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05/14/2007 Hypnosis and surgery: past, present, and future.
06/03/2006 Benjamin Franklin and the neurosciences
07/03/2005 The blind protocol and its place in consciousness research
05/03/2006 Social suggestibility to central and peripheral misinformation
06/03/2006 Death by hypnosis: an 1894 Hungarian case and its European reverberations
11/03/2006 Theodore X. Barber (1927-2005).
11/07/2006 Gassner's exorcism--not Mesmer's magnetism--is the real predecessor of modern hypnosis
12/10/2006 The berserks--what was wrong with them?]
11/08/2006 Charcot, Freud and the unconscious
11/24/2006 A symbolic defence of animal magnetism
06/09/2007 Hypnosis and Religious Faith
02/19/2007 Reassessment of hypnotic symptom removal by Freud and Bernheim.
03/26/2007 Remembrance of hypnosis past.
05/15/2007 Mesmer minus magic: hypnosis and modern medicine
05/17/2007 Hypnosis in history and at present
05/08/2008 Cajal's brief experimentation with hypnotic suggestion.
05/21/2008 How southern New England became magnetic north: the acceptance of animal magnetism.
05/05/2008 The fragmented account of Antoine Despine's magnetic cure of Estelle L'Hardy's dissociative disorder
07/18/2008 From "psychical treatment" to psychoanalysis.
08/11/2008 What Do we Really Know About How Lance-Corporal Adolf Hitler Was Treated by Psychiatrist
12/22/2008 Death and hypnosis: two remarkable cases.
12/24/2008 The contributions of Ramon y Cajal and other Spanish authors to hypnosis.
06/05/2009 The discovery of hypnosis--Braid's lost manuscript, "On hypnotism" (1860): a brief communication.
07/27/2009 "On hypnotism" (1860) De l'hypnotisme.
07/08/2009 The discovery of hypnosis--Braid's lost manuscript, "On hypnotism" (1860): a brief communication.
11/16/2009 Tribute to Alfred Adler: Part 1
09/18/2009 Crime, Hysteria and Belle Epoque Hypnotism
11/30/2009 Tribute to Alfred Adler: Part 2
03/04/2010 The tribute of the pioneer of hypnotherapy- Franz Anton Mesmer, MD, PhD in the...
09/08/2010 The astrological roots of mesmerism.
11/03/2010 A historical context for understanding An eye roll test for hypnotizability
12/04/2014 Hypnosis and the Nancy quarrel.
12/09/2014 History of physical and 'moral' treatment of hysteria.
03/13/2012 Herbert Spiegel, MD, a man for all seasons: early personal and professional development, 1914-1946.
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