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Music Therapy Articles

05/07/2011 Guided imagery, anxiety, heart rate, and heart rate variability during centrifuge training.
06/16/2011 Effectiveness of group music intervention against agitated behavior in elderly persons with dementia
06/23/2011 Nonpharmacological interventions to manage common symptoms in patients...
07/07/2011 Exploring nursing staff's attitudes and use of music for older people with dementia...
07/14/2011 The role of music therapy in palliative medicine and supportive care.
07/21/2011 Tinnitus retraining therapy using portable music players.
07/28/2011 The Effect of Music Therapy on Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients' Anxiety...
08/04/2011 Music therapy may increase breastfeeding rates among mothers of premature newborns...
08/11/2011 Effects of music therapy on pain among female breast cancer patients after radical mastectomy...
08/18/2011 Individual music therapy for depression: randomised controlled trial.
08/25/2011 Infantile colic: A systematic review of medical and conventional therapies.
09/08/2011 A randomised controlled trial of the effect of music therapy and verbal relaxation...
09/15/2011 The effect of music therapy on physiological signs of anxiety in patients...
09/22/2011 Music therapy for patients receiving spine surgery.
08/08/2007 Music, imagery, touch, and prayer as adjuncts to interventional cardiac care.
06/20/2009 Music facilitates the neurogenesis, regeneration and repair of neurons.
09/15/2007 Nursing management of wound care pain.
09/11/2007 Creativity, identity and healing: participants' accounts of music therapy in cancer care.
09/13/2007 Music as a diagnostic tool in low awareness states: Considering limbic responses.
09/16/2007 A project investigating music therapy referral trends within palliative care.
01/15/2008 Commodity specific rates of temporal discounting
01/16/2008 Ambient music in the emergency services: the professionals' perception.
01/16/2008 The effect of live music on decreasing anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
01/31/2008 When the brain plays music:
01/27/2008 Relationships between musical structure and psychophysiological measures of emotion.
01/25/2008 Double dissociation between rules and memory in music
01/21/2008 Musical intervals in speech.
01/17/2008 The influence of music on the symptoms of psychosis: a meta-analysis.
01/06/2008 Rhythm and beat perception in motor areas of the brain.
01/11/2008 Hearing gestures, seeing music: vision influences perceived tone duration.
04/06/2008 Music therapy for depression.
04/12/2008 Butterbur root extract and music therapy in the prevention of childhood migraine.
04/19/2008 Experiencing music therapy cancer support.
04/26/2008 Music for pain and anxiety in children undergoing medical procedures.
05/03/2008 Effects of music therapy on psychological health of women during pregnancy.
05/10/2008 Emotional responses to music: towards scientific perspectives on music therapy.
05/17/2008 Can music therapy engage patients in group cognitive behaviour therapy for substance abuse Tx?
05/24/2008 Hospitalized children's mood differences during play and music therapy.
11/17/2007 Characterisation of music-evoked autobiographical memories.
12/28/2007 Shared Neural Resources between Music and Language Indicate Semantic Processing
11/20/2007 Coping with Stress: The Effectiveness of Different Types of Music.
12/28/2007 Neural correlates underlying perception of tonality-related emotional contents.
12/27/2007 Harmony: a concept analysis.
12/23/2007 Influence of musical expertise and musical training on pitch processing
11/07/2007 A Blueprint for Real-Time Functional Mapping via Human Intracranial Recordings.
11/23/2007 Jazz and substance abuse: Road to creative genius or pathway to premature death.
12/22/2007 Effects of timbre and tempo change on memory for music.
12/21/2007 Creation of a Healing Enhancement Program at an academic medical center.
12/16/2007 An Information Theoretic Characterisation of Auditory Encoding.
01/18/2007 Musical brains:
01/28/2007 The effect of Bach's magnificat on emotions, immune, and endocrine parameters.
11/14/2007 Development of a music therapy assessment tool for patients in low awareness states.
08/22/2009 The effect of music therapy on mood and anxiety-depression.
02/06/2008 Predictors of change in music therapy with children and adolescents.
02/04/2008 Evaluation on the effects of relaxing music on the recovery from aerobic exercise-induced fatigue.
01/31/2008 Overture for growth hormone: requiem for interleukin-6?
02/27/2008 Practice guidelines for music interventions with hospitalized pediatric patients.
02/23/2008 The additional therapeutic effect of group music therapy for schizophrenic patients.
02/29/2008 Music and cancer pain management.
07/02/2008 The anxiety- and pain-reducing effects of music interventions: a systematic review.
08/10/2008 Professional music therapy supervision: a survey.
07/23/2008 The effect of improvisation-assisted desensitization, and music-assisted muscle relaxation.
08/11/2008 Foundations of sound therapy.
08/24/2008 The effect of music therapy on anxiety in patients who are terminally ill.
11/16/2008 Foundations of sound therapy.
11/23/2008 The effect of music therapy on anxiety in patients who are terminally ill.
01/08/2008 The Mozart effect: evidence for the arousal hypothesis.
01/29/2009 The effect of music therapy on mood and anxiety-depression.
01/01/2009 Music acupuncture stimulation method.
09/08/2009 Investigating the physiological responses of patients listening to music in the intensive care unit.
09/01/2014 Harmony, Rhythms, and Sound
02/04/2010 The effect of group music therapy on quality of life for participants living with a severe...
02/11/2010 Interpersonal responsiveness of children with autism in improvisational music therapy
02/10/2010 Music programs designed to remedy burnout symptoms show significant effects after five weeks
02/25/2010 Nurse's Experience of Using Music Therapy to Relieve Acute Pain in a Post-Orthopedic Surgery Patient
03/02/2008 Music therapy and neuropsychology.
06/27/2009 The impact of music on hypermetabolism in critical illness.
07/04/2009 Is there a role for music therapy in the care of the severely mentally ill?
07/11/2009 Resounding attachment: cancer inpatients' song lyrics for their children in music therapy.
07/25/2009 Dementia and music
08/01/2009 Guided imagery and music: using the Bonny method to evoke emotion and access the unconscious.
08/08/2009 Effects of music therapy on autonomic nervous system activity.
08/15/2009 Impact of music therapy on anxiety and depression for patients with Alzheimer's disease
08/29/2009 The meaning of the music,
07/27/2009 Massage and music therapy for relief of anxiety of cancer patients in palliative care.
07/14/2009 Music reduces patient anxiety during interfacility ground critical care transport.
08/11/2009 Effects of developmental music groups for parents and premature or typical infants under two years.
08/18/2009 Dose-response relationship in music therapy for people with serious mental disorders
08/25/2009 Music for stress and anxiety reduction in coronary heart disease patients.
09/15/2009 The effect of single-session psychoeducational music therapy on verbalizations and perceptions.
09/27/2009 A pilot study on effectiveness of music therapy in hospice in Japan.
09/29/2009 The effect of group music therapy on quality of life.
03/12/2010 Music Therapy in an Integrated Pediatric Palliative Care Program
07/28/2009 Himalayan/ Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing and Cancer
07/18/2009 Patients can't wait, and why should they?
10/21/2009 Bereaved parents' experiences of music therapy with their terminally ill child
10/28/2009 The effects of improvisational music therapy on joint attention behaviors in autistic children
11/04/2009 Randomized crossover trial studying the effect of music on examination anxiety
11/11/2009 Emergency department waiting room stress: can music or aromatherapy improve anxiety scores?
11/18/2009 Effect of music on patients undergoing colonoscopy: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
11/25/2009 Effect of music therapy on anxiety and depression in patients with Alzheimer's type dementia
12/02/2009 Power of music that moves mind and body--music therapy in the Hansen's disease sanatorium in Japan
12/09/2009 Effects of music on auditory hallucination and psychiatric symptoms in people with schizophrenia
12/16/2009 The effect of background music and song texts on the emotional understanding of children with autism
12/23/2009 The effect of music on peer awareness in preschool age children with developmental disabilities
12/30/2009 Investigating the physiological responses of patients listening to music in the intensive care unit
01/06/2009 Effect of the music-therapy under spinal anesthesia
01/13/2010 Music therapy for individuals with dementia: areas of interventions and research perspectives
01/20/2010 The effect of expressive and instrumental touch on the behavior states of older adults...
01/27/2010 A pilot study on effectiveness of music therapy in hospice in Japan
03/03/2010 Music therapy to relieve anxiety in pregnant women on bedrest
03/21/2010 Perceptions of group music therapy among elderly nursing home residents in Taiwan
03/31/2010 Effects of music on anxiety and pain in children with cerebral palsy receiving acupuncture
03/17/2010 Neurologic music therapy improves executive function and emotional adjustment...
03/27/2010 Neural reorganization underlies improvement in stroke-induced motor dysfunction by...
04/19/2010 The effects of music therapy for older people with dementia
05/03/2010 Music therapy to reduce pain and anxiety in children with cancer...
06/01/2010 The Efficacy of Music Therapy Protocols for Decreasing Pain, Anxiety, and Muscle Tension...
06/15/2010 Effects of Music Therapy on Pain and Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Bone Marrow Biopsy & Aspiration
06/29/2010 Music therapy for end-of-life care
07/01/2010 Music therapy effects on the quality of life and the blood pressure of hypertensive patients
05/16/2010 The impact of music on the PACU patient's perception of discomfort
05/23/2010 The psychophysiological effects of music therapy in intensive care units
05/30/2010 The effects of music therapy on postpartum blues and maternal attachment...
09/23/2010 Music therapy for noisiform tinnitus : Concept development and evaluation.
06/08/2010 Effects of music therapy on labour pain and anxiety in Taiwanese first-time mothers
06/22/2010 Acupuncture combined with music therapy for treatment of 30 cases of cerebral palsy
09/30/2010 Effects of Music Therapy on Psychological Symptoms and Heart Rate Variability in Patients...
10/14/2010 Using music in work therapy complex in able-bodied patients with spinal injury
10/28/2010 The effect of music reinforcement for non-nutritive sucking on nipple feeding of premature infants.
11/04/2010 Relaxation strategies for patients during dermatologic surgery.
11/11/2010 An overview of intervention options for promoting adaptive behavior of persons with...
11/18/2010 The efficacy of music therapy.
11/25/2010 Receptive music therapy with persons suffering from a physical handicap
12/02/2010 Effect of the music in labor and newborn
02/16/2011 Group music activity as therapy with patients with acute schizophrenia...
01/21/2011 The Role of Musical Enhancement in Change Work
01/03/2011 Is there a place for music in medical school?
01/09/2011 Music interventions for mechanically ventilated patients.
01/12/2011 The efficiency and duration of the analgesic effects of musical therapy...
01/19/2011 Personality, burnout, and longevity among professional music therapists.
01/23/2011 The effect of preferred music on mood and performance...
02/02/2011 Music therapy to enhance swallowing training for stroke patients...
02/21/2011 Active theater as a complementary therapy for Parkinson's disease rehabilitation.
03/02/2011 From singing to speaking: facilitating recovery from nonfluent aphasia.
03/09/2011 Efficacy of music therapy treatment based on cycles of sessions...
03/15/2011 Effects of music therapy on subjective sensations and heart rate variability...
03/22/2011 The effectiveness of music in pediatric healthcare...
03/28/2011 Music therapy in the context of palliative care in Tanzania.
03/30/2011 Home-based music therapy - an innovative service in healthcare...
01/20/2011 A systematic review of randomized controlled trials using music therapy for
02/10/2011 Strategies for decreasing patient anxiety in the perioperative setting.
02/23/2011 Effect of "developmental speech and language training through music" ...
01/04/2011 Supplementing relaxation and music for pain after surgery.
08/15/2012 Role of music in intensive care medicine.
11/18/2011 Music performance anxiety-part 2. a review of treatment options.
12/02/2011 Effects of music therapy on anxiety of patients with breast cancer after radical mastectomy...
12/09/2011 A tennis ball and music as a patient’s solution for pulsatile tinnitus.
12/16/2011 Emotional foundations of music as a non-pharmacological pain management tool in modern medicine.
12/23/2011 The medicine of music: a systematic approach for adoption into perianesthesia practice.
12/30/2011 The effect of background music on the perception of personality and demographics.
01/06/2012 History of music therapy treatment interventions for children with autism.
01/13/2012 The effects of therapeutic instrumental music performance on endurance level...
10/21/2011 Effects of music therapy on depression and duration of hospital stay of breast cancer patients...
10/28/2011 Therapeutic music and nursing in poststroke rehabilitation.
02/06/2013 Pleasant music improves visual attention in patients with unilateral neglect after stroke.
02/20/2013 Effects of music therapy and guided visual imagery on chemotherapy-induced anxiety..
02/13/2013 Cardiovascular effects of music by entraining cardiovascular autonomic rhythms music therapy...
10/10/2012 Impact of Music Therapy Interventions (Listening, Composition, Orff-Based) on the Physiological...
10/17/2012 Music Therapy Reduces Pain in Palliative Care Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
10/24/2012 Long-term effects of the "Heidelberg Model of Music Therapy" in patients with chronic tinnitus.
10/31/2012 Adolescents' perceptions of music therapy following spinal fusion surgery.
11/07/2012 Music Therapy Modulates Fronto-Temporal Activity in Rest-EEG in Depressed Clients.
11/14/2012 The effect of music-movement therapy on physical and psychological states of stroke patients.
12/26/2012 Effect of oriental medicine music therapy on patients with Hwa-byung...
12/05/2012 Music-based intervention in children.
11/21/2012 Auditory stimulation and cardiac autonomic regulation.
11/28/2012 Music Therapy Research in the NICU: An Updated Meta-Analysis.
12/12/2012 Group music therapy for patients with persistent post-traumatic stress disorder ...
12/19/2012 Music education for improving reading skills in children and adolescents with dyslexia.
02/20/2013 Effects of music therapy and guided visual imagery on chemotherapy-induced anxiety..
03/13/2013 Neural correlates of music recognition in Down syndrome.
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