clinical and imaging studies.
10/14/2006 Clinical hypnosis as an effective adjunct in the care of pediatric inpatients.
11/03/2006 Enhancing thought suppression with hypnosis
11/28/2006 Moving and Stretching Imagery
06/03/2006 Response to Beshai's "Quantitative and qualitative research in hypnosis: comment on Woodard".
11/28/2006 Meditation & Blood Pressure
07/03/2006 Mind styles and the hypnotic induction profile: measure and match to enhance medical treatment.
11/03/2006 Hypnosis in film and television
07/01/2006 An early nineteenth century absorption-based theory of mesmerism
08/03/2006 Expect the unexpected: ability, attitude, and responsiveness to hypnosis.
07/03/2006 "How deeply hypnotized did i get?"
07/03/2006 Rapid induction of hypnosis by finger elongation: a brief communication.
11/03/2003 Differential brain activations during intentionally simulated and subjectively experienced paralysis
07/04/2005 Mexican norms for the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, Form C.
07/04/2005 The importance of being earnest when crafting definitions
11/04/2006 Multiple hypnotizabilities: differentiating the building blocks of hypnotic response
11/04/2006 Relaxation and health-related quality of life in multiple sclerosis
11/17/2006 Hypnotic susceptibility, baseline attentional functioning, and the Stroop task
04/04/2005 Integration of hypnosis with acupuncture
11/18/2006 Precis of the illusion of conscious will
01/19/2006 Physiological and pathophysiological down-regulation of cough
11/07/2006 Hypnosis in contemporary medicine
09/03/2006 The timing of brain events
11/03/2006 Hypnotic conflict: a brief report
07/03/2006 Cultural views and attitudes about hypnosis: a survey of college students across four countries
11/03/2006 Neuroimaging and genetic associations of attentional and hypnotic processes
06/03/2006 Functional neuroanatomy of the hypnotic state
09/03/2006 Surgeons and shamans: the placebo value of ritual
04/03/2006 Alert hypnosis
07/01/2007 Hypnosis in pediatrics: applications at a pediatric pulmonary center.
04/03/2006 Serotoninergic activation of the basolateral amygdala and modulation of tonic immobility
03/03/2006 Hypnosis and modern frontal-lobe concepts
11/01/2006 Objective EEG correlates of deprivation in hypnosis-modulated catalepsy
11/03/2006 Suggestions of altered balance: Possible equivalence of imagery and perception
11/03/2006 Anatomy of a hypnotic response
04/03/2006 Mindfulness, acceptance, and hypnosis: Cognitive and clinical perspectives
04/03/2006 Six players on the inner stage: Using ego state therapy with the medically ill
02/27/2011 Hypnosis How the Mind Works with Don Spencer
01/03/2011 Comparison of conventional therapies for dentin hypersensitivity...
01/05/2011 Beliefs and attitudes toward hypnosis among Cuban health professionals...
01/10/2011 Reestablishment of hope as an intervention for a patient with cystic fibrosis...
01/19/2011 Treatment options for parasomnias.
01/26/2011 Dissociation in hysteria and hypnosis: evidence from cognitive neuroscience.
01/31/2011 Dissociated control as a signature of typological variability...
02/09/2011 Hypnotic responsiveness: expectancy, attitudes, fantasy proneness...
02/14/2011 A stranger in the looking glass: developing and challenging...
02/16/2011 Hypnosis and Alopecia Areata: Long-term Beneficial Effects on Psychological...
02/18/2011 Management of menopause-associated vasomotor symptoms...
02/21/2011 "An Object of Vulgar Curiosity": Legitimizing Medical Hypnosis...
02/28/2011 William E. Edmonston, Jr.: Editor, 1968-1976.
03/07/2011 Jules Bernard Luys in Charcot's penumbra.
03/09/2011 Mind-body connection, parapsychological phenomena and spiritual healing...
01/12/2011 Symboldrama, a psychotherapeutic method for adolescents with dissociative and
02/08/2011 Questioning the Skeptics: The True Nature of Quackery
03/07/2011 New Directions for Hypnotherapy
04/05/2011 From Passionate Process to Poetic and Playful Puzzle – Part II
04/29/2011 From Passionate Process to Poetic and Playful Puzzle – Part III
03/22/2011 The True Nature of Hypnosis
04/04/2011 Hypnosis in the treatment of morgellons disease: a case study.
04/11/2011 Analysis of electrophysiological state patterns and changes during hypnosis induction.
05/16/2011 A randomized controlled trial of the effects of hypnosis with 3-D virtual reality animation.
05/30/2011 Hypnosis and relaxation in the context of plastic surgery nursing.
06/06/2011 Reflections on the varieties of hypnotizables: a commentary on Terhune and Cardeña.
06/14/2011 Does neuroimaging of suggestion elucidate hypnotic trance?
05/12/2011 A study to examine the attitudes, knowledge, and utilization of CAM by primary care professional...
04/17/2011 She's Hypnotized! (The Outtakes)
05/29/2011 Ray Kurzweil Explains the Coming Singularity
06/19/2011 Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine
10/27/2014 The Two Lies of Hypnotherapy
06/20/2011 Are high hypnotizables especially vulnerable to false memory effects? A sociocognitive perspective.
06/24/2011 The impact of hypnotic suggestibility in clinical care settings.
07/01/2011 Oxytocin as a moderator of hypnotizability.
07/18/2011 Hypnosis and acupuncture (hypnopuncture) for prurigo nodularis: a case report.
08/26/2014 Future trends in mental health and hypnotherapy
09/14/2014 Energy and Mind/Body/Performance Transformation
10/01/2014 Elucidating unconscious processing with instrumental hypnosis.
09/01/2011 The importance of a holistic approach during the perioperative period.
09/15/2011 Complementary and alternative medicine: use and disclosure in radiation oncology community practice.
07/19/2011 Clear the Deck, Clear your Mind
08/17/2011 An Argument for More Accurate Definitions
10/04/2011 Reflexivity, the role of history, and the case of mesmerism in early Victorian Britain.
10/11/2011 Theories of Suggestion.
10/18/2011 Top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in mind-body medicine...
10/15/2011 Hypnotherapy in children. New approach to solving common pediatric problems.
11/17/2011 Some guidelines for uses of hypnotherapy in pediatrics.
07/02/2014 The Hypnotic Hero
10/10/2011 Cognitive parameters and morning and evening types: two decades of research (1990-2009).
10/28/2011 Hypnotic modulation of resting state fMRI default mode and extrinsic network connectivity.
11/07/2011 Treatment of HPV with Hypnosis-Psychodynamic Considerations of Psychoneuroimmunology:...
12/15/2011 Attending to suggestion and trance in the pediatric history and physical examination: a case study.
12/05/2011 Hypnosis and parents: pattern interruptus.
12/12/2011 Complementary medicine--the facts.
12/19/2011 Cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway of some non-pharmacological therapies of complementary ...
10/16/2011 Milton Erickson Style Arm Levitation Hypnosis
09/30/2011 Exploring the True Nature of Hypnosis
10/03/2006 Local and systemic vasodilation following hypnotic suggestion of warm tub bathing
11/03/2006 Complementary and alternative medicine
10/03/2005 Some polite applause for the 2003 APA Division 30 definition of hypnosis
10/03/2005 Whither spontaneous hypnosis: A Critical issue for practitioners and researchers
01/03/2006 Association between CAM and conventional medicine amoung adults with diabetes
11/03/2006 Neural activity in speech-sensitive auditory cortex during silence
11/03/2006 The dynamics of the spatial synchronization of brain biopotentials
10/03/2005 A preliminary phenomenological study of being hypnotized and hypnotizing
10/03/2005 A cascade feedback control approach for hypnosis
10/03/2005 Conditions distinguish high from low hypnotic susceptibility groups.
10/03/2005 Hypnotic disgust makes moral judgments more severe
07/04/2005 The Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility: accuracy of self-report and the memory for items
11/04/2006 Preferences for descriptors of hypnosis: a brief communication
11/04/2006 Attention and hypnosis: neural substrates and genetic associations of two converging processes
04/04/2005 Motor imagery in hypnosis: accuracy and duration of motor imagery in waking and hypnotic states
03/01/2005 Kinematic strategies for lowering of upper limbs during suggestions of heaviness
01/31/2007 QUANTUM FOCUSING Can Improve Patient Care
01/30/2007 Should the practice of hypnotherapy be restricted to doctors?
01/27/2008 Genetics and neuroimaging of attention and hypnotizability may elucidate placebo.
03/12/2007 Hypnotizability as an adaptive trait
03/13/2007 Experiencing Hypnotizability Scale Motor Items by an Amputee: A Brief Report
03/18/2007 What do clinicians want? Interest in integrative health services
03/28/2007 A spanish version of the barber suggestibility scale for the puerto rican population.
03/17/2007 The five factor model of personality and hypnotizability: Little variance in common
03/15/2007 Hypnosis in film and television
12/17/2012 Hypnotizability Myths
12/16/2006 The phenomenology of deep hypnosis: quiescent and physically active
12/16/2006 Reality monitoring in hypnosis: a real-simulating analysis
11/16/2006 The concept of dissociation
11/17/2006 A continuum of hypnotherapeutic interactions: from formal hypnosis to hypnotic conversation
12/01/2004 A phenomenological and perceptual research methodology for understanding hypnotic experiencing
11/05/2006 Self-regulation of the immune system through biobehavioral strategies
11/06/2006 Hypnosis in family medicine
11/05/2006 Clinical applications of hypnotherapy
11/19/2006 Hypnosis: placebo or nonplacebo?
12/05/2006 Dreams as a possible reflection of a dissociated self-monitoring system
02/22/2008 Daydreaming, absorption and hypnotizability.
02/08/2007 In-Hospital Deaths from Medical Errors at 195,000 per Year, HealthGrades' Study Finds
03/03/2007 Hypnotic depth and response to suggestion under standardized conditions and during FMRI scanning.
03/09/2007 What is Hypnosis?
03/20/2007 Treatments for non-epileptic attack disorder.
03/16/2007 EEG patterns and hypnotizability
03/25/2007 The future of professional hypnosis: comment on Kirsch, Mazzoni, and Montgomery.
04/03/2007 Relations between episodic memory, suggestibility, theory of mind, and cognitive inhibition.
04/04/2007 Stress management in the treatment of essential arterial hypertension.
04/06/2007 Proactive and retroactive effects of negative suggestion.
04/07/2007 Exploratory factor analysis and psychometric properties of the Valencia Scale.
04/09/2007 Examining sympathetic nerve activity with microneurography during hypnosis.
04/10/2007 Sohlberg and Birgegard's (2003) report of persistent complex effects of subliminal messages.
04/11/2007 An extended nondrug MDMA-like experience evoked through posthypnotic suggestion.
04/12/2007 Double-blind test of the effects of distant intention on water crystal formation.
03/13/2007 How deeply hypnotized did I get?" Predicting self-reported hypnotic depth.
04/14/2007 How psychotherapy changes the brain--the contribution of functional neuroimaging.
04/13/2007 How deeply hypnotized did I get?" Predicting self-reported hypnotic depth.
04/15/2007 Response to Beshai's "Quantitative and qualitative research in hypnosis: comment on Woodard.
04/19/2007 The neuroscience of observing consciousness & mirror neurons in therapeutic hypnosis.
04/18/2007 Hypnotically enhanced dreaming to achieve symptom reduction: a case study of 11 children
04/20/2007 Anatomy of a hypnotic response: Self-report estimates, actual behavior, and physiological response.
04/23/2007 Complementary and alternative medicine.
04/25/2007 National patterns and correlates of CAM use in adults with diabetes
04/24/2007 Hypnosis and modern frontal-lobe concepts.
05/12/2007 Hypnotizability and spatial attentional functions.
05/05/2007 The difference in brain waves and its efficacies in hypnosis
05/27/2007 EEG asymmetry and heart rate during experience of hypnotic analgesia in high and low hypnotizables.
12/12/2006 Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine
05/13/2007 Healing Touch
06/12/2007 Goal-directed fantasy, hypnotic susceptibility, and expectancies.
05/29/2007 Autonomic and EEG correlates of emotional imagery in subjects with different hypnotic susceptibility
06/04/2007 Defining hypnosis as a trance vs. cooperation
01/12/2015 Hospital Hypnotherapist Job Description
06/15/2007 The hidden observer, hypnotic dreams, and age regression: clinical implications.
06/25/2007 Defining hypnosis as a trance vs. cooperation: hypnotic inductions, suggestibility, and performance
06/26/2007 Suggestibility or hypnosis: what do our scales really measure?
06/27/2007 Hypnotic suggestion: a musical mathaphor.
07/02/2007 Response expectancies, treatment credibility, and hypnotic suggestibility
01/09/2007 Creating A New You Through the Mind! - Is it Real or Hocus Pocus?
01/19/2007 Are You Overlooking Your Greatest Asset?
07/01/2007 Hypnotherapy and the Brain
07/11/2007 Evidenced-based hypnotherapy for the management of sleep disorders.
08/10/2007 Limited use of complementary and alternative medicine in Israeli head and neck cancer patients.
08/22/2007 Self-healing: a concept analysis.
10/02/2007 Hope: its goals, chances, and limits.
09/08/2014 The neural trance: a new look at hypnosis
10/02/2007 Role of histaminergic neurons in hypnotic modulation of brain processing of visceral perception.
10/06/2007 Integrating Psychoneuroimmunology into Pediatric Chronic Illness Interventions.
06/16/2008 Thoughts on Primary and Secondary Mental Processes
10/19/2007 Practitioner review: clinical applications of pediatric hypnosis.
10/22/2007 Systemic hypnotherapy: deconstructing entrenched ambivalent meanings in self-organizing systems.
10/26/2007 Hypnosis, placebos, and systematic research bias in biological psychiatry.
10/30/2007 Hypnobo: perspectives on hypnosis and placebo
10/19/2007 Electives in complementary medicine: are we preaching to the choir?
02/11/2007 The timing of brain events: reply to the "Special Section" in this journal of September 2004, edited
02/17/2007 Local and systemic vasodilation following hypnotic suggestion of warm tub bathing.
02/18/2007 Types of suggestibility: Relationships among compliance, indirect, and direct suggestibility.
02/22/2007 Imagery of different sensory modalities: hypnotizability and body sway
02/24/2007 Alienation, recovered animism and altered states of consciousness
02/25/2007 Relaxation strategies and enhancement of hypnotic susceptibility
03/02/2007 Fractal analysis of EEG in hypnosis and its relationship with hypnotizability
12/10/2012 “Lay Hypnotists”: A Critique of our Profession
03/14/2007 Relations between hypnotizability and psychopathology revisited
03/19/2007 Repeated questions, deception, and children's true and false reports of body touch.
03/08/2007 Cortex functional connectivity as a neurophysiological correlate of hypnosis: An EEG case study
01/26/2007 Healing and the Mind
02/05/2007 Metaphysics and Hypnosis
02/02/2007 Hypnosis and Spirituality
02/03/2007 Unlocking the Myth of Hypnotic Communication
03/23/2007 Psychotherapeutic intervention for numerous and large viral warts with adjunctive hypnosis.
03/24/2007 Suggestibility and hypnotizability: mind the gap.
02/21/2007 Hypnosis and the Great Work of Transformation
03/20/2007 The Physiology of Intuition: Your Body's Intuitive Responses
05/03/2007 Use of mind-body therapies in psychiatry and family medicine faculty and residents
05/23/2007 Does hypnotizability affect human upright stance?
06/04/2007 A Christian Understanding of Hypnosis
05/28/2007 EEG activity and heart rate during recall of emotional events in hypnosis
06/05/2007 Hypnosis and performance standards.
06/02/2007 Emergency room use of hypnosis.
06/04/2007 Hypnosis in the emergency department.
06/11/2007 Cognitive strategies in hypnosis: toward resolving the hypnotic conflict.
06/14/2007 Primary process, hypnotic dreams, and the hidden observer: hypnosis versus alert imagining.
06/08/2007 Changes in body attitude as a function of posthypnotic suggestions.
06/11/2007 Durability of "posthypnotic suggestions" as a function of type of suggestion and trance depth.
06/20/2007 What is a suggestion?
06/13/2007 Expectancy versus absorption in the prediction of hypnotic responding.
06/16/2007 Reporting biases in hypnosis: suggestion or compliance?
06/17/2007 Hypnosis, reporting bias, and suggested negative hallucinations.
07/31/2012 Seeing is believing: the reality of hypnotic hallucinations.
05/25/2007 EEG spectral analysis during hypnotic induction, hypnotic dream and age regression.
07/05/2007 Has the medical community embraced hypnotherapy as an accepted modality?
02/13/2013 Potential Synergism between Hypnosis and Acupuncture-Is the Whole More Than the Sum of Its Parts?
07/27/2007 Salient findings: hypnotizability as core construct and the clinical utility of hypnosis.
08/02/2007 Classes of Multichannel EEG Microstates in Light and Deep Hypnotic Conditions.
08/04/2007 Integrating complementary therapies into community mental health practice: an exploration.
01/05/2010 30 Things You Can Do to Champion Your Children to Have Soaring Self-Esteem
07/17/2007 Is hypnotic suggestibility a stable trait?
01/28/2013 Repetition in Hypnotherapy Revisited
12/08/2009 Peculiar Ideas on Illness
12/04/2007 Cultural and linguistic influence on brain organization for language
01/10/2008 Brain Entrainment and Hypnotic Voice
02/08/2008 Counterintuitive findings on the hypnotizability of state and nonstate theorists: a brief communicat
02/12/2008 The role of imagery in self-hypnosis: its relationship to personality characteristics and gender.
04/28/2008 Children's and adults' reactions to magical and ordinary suggestion.
05/28/2008 Searching for CAM evidence: an evaluation of therapy-specific search strategies.
06/03/2008 Men are grass: Bateson, Erickson, utilization and metaphor.
06/05/2008 How to put hypnosis into a placebo pill?
06/13/2008 Measuring hypnotizability: the case for self-report depth scales and normative data.
11/17/2007 The neural trance: a new look at hypnosis.
11/23/2007 Review of the Literature: Integrating Psychoneuroimmunology into Pediatric Chronic Illness Intervent
12/14/2007 The Inflammatory Reflex and the Role of Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies.
12/11/2007 Embodiment.
12/16/2007 A Buddhist approach to suicide prevention.
12/20/2007 The effect of aromatherapy massage with music on the stress and anxiety levels of emergency nurses.
11/29/2007 Was that part of the story or did I just think so? Age and cognitive status differences in inference
12/09/2007 Contemporary psychopharmacotherapy in the context of brave new psychiatry,and well-being therapy
01/11/2008 Hypnosis and thought suppression - more data: a brief communication.
01/13/2008 Examining hypnosis legislation: a survey of the practice in Israel.
01/21/2008 Hypnosis as an adjunct therapy in the management of diabetes.
01/22/2008 Language, mysticism, and hypnotizability: a brief communication.
01/24/2008 Responding and Failing to Respond to Both Hypnosis and a Kinesthetic Illusion, Chevreul's Pendulum.
02/04/2008 Phenomenological experiences associated with hypnotic susceptibility.
02/06/2008 Hypnotic susceptibility scales: are the mean scores increasing?
02/10/2008 The relation of self-reports of hypnotic depth in self-hypnosis to hypnotizability and imagery produ
02/14/2008 Hypnotizability, daydreaming styles, imagery vividness, and absorption: a multidimensional study.
02/18/2008 Hypnotizability and facets of openness.
02/26/2008 Correlates of hypnotizability in children: absorption, vividness of imagery, fantasy play, and socia
02/28/2008 Hypnotizability and mental imagery.
03/01/2008 Imagery and hypnotizability revisited.
03/05/2008 Placebo and Nocebo Effects Are Defined by Opposite Opioid and Dopaminergic Responses
03/04/2008 Six Elements of a Successful Fitness Program
02/17/2008 Determinants of complementary and alternative medicine use by patients with bipolar disorder.
02/25/2008 Complementary and alternative medicine use by older Australians.
02/02/2008 Soul searching: a brief history of the mind/body debate in the neurosciences.
02/02/2008 Phenomenological experience in response to monotonous drumming and hypnotizability.
02/16/2008 The relationship between absorption, openness to experience, anhedonia, and susceptibility.
02/19/2008 Sunflower therapy for children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia): a randomised, control
02/24/2008 The fantasy-prone person: hypnosis, imagination, and creativity.
02/28/2008 Use of complementary and alternative medicine in pediatric otolaryngology patients in the UK.
03/13/2008 Mind-body hypnotic imagery in the treatment of auto-immune disorders.
01/25/2008 A multivariate approach to the prediction of hypnotic susceptibility.
01/31/2008 Effects of "animal hypnosis" on a rhythmic defensive dominant.
03/24/2008 Hypnosis and placebo share in phenomenology.
03/26/2008 Representational constraints on children's suggestibility.
03/28/2008 The power of the placebo.
03/31/2008 An update on age, hypnotic suggestibility, and gender: a brief report.
02/20/2008 Trait factors, state effects, and hypnotizability.
04/07/2008 Measuring hypnotizability.
04/10/2008 Integrating psychoneuroimmunology into pediatric chronic illness intervent
04/17/2008 Men are grass: Bateson, Erickson, utilization and metaphor.
04/18/2008 Strategic eclecticism in hypnotherapy: effectiveness research considerations.
04/23/2008 Effects of "animal hypnosis" on a rhythmic defensive dominant.
04/30/2008 Pediatric suggestions: using hypnosis in the routine examination of children.
06/02/2008 Strategic eclecticism in hypnotherapy: effectiveness research considerations.
03/14/2008 Psychocutaneous hypnoanalysis.
05/09/2008 Ericksonian hypnosis in chronic care support groups.
05/26/2008 What should we mean by empirical validation in hypnotherapy.
05/23/2008 Empathic features of absorption and incongruence.
03/11/2008 What is a suggestion? The neuroscience of implicit processing heuristics in therapeutic hypnosis.
04/25/2008 Reduced prepulse inhibition is associated with increased hypnotizability.
06/19/2008 What Hypnosis Language Do You Speak?
04/16/2008 Complementary and alternative remedies: an additional source of potential systemic nickel exposure.
04/23/2008 Personal use and professional recommendations of CAM by Hong Kong nurses.
06/11/2008 Mind-body interventions during pregnancy.
06/14/2008 Buddhism and Neuroethics
06/28/2008 Complementary and alternative medicine for sleep disturbances in older adults.
05/26/2008 Thinking extreme social violence: the model of the literary plague.
06/12/2008 How to Transform Any Habit
07/17/2008 Words: The Most Powerful Element of Guided Imagery
08/15/2008 Mind-body interventions: applications in neurology.
04/07/2015 Allergies, Autoimmune Disorders and Hypnosis
05/06/2008 Exorcism and the Hypnotherapist
09/12/2008 Look Who's Talking
01/23/2009 Achieving Mastery in Anything
10/20/2008 Effects of "animal hypnosis" on a rhythmic defensive dominant.
11/14/2008 Selective Thinking and Conversational Hypnosis
07/07/2014 Intellectual Property Rights and the Hypnotherapist
01/21/2009 EEG correlates of virtual reality hypnosis.
01/26/2009 Hypnotic illusions and clinical delusions: a hypnotic paradigm for investigating delusions.
01/30/2009 Hemihypnosis, hypnosis, and the importance of knowing right from trend.
01/28/2009 Training at the Appropriate Level
03/18/2013 Technology and the Mind of the Future
03/25/2013 Mind/Body Integration: Science of Pseudo-Science?
01/29/2009 Rising Above Fear in this time of Global Recession
02/11/2009 Dream Work Reduces Stress
02/25/2009 Developing Mindfulness and Awareness
02/18/2009 Your State of Internal Affairs
02/09/2009 To Lead or Not to Lead - That is the Question
02/09/2009 The Mental Side of the Economic Stimulus
02/24/2009 Are we all getting it wrong – and right at the same time?
02/11/2012 Rossi, Hypnosis, and Gene Expression
06/05/2008 How is Transformation Different from Change?
05/18/2009 Childhood habit cough treated with consultation by telephone: a case report.
10/09/2012 Debunking the Subconscious Mind Fallacy
03/27/2009 Hypnotist Master Ormond McGill Blinds Lady in Deep Trance
04/11/2009 Richard Bandler - The Hypnotist - Part 1
04/18/2009 Richard Bandler - The Hypnotist - Part 2
05/09/2009 How to get rid of a *MIGRAINE* Headache using EFT Technique
04/11/2009 Spiritual care as a dimension of holistic care: a relational interpretation.
05/16/2009 Identification with mainstream culture and preference for alternative alcohol treatment approaches.
06/03/2008 Miracles of Inner Healing for Cancer and Other Illnesses
07/17/2008 Hypnotizability-dependent modulation of the changes in heart rate control induced by upright stance.
02/18/2013 Integrative Medicine: Stress and Beyond
11/19/2012 Change Re-Visited
07/31/2008 Subconscious guided therapy with hypnosis.
12/23/2009 Seth-Deborah Roth: Subliminal Hypnosis on the Mythbusters!
08/09/2008 Complementary and alternative medical therapies for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
07/19/2008 Human psychophysiology, macroscopic information entanglement, and the placebo effect.
02/25/2013 Hypnosis Explained
11/12/2012 Patients, Clients, or Customers?
11/26/2012 Hypnotic Depth: It is all about selective thinking
07/29/2008 Guided Imagery, Illusions, and Vision
09/10/2008 The effect of posthypnotic suggestion, hypnotic suggestibility, and goal intentions
09/15/2008 Are patients with somatization disorder highly suggestible?
08/05/2008 Is health services research the Holy Grail of complementary and alternative medicine research?
08/26/2008 Ways of Knowing: Integrating Research Into CAM Education and Holism Into Conventional Health Prof.
09/21/2008 Esoteric healing traditions: a conceptual overview.
09/18/2008 Complementary and alternative medical therapies for ADHD and autism.
10/04/2008 Use of complementary therapies by Australian women with breast cancer.
10/12/2008 The efficacy of reflexology: systematic review.
11/05/2008 Contemplative education and youth development.
11/29/2008 Functional brain mapping during recitation of Buddhist scriptures and rep. of the namu amida bitsu.
03/04/2012 Mutants, Heroes and Hypnotists
11/03/2008 The effect of posthypnotic suggestion, hypnotic suggestibility, and goal intentions on adherence.
11/05/2008 How interviewers' nonverbal behaviors can affect children's perceptions and suggestibility.
11/07/2008 'Just breathe normally': word choices that trigger nocebo responses in patients.
11/12/2008 Psychodynamic concepts inherent in a biopsychosocial model of care of traumatic injuries.
11/26/2008 Confirmatory factor analysis of the Valencia Scale on Attitudes and Beliefs toward Hypnosis.
12/04/2008 William Gregory (1803-58): Professor of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.
12/05/2008 Manipulation of attention in highly and low hypnotizable individuals: a study on verbal priming.
12/15/2008 50 years of hypnosis in medicine and clinical health psychology.
12/12/2008 Hypnotizability-dependent modulation of postural control.
10/12/2008 What we can do with hypnosis: a brief note.
12/17/2008 The (dramatic) process of psychotherapy.
12/19/2008 Hypnosis, hypnotizability and treatment.
12/26/2008 The hypnotist in the hypnosis interaction.
12/29/2008 Déjà vu in the laboratory.
01/02/2009 Neurophysiological attributes of the hypnotic state and the utility of hypnosis in pediatrics.
01/09/2009 Hypnotherapy in child psychiatry: the state of the art.
01/19/2009 From Psychical treatment to psychoanalysis.
11/14/2008 Everything We Are Comes From The Subconscious
01/02/2009 Enhancement of suggestibility and imaginative ability with nitrous oxide.
01/23/2009 Positive affect, negative affect, and negative effects during a phenomenological hypnotic assessment
01/30/2009 Novel activity-dependent approaches to therapeutic hypnosis and psychotherapy.
02/18/2009 Hypnotherapy in child psychiatry: the state of the art.
12/16/2009 Closing the Performance Gap
02/23/2009 The hypnotist in the hypnosis interaction: the impact of first impressions.
02/25/2009 Israeli norms for the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, Form A.
02/25/2008 Paradoxical hypnotic experiences in escaping constraining dilemmas: a clinical example.
02/04/2008 Theory-of-mind development influences suggestibility and source monitoring.
03/23/2009 Psychotropic placebos reduce the misinformation effect by increasing monitoring at test.
03/23/2009 Hypnosis for rehabilitation of immunological status in neoplasia
02/10/2009 Novel activity-dependent approaches to therapeutic hypnosis and psychotherapy.
01/15/2009 Practicing a medicine of the whole person: an opportunity for healing.
03/19/2009 Practicing a medicine of the whole person: an opportunity for healing.
03/31/2009 Portuguese norms for the Waterloo-Stanford Group C (WSGC) scale of hypnotic susceptibility.
04/29/2009 Evidence about the power of intention
05/15/2009 The psychosocial genomics of therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation.
03/25/2009 Ormond McGill Gives Some of His Secrets of Hypnotic Induction
04/26/2009 Neuro-physiological Patterns: The Basis of Clinical Interventions (Part 2)
02/11/2013 The Future of Hypnotherapy
07/14/2014 Subjective Resistance to Transformation
07/28/2014 Hypnosis Re-Defined
08/04/2014 Balance and Inhibition
11/05/2012 Accidental Genius
08/14/2009 Creativity
03/31/2015 Plasticity
05/14/2009 Use of complementary and alternative medicine by Korean patients with Parkinson's disease.
04/23/2009 CAM use for vasomotor symptoms among women who have discontinued hormone therapy.
06/17/2013 Resistance to Pattern Transformation
07/21/2014 The Essential Nature of Transformation
07/10/2009 Hypnosis Can Unleash Hidden Human Potential
08/11/2014 Using Interference as the Key to Transformation
08/07/2009 Transcranial Magnetics
08/21/2009 Meditation and Inhibition
10/29/2012 The Implications of Inhibition on the Practice of Hypnotherapy
04/21/2015 Hebbian Learning
06/26/2009 Hypnosis: A Meaningful Modality as We Experience Grief and Loss
07/08/2009 The Law of Attraction: Everything Happens for A Reason!
08/12/2009 The Law of Attraction: The 9 Automatic Ways We Think Negatively
09/09/2009 The Law of Attraction: Your Outer Reality is A Direct Reflection of How You Feel About Yourself
10/07/2009 The Law of Attraction: Feelings are either empowering or disempowering never right or wrong
08/03/2009 Hypnosis and Force of Habit
08/26/2009 Defining Terms: The Theory of Force of Habit
08/07/2009 Shamanic Counseling Case Study - Soul Retrieval
08/18/2014 Sensory-Based Plasticity
04/28/2015 Cooperation and Adaptation
09/08/2014 Mind/Body and Entrainment
07/26/2009 Beauty Is The Greatest Healer
10/16/2009 Transferring Telephone Callers Professionally
09/03/2009 Breakdown Breakthrough: Overcoming the 12 Hidden Crises of Working Women
09/14/2009 A Right-Brain Perspective On The Healthcare Crisis
10/02/2009 Secret Powers
12/15/2014 The Origins of Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM
10/05/2009 I’m Right … and You’re Not
09/29/2009 Patients Are Customers Too
09/02/2009 Can magical intervention affect subjective experiences? Adults' reactions to magical suggestion
09/09/2009 Reducing immunization discomfort in 4- to 6-year-old children: a randomized clinical trial
09/14/2009 Attention control and susceptibility to hypnosis
09/25/2009 Wanting vs. Having
10/14/2009 How Stress Leads to the Formation of Muscular Tension Pattern: A Hypothesis
10/22/2009 The Postconcussion Syndrome Reconsidered
11/11/2009 An Expanded View of The Three Reflexes of Stress: Part 2
06/19/2009 Suggested visual hallucinations in and out of hypnosis.
06/24/2009 Hypnotic suggestion and cognitive neuroscience.
06/29/2009 The "Haunt" project: an attempt to build a "haunted" room by manipulating complex EMFs.
07/17/2009 Not all group hypnotic suggestibility scales are created equal.
06/21/2009 Complementary and alternative medicine use among adults and children: United States, 2007.
10/28/2009 Performance Appraisals... The Essentials
10/29/2009 Hypnosis and Physical Healing: A Discussion and Case Example
12/21/2009 Nature Pays in Different Ways
10/12/2009 A unique hypnotherapeutic approach to interstitial cystitis: a case report
11/02/2009 Hypnosis reduces distress and duration of an invasive medical procedure for children
11/16/2009 Automaticity and hypnosis: a sociocognitive account
10/24/2009 The Physical Induction
10/21/2009 Psychotherapy and Integral Somatic Education
11/09/2009 In Defense of the Subconscious Mind
12/15/2009 Benefits to Detoxifying Your Body
12/07/2009 Using Imagery to Heal Dis-ease via TGI & the Divine Feminine Within
12/22/2009 What You Eat Affects Your Mental Health
11/18/2009 Want Productivity Improvement?
10/15/2012 The Subconscious Mind Fallacy Revisited
01/04/2010 Mind/Body Healing of a Long-Standing Asthma Condition with the Force of Habit “Buddy System”: Part 1
12/02/2009 Employee Termination...It's No Easy Task!
02/23/2015 Balancing Client Trust and Proactive Interventions
01/12/2010 Transforming the Conventional into the Creative
02/16/2015 Are You Programmed to be Mediocre?
02/04/2010 Cheers to the New Year!
01/21/2010 Hypnotic suggestibility, cognitive inhibition, and dissociation.
01/28/2010 Hypnotizability-related EEG alpha and theta activities during visual and somesthetic imageries
07/02/2009 The Power of Words
01/26/2010 Hypnosis and the control of attention: Where to from here?
06/27/2009 Meditative Places to Visit on Inner Journeys with TGI
03/02/2010 Twelve Signs of Awakening
01/15/2010 The Secret to Transformation
02/09/2010 Nursing and Hypnosis – A Perfect Combination
05/20/2013 The Clinical Uses of Rapid Hypnotherapy
02/09/2015 Escaping Controlling Habits
01/26/2010 The "Truth" about Hypnosis
09/22/2014 Achieving Mastery
02/25/2010 Treatment of functional hypothalamic amenorrhea with hypnotherapy
02/11/2010 5 Steps to Your Best Year Yet
02/16/2010 Are You Too Busy?
02/19/2010 Risk-Taking in Therapy
01/26/2014 Belief and Thought in Therapy
07/01/2009 Exercise/Exorcism
08/06/2009 The Drugless Approach for Balancing Female Hormones Naturally!
07/05/2009 Discover How to Master Your Spiritual Destiny
03/09/2010 Springtime Is For Dreaming New Dreams
03/25/2010 Oxidative Metabolism and Disease
01/19/2015 The Mindfulness Cliché
03/23/2010 The Secret to Getting What You Want in Life
10/20/2014 Revisiting Hypnotic Scripts
04/06/2010 You Can be the Person You Wish to Become Starting Today!
03/26/2010 The Anatomy of a Great Session
04/08/2010 Break Bad Habits Before They Break You!
07/10/2009 Alternative approaches to epilepsy treatment.
07/20/2009 Delphi-derived development of a common core for measuring complementary and alternative medicine.
07/24/2009 Spontaneous Internal Carotid Artery Dissection: An Uncommon Cause of Recurrent Postpartum Headache.
07/27/2009 Teaching physicians, nurses, and mental health professionals about medically unexplained symptoms:
08/07/2009 Progression to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
07/11/2009 Personal Rhythms: Understanding and controlling them is vital to life success
07/17/2009 Inner Vitamins for Healers
04/29/2010 Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal -- Part I
07/25/2009 Introduction to Hypnosis
07/22/2009 Tracking Symptom Inductions
08/25/2014 Mentally Created Neuroplasticity
08/08/2009 The Secret: Citysmart March
07/12/2009 Finding the Cause
05/13/2013 Plasticity and Implications for the Hypnotic Interventions
10/30/2009 Use of Imagination and Suggestion
09/15/2014 Mind/Brain and Entrainment
08/03/2009 Imagery of different sensory modalities: hypnotizability and body sway.
08/05/2009 Effects of vestibular and neck proprioceptive stimulation on posture as a func. of hypnotizability
08/07/2009 Hypnotizability-related integration of perception and action.
08/10/2009 Power and empowerment in nursing: looking backward to inform the future.
08/12/2009 Response expectancies, treatment credibility, and hypnotic suggestibility.
08/17/2009 Can hypnosis differentiate epileptic from nonepileptic events in the video/EEG monitoring unit?
08/26/2009 The brain under self-control: modulation of inhibitory and monitoring cortical networks...
08/20/2009 Thiamin Deficient Insomnia
08/24/2009 How Does Hypnosis Work?
08/27/2009 Stress Relief for Today’s Businesswoman
09/02/2009 The High Price of Stress: How to Lower Health Care’s Bottom Line
09/11/2009 Express Your Dreams
09/07/2009 Effect of hypnosis on oral function and psychological factors
09/11/2009 Beliefs and attitudes toward hypnosis of Spanish psychologists
09/25/2009 A comment on an alleged association between hypnosis and death: two remarkable cases
09/28/2009 The hypnotic diagnostic interview for hysterical disorders, pediatric form
09/30/2009 A spiritual-hypnosis assisted treatment of children with PTSD after the 2002 Bali terrorist attack
10/05/2009 The brain under self-control
09/23/2009 Eliminate Unnecessary Stress As New Prescriptions Are Carried Out
10/09/2009 Telephone Basics: Separating Yourself from the Competition
11/04/2009 An Expanded View of The Three Reflexes of Stress: Part 1
09/14/2009 Trends in the use of complementary and alternative medicine in Pakistan: a population-based survey
09/21/2009 Complementary and alternative medicine: use in Montes Claros, Minas Gerais
10/04/2009 Complementary medicine in the primary care setting
10/23/2009 Hypothesis of the Biofield Control System (BCS)
01/11/2010 Mind/Body Healing of a Long-Standing Asthma Condition with the Force of Habit “Buddy System”: Part 2
11/27/2009 Combating Negativity in the Healing Professions
11/02/2009 Follow Your Innermost Feelings
09/16/2009 You Are In High Demand
11/23/2009 The Subconscious Mind in Clinical Application
11/04/2009 Neural mechanisms of antinociceptive effects of hypnosis
11/11/2009 Hypnotic suggestion and the modulation of Stroop interference
11/18/2009 Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in postwar Kosovar adolescents
01/18/2010 Insights on Achieving Rapport with Your Clients
12/29/2009 Championing Your Children to Develop High Self-Esteem
01/07/2010 Transforming Lives
11/06/2009 The Courage To Go For It
04/30/2013 Healing the Body
12/28/2009 Daddy’s Love – Love Lost
12/31/2009 One Small Step for Employee-Management-Community Consensus Building
01/14/2010 Hypnosis and hemispheric asymmetry
02/02/2010 Involuntariness in hypnotic responding and dissociative symptoms
02/09/2010 The predictive utility of hypnotizability
03/02/2010 Effects of photo-acoustic stimulation combined with hypnotherapy on saliva secretion: A pilot study
02/18/2010 Communication, Messages and Signals
03/09/2010 The efficacy of hypnotic analgesia in adults: a review of the literature
03/16/2010 Suggestion reduces the stroop effect
12/08/2014 The Five Guiding Principles of ANNH
03/11/2010 Your Attitude Toward Positive and Negative Events Will Make You More Resilient
04/05/2010 Parts Therapy in Action
04/15/2010 Health Care Crisis
04/22/2010 Alcoholism
04/27/2010 Someone's Words May Change Your Life
04/26/2010 “Letting Go” and Transforming Your Intimate FOE: Fear of Exposure
10/30/2009 Would You Like to Feel Great Next Week?
04/23/2010 A System for Transformation
05/06/2010 Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal -- Part 2
04/12/2010 Career Disruption Stress or Surviving “The Jack Benny Dilemma”
10/17/2014 The Five Core ANNH Concepts
04/20/2010 Rest for the Weary
04/30/2010 The Quantum Dimension
05/04/2010 Impact of self-hypnosis in women on select physiologic and...
05/06/2010 Differential patterns of spontaneous experiential response to a...
05/11/2010 Differential patterns of spontaneous experiential response to a hypnotic induction
05/25/2010 Reinventing, Replanting: Reminder!
05/24/2010 Communication, Messages, and Signals
05/27/2010 Commentary on My Theory of Hypnosis
06/10/2010 Assessing the depth-of-hypnosis
06/24/2010 Hypnosis to manage distress related to medical procedures: a meta-analysis
06/11/2010 Beliefs and Transformation
06/07/2010 Confronting Your Intimate FOE – Fear of Evaluation
06/08/2010 Live a Life of No Regrets
06/15/2010 Harnessing Negativity
06/22/2010 The Missing Link
06/21/2010 Summer Solstice - Balancing - Passion and Compassion
06/25/2010 The True Nature of Suggestion
07/06/2010 Effects of weight-related literal and metaphorical suggestions about the forearms during hypnosis
07/13/2010 Nonpharmacological Treatment of Tics in Tourette Syndrome Adding Videotape Training to Self-Hypnosis
07/22/2010 Understanding dissociation and insight in the treatment of shortness of breath with hypnosis
08/03/2010 The efficacy of hypnosis in the treatment of pruritus in people with HIV/AIDS:a time-series analysis
07/12/2010 Positive Change Through Hypnotherapy
07/08/2010 Help First-Time Hypnotees Relax With the New Experience
07/13/2010 Dr Linda’s 5 Fold Path to Bliss: Going Beyond Stress to Renewal
06/12/2015 The Dark Side of Brilliance
07/20/2010 "Stop, Believe and Let go": a Behavioral Change Mentorship Program
06/08/2015 Hypnosis and the Inelasticity of the Human Ego
08/10/2010 Matters of the Mind
06/04/2015 The Impact of Passive Information Processing
05/24/2010 Evaluating a complementary therapies clinic: outcomes and relationships
12/01/2014 Professional Hypnotherapy: Reality, Dream, or Illusion
03/24/2015 Hypnotizing the Internet Mind
06/19/2015 Moving Toward Hypnotherapy Competency
09/14/2010 Give a person power and he or she will show interpersonal sensitivity...
09/21/2010 Is high hypnotizability a trouble in balance control?
10/19/2010 Death in a relaxation tank
11/02/2010 Robbery by hypnosis in Italy
11/09/2010 Hypnotic dreams as a lens into hypnotic dynamics.
11/23/2010 Assessing the depth-of-hypnosis
04/14/2015 Realizing Your Inner Savant
09/26/2010 Use of complementary therapies by mothers in their children: .....
05/13/2010 Integrating Parts: A follow up to Parts Therapy in Action
12/26/2010 The use of complementary and alternative medicines among a sample of Canadian menopausal-aged women.
09/26/2010 Adolescent biological maturity and physical activity: biology meets behavior.
01/05/2015 Script Writing and Hypnotic Credibilty
12/29/2014 The Ethics of Confidence
06/03/2013 The Unlimited Power of Imagination
06/15/2010 Clinical research on the utility of hypnosis in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of...
06/22/2010 Affect and hypnosis: on paying friendly attention to disturbing thoughts
06/01/2010 The Man Who Revolutionizes Psychoanalytical Theory—interview with Luca Bosurgi
06/18/2010 Self-actualization and Hypnotherapy
10/07/2014 Hypnotic induction is followed by state-like changes in the organization of EEG functional...
07/09/2010 The Nature of Imagination
08/03/2010 Is There Free Will? Finally an Answer
07/26/2010 Abstracts Are Not Only Used as Wall Hangings!
08/07/2014 House call counselors
09/09/2010 Affirmed yet unaware: exploring the role of awareness in the process of self-affirmation.
10/07/2010 The legitimacy of placebo treatments in clinical practice: evidence and ethics.
10/14/2010 The treatment of psychogenic movement disorders with suggestion is ethically justified.
10/21/2010 The mesmerists inquire about Oriental mind powers
10/29/2010 Effects of a hypnotically altered state of consciousness on intensification of semantic processing.
11/11/2010 Hypnotizability and sensorimotor integration: an Italian Space Agency project.
11/18/2010 Neurophysiological correlates of post-hypnotic alexia: a controlled study with Stroop test.
12/09/2010 Using alternating bilateral stimulation of eye movement desensitization
12/16/2010 Suggestibility, expectancy, trance state effects, and hypnotic depth.
12/21/2010 Suggestibility, expectancy, trance state effects, and hypnotic depth: II.
10/06/2010 The evidence-base for complementary medicine in children: a critical overview of systematic reviews.
10/20/2010 Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Proximal Intercessory Prayer (STEPP)
11/17/2010 A new bioinformatics paradigm for the theory, research, and practice of therapeutic hypnosis.
11/24/2010 Hypnosis and the relationship between trance, suggestion, expectancy and depth.
12/01/2010 Dissociative tendencies and individual differences in high hypnotic suggestibility.
12/22/2010 The dawn of the yawn: Is yawning a warning? Linking neurological disorders.
09/03/2010 Comparison of conventional therapies for dentin hypersensitivity versus medical hypnosis.
09/10/2010 Impact of a lecture about empirical bases of hypnosis on beliefs and attitudes.
06/26/2015 The Ethical Implications of Hypnotherapy
10/07/2010 Reestablishment of Hope as an Intervention for a Patient with Cystic Fibrosis Awaiting...
10/21/2010 Current trends in stroke rehabilitation. A review with focus on brain plasticity.
11/30/2010 Complementary alternative medicine practices used by religious professionals.
12/17/2010 Current options for nonsurgical management of carpal tunnel syndrome.
02/02/2011 Reasons Helping Professionals Use Hypnosis
01/21/2011 Questioning Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
03/08/2011 Storytellers: The Actor The Hypnotherapist the Holy Man and the Shaman
03/22/2011 From Passionate Process to Poetic and Playful Puzzle – Part I
04/08/2011 Clinical use of a novel audio pillow with recorded hypnotherapy instructions
05/06/2011 Positive suggestion techniques in somatic medicine.
05/13/2011 Ideomotor signaling: from divining spiritual messages to discerning subconscious answers.
05/20/2011 Hypnotic responsiveness: expectancy, attitudes, fantasy proneness, absorption, and gender.
06/03/2011 Mood color choice helps to predict response to hypnotherapy in patients with IBS
04/04/2011 The New Hypnosis
06/17/2011 Responding to hypnotic and nonhypnotic suggestions.
06/24/2011 The impact of hypnotic suggestibility in clinical care settings.
07/15/2011 Differential frontal-parietal phase synchrony during hypnosis...
07/19/2011 Reframing placebo in research and practice.
08/29/2011 Reflexivity, the role of history, and the case of mesmerism in early Victorian Britain.
09/29/2011 Between psychology and pedagogy...
10/13/2011 Imaginative suggestibility and hypnotizability: an empirical analysis.
10/09/2011 Handshake Induction - Instant Trance Milton Erickson Style
12/18/2011 Handshake Rapid Hypnosis Induction
11/22/2011 The Demise of Clinical Hypnotherapy
10/15/2011 What Factors Are Influencing Preferences Toward Conventional Versus Complementary...
02/23/2012 A brief protocol for the Creative Psychosocial Genomic Healing Experience: the 4-Stage Creative Proc
03/08/2012 Suggested visual hallucination without hypnosis enhances activity in visual areas of the brain.
03/15/2012 Electromyographic investigation of hypnotic arm levitation...
03/27/2012 EEG sLORETA functional imaging during hypnotic arm levitation and voluntary arm lifting.
03/29/2012 Modeling erotomania delusion in the laboratory with hypnosis.
04/05/2012 Hypnosis: a twilight zone of the top-down variety
04/17/2012 The existence of a hypnotic state revealed by eye movements.
04/12/2012 The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in pregnancy...
05/01/2012 Does the cerebral state index separate consciousness from unconsciousness?
05/15/2012 Lack of correlation between hypnotic susceptibility and various components of attention.
01/21/2011 The effects of hypnosis on tiredness, mood, and salivary cortisol...
02/04/2011 Methodological and interpretative issues regarding the Phenomenology...
01/26/2011 The Attentional Resource Allocation Scale (ARAS): psychometric properties...
09/13/2012 Attitudes about hypnosis: factor analyzing the VSABTH-C with an American sample.
01/08/2015 Neurophysiology of hypnosis.
01/20/2015 Advancing Research and Practice: The Revised APA Division 30 Definition of Hypnosis.
01/22/2015 Mechanisms of hypnosis: toward the development of a biopsychosocial model.
01/29/2015 Recurrence quantification analysis of electroencephalograph signals...
02/12/2015 The functional anatomy and connectivity of thought insertion and alien control of movement.
01/13/2015 2015 Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Mental Health Trends
04/13/2015 Expectancies and hypnotic responsiveness: an experimental-design flaw revealed.
03/05/2015 Hypnosis, hypnotic suggestibility, memory, and involvement in films.
06/16/2015 Factor analysis of the elkins hypnotizability scale.
06/23/2015 Preferences for descriptors of hypnosis: the international point of view.
06/30/2015 Epistemological implications of near-death experiences and other non-ordinary mental expressions...
07/07/2015 What makes your brain suggestible? Hypnotizability is associated with differential brain activity...
08/20/2021 Development and Validation of a Turkish Hypnotic Suggestibility Scale.
07/01/2021 Healing and Hypnosis
10/19/2011 Complementary and alternative treatment for neck pain: chiropractic, acupuncture, TENS, massage...
11/25/2011 Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among hospitalised patients...
03/20/2012 Cerebral blood flow evaluation during the hypnotic state with transcranial Doppler sonography.
07/03/2012 Cognitive hypnotherapy: a new vision and strategy for research and practice.
07/10/2012 The neurophenomenology of neutral hypnosis.
07/24/2012 Furnishing hypnotic instructions with implementation intentions enhances hypnotic responsiveness.
07/31/2012 The facilitating effect of clinical hypnosis on motor imagery: an fMRI study.
08/14/2012 The valencia scale of attitudes and beliefs toward hypnosis-client version and hypnotizability.
08/16/2012 Modulating the default mode network using hypnosis.
08/21/2012 An investigation of Taiwanese norms for the Stanford hypnotic susceptibility scale: form C...
08/28/2012 Issues in the detection of those suffering adverse effects in hypnosis training workshops.
08/30/2012 The Spanos Attitudes Toward Hypnosis Questionnaire: psychometric characteristics and normative data.
09/18/2012 EEG phase synchronization during hypnosis induction.
09/20/2012 Hypnotic ingroup-outgroup suggestion influences economic decision-making in an Ultimatum Game.
06/20/2012 Comparison of different EEG features in estimation of hypnosis susceptibility level.
08/22/2012 Altered and asymmetric default mode network activity in a "hypnotic virtuoso"
08/20/2012 Exploring the Power of Suggestion
10/08/2012 'Looking as little like patients as persons well could'...
10/22/2012 Mind-Body CAM Interventions: Current Status and Considerations for Integration Into Clinical Health
11/19/2012 Knowledge and attitudes towards complementary and alternative medicine among medical students...
10/11/2012 Body-mind unity in tandem hypnotherapy.
11/15/2012 Neuro-hypnotism: Prospects for hypnosis and neuroscience.
12/13/2012 Relaxation versus fractionation as hypnotic deepening: do they differ in physiological changes?
10/12/2012 Enhancing Decision Making with Hypnotherapy
11/15/2012 Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and coaching
01/31/2013 Functional brain basis of hypnotizability.
03/28/2013 Activation of thalamus in motor imagery results from gating by hypnosis.
03/19/2013 Mind-Body CAM Interventions: Current Status and Considerations for Integration...
03/26/2013 Flexibility in processing visual information: effects of mood and hypnosis.
01/04/2013 What motivates professionals to learn and use hypnosis in clinical practice?
04/25/2013 Enhancing placebo effects: insights from social psychology.
04/15/2013 Neuro-physiological Patterns: The Basis of Clinical Interventions
04/22/2013 The Neurology of Suggestion Introduced
07/18/2013 Deficits of encoding in hypnosis: a result of altered state of awareness.
09/17/2013 The association between the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) and hypnotizability.
10/08/2013 Application of the ex-Gaussian function to the effect of the word blindness suggestion...
10/10/2013 Hypnosis as neurophenomenology.
10/17/2013 Hypnosis-There's an App for That: A Systematic Review of Hypnosis Apps.
10/22/2013 Phenomenological aspects of hypnotic interactions: the effect of kinship.
10/29/2013 Posthypnotic suggestion alters conscious color perception in an automatic manner.
10/31/2013 The suggestible brain: posthypnotic effects on value-based decision-making.
11/07/2013 Clinical hypnosis and Patanjali yoga sutras.
11/26/2013 Hypnotherapist nurse, a speciality to promote.
11/28/2013 Ethical considerations of therapeutic hypnosis and children.
10/07/2012 Fractal analysis of EEG upon auditory stimulation during waking and hypnosis in healthy volunteers.
06/17/2014 Top-down regulation of left temporal cortex by hypnotic amusia for rhythm...
07/29/2014 Philosophy of science and the emerging paradigm: implications for hypnosis.
08/07/2014 Age and interviewer behavior as predictors of interrogative suggestibility.
12/04/2012 Petition against Iraeli anti-hypnosis inforcement
01/10/2013 Understanding hypnosis metacognitively: rTMS applied to left DLPFC increases hypnotic suggestibility
02/07/2013 Approaches to difficulties in realerting subjects from hypnosis.
01/14/2013 Can Bad Hypnosis Produce Good Results?
01/21/2013 Hypnocontrol: Bane or Illusion
01/29/2013 Eye Movements, Energy, and the Secret of Hypnosis
03/25/2013 How to Write a Hypnosis Script
05/14/2013 Desire disorders in the couple: accident, dream, sexuality.
05/28/2013 Clinical hypnosis in the treatment of postmenopausal hot flashes: a randomized controlled trial.
07/29/2013 Oxytocin impedes the effect of the word blindness post-hypnotic suggestion on Stroop task...
02/04/2014 Use of Provider-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Adult Smokers in the United States..
02/25/2014 Hypnotizability, Hypnosis and Prepulse Inhibition of the Startle Reflex in Healthy Women...
05/29/2014 Training, hypnosis, and drugs: artificial synaesthesia, or artificial paradises?
06/03/2014 Cognitive modulation of psychophysical, respiratory and autonomic responses to cold pressor test.
07/17/2014 The myth of hypnosis: the need for remythification.
07/31/2014 The spirit of hypnosis: doing hypnosis versus being hypnotic.
09/25/2014 The powers of suggestion: Albert Moll and the debate on hypnosis.
06/20/2014 Hypnosis and the Divine
10/09/2014 Cross-evidence for hypnotic susceptibility through nonlinear measures on EEGs of non-hypnotized...
12/02/2014 Disseminating hypnosis to health care settings: Applying the RE-AIM framework.
03/09/2015 Discrete response patterns in the upper range of hypnotic suggestibility: A latent profile analysis.
03/23/2015 Feature-based coding system: a new way of characterizing hypnosis styles.
04/13/2015 Gazing into the depths of the soul: hypnotism in documentary and instructional film (1920-1936).
04/27/2015 Hypnotizing Libet: Readiness potentials with non-conscious volition.
03/12/2015 Structural and functional correlates of hypnotic depth and suggestibility.
03/26/2015 The image of animal magnetism in fictional literature: the cases of Poe, Doyle and Du Maurier.
03/06/2015 The Danger of Hypnosis in Trauma Therapy
06/18/2015 Methylphenidate Facilitates Hypnotizability in Adults With ADHD: A Naturalistic Cohort Study.
07/02/2015 Hypnosis and belief: A review of hypnotic delusions.
06/01/2021 Chaos-chaos transition of left hemisphere EEGs during standard tasks of Waterloo-Stanford Group...
06/01/2021 Discrete response patterns in the upper range of hypnotic suggestibility: A latent profile analysis.
10/09/2014 "Reality" of near-death-experience memories: evidence from a psychodynamic...
10/14/2014 Using hypnosis to disrupt face processing: mirrored-self misidentification delusion...
11/06/2014 Factors that contribute to the willingness to try "street hypnosis".
11/18/2014 Hypnotic communication and hypnosis in clinical practice.
11/20/2014 Hypnotic suggestion alters the state of the motor cortex.
06/01/2021 Hypnotizing Libet: Readiness potentials with non-conscious volition.
07/01/2021 Hypnosis, hypnotic suggestibility, memory, and involvement in films.
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