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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Articles

07/21/2014 Therapy, Suggestion, and the Deceptive Mind
08/23/2007 The benefits and effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for treatment of bipolar disorder
08/24/2007 An analog study of patient preferences for exposure versus alternative treatments for PTSD
08/25/2007 An open trial of cognitive therapy for chronic insomnia.
08/27/2007 Cognitive behavioral therapy reduces suicidal ideation in schizophrenia.
11/26/2007 Cognitive behavior therapy with internet addicts: treatment outcomes and implications.
11/20/2007 Cognitive-behavioural treatment for women who binge eat.
12/04/2007 Current issues and trends in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD.
12/13/2007 Symptom provocation and reduction in patients suffering from spider phobia
12/24/2007 Imagery rescripting versus in vivo exposure in the treatment of snake fear.
12/12/2007 Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for generalized anxiety disorder.
11/08/2007 Trauma healing via cognitive behavior therapy in chronically hospitalized patients.
11/16/2007 A randomized controlled effectiveness trial of acceptance and commitment therapy
01/29/2008 Tailored cognitive-behavioral therapy for fibromyalgia: Two case studies.
02/03/2008 Clinical predictors of response to cognitive-behavioral therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder.
02/21/2008 Use of skills learned in CBT for fear of flying: Managing flying anxiety after September 11th.
05/11/2008 Cognitive-behavior therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
08/09/2008 Cognitive behavioral therapy for symptoms of trauma and traumatic grief in refugee youth.
08/09/2008 Cognitive behavioral therapy for symptoms of trauma and traumatic grief in refugee youth.
08/30/2008 Cognitive behavioural therapy for children and adolescents.
01/06/2009 An integrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety within the practice of cardiology.
01/19/2009 Therapist competence, comorbidity and cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression.
02/03/2009 Psychological Treatment of Anxiety: The Evolution of Behavior Therapy and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
04/06/2009 Neuroprotective effects of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in rodent and primate models of ALS.
04/13/2009 Integration of religion into cognitive-behavioral therapy for geriatric anxiety and depression.
04/20/2009 Self-help cognitive-behavioral therapy with minimal therapist contact for social phobia,
05/04/2009 Brief intervention for anxiety in primary care patients.
05/04/2009 Brief intervention for anxiety in primary care patients.
05/18/2009 Brief cognitive behavioural therapy for extreme shape concern: an evaluation.
04/14/2009 Cognitive-behavior therapy in chronic fatigue syndrome.
05/05/2009 Cognitive therapy for depressed adults with comorbid social phobia.
05/26/2009 Cognitive strategy use to enhance motor skill acquisition post-stroke: a critical review.
04/15/2009 Cognitive-behavioral therapy for premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
04/22/2009 Behavioral Medicine for Migraine.
05/06/2009 Cognitive behavioral group therapy for social phobia with or without attention training.
05/13/2009 A demonstration of the efficacy of two of the components of cognitive therapy for social phobia.
05/27/2009 Salivary cortisol output before and after cognitive behavioural therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome
06/03/2009 Could positive diurnal variations in severe depression be the key factor for delivering effect.CBT?
06/10/2009 One-year follow-up of family versus child CBT for anxiety disorders.
02/06/2010 Cognitive-behavioral therapy of delusions: mental imagery within a goal-directed framework
02/13/2010 Psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy in generalized anxiety disorder
02/20/2010 Cognitive behavioral management of Tourette's syndrome and chronic tic disorder
02/27/2010 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
03/10/2010 A cognitive behavioral therapy for co-occurring substance use and posttraumatic stress disorders
03/29/2010 Winter depression recurrence one year after cognitive-behavioral therapy...
04/01/2010 Telephone-administered cognitive behavioral therapy: anxiety and depression in Parkinson's disease
04/03/2010 Cognitive-behavioral social skills training for functional disability in schizophrenia
04/04/2010 Randomized controlled trial of an Internet-delivered family cognitive-behavioral therapy...
07/02/2009 Predicting response to cognitive-behavioral therapy in a sample of HIV-positive patients.
07/04/2009 Therapist responsiveness to child engagement: flexibility within manual-based CBT for anxious youth.
07/07/2009 Participant Experiences of a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Group for Cardiac Rehabilitation.
07/09/2009 Process evaluation of a self-management cognitive program for persons with multiple sclerosis.
07/11/2009 A Cognitive Behavioural Model and Therapy for Utero-Vaginal Agenesis.
07/14/2009 Participants' Experiences of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.
07/16/2009 Influenza H1N1 and the world wide economic crisis - A model of coherence?
07/18/2009 Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Courses in the Statutory Health Insurance.
07/21/2009 Cognitive-behavioral therapy for panic disorder in patients being treated for alcohol dependence.
07/23/2009 Clients' in-session acceptance and cognitive defusion behaviors in acceptance-based treatment.
07/25/2009 Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may reduce thought suppression in previously suicidal:
07/28/2009 Problem-solving therapy for depression: a meta-analysis.
07/30/2009 Behavioral medicine for migraine and medication overuse headache.
08/01/2009 Fibromyalgia: a complex syndrome requiring a multidisciplinary approach.
08/04/2009 Exposure-based cognitive-behavioral treatment of PTSD in adults with schizophrenia:
08/06/2009 An empirical study of the mechanisms of mindfulness in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program.
08/06/2009 Directionality of change in youth anxiety treatment involving parents: an initial examination.
08/08/2009 Intravenous mesenchymal stem cell therapy for traumatic brain injury.
08/11/2009 The efficacy of an internet-based CBT intervention for child anxiety disorders.
08/13/2009 Brief report: Web-based management of adolescent chronic pain.
08/15/2009 Long-term effects on cancer survivors' quality of life:
08/18/2009 Cognitive-behavioural therapy for adolescents with bulimic symptomatology:
08/20/2009 Dynamics of cognitive change in impaired HIV-positive patients initiating antiretroviral therapy.
08/22/2009 Does cognitive-behavioral therapy for PTSD improve perceived health and sleep impairment?
08/25/2009 Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia.
08/27/2009 Cognitive-behavioural therapy for young children with anxiety disorders:
09/01/2009 Physical therapists' use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for older adults with chronic pain:
09/03/2009 Clinical assessment of the physical activity pattern of chronic fatigue syndrome patients:
09/05/2009 Maintenance treatment for anorexia nervosa:
09/08/2009 Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety-disordered youth:
09/10/2009 Fidelity to Theory in PA Intervention Research.
09/12/2009 A cognitive behavior therapy-based intervention among poorly controlled adult type 1 diabetes:
08/19/2009 Forgiveness Therapy for Couples
10/01/2009 The cost effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for bulimia nervosa
10/08/2009 Randomized controlled trial of a cognitive-behavioral intervention for HIV-positive persons
10/15/2009 Cognitive behavioral therapy and physical exercise for climacteric symptoms
10/22/2009 Developing an integrated treatment for substance use and depression
10/29/2009 Changes in quality of life following cognitive-behavioral group therapy for panic disorder
11/05/2009 Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Activity Predicts Responsiveness to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
11/12/2009 Brief Report: Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Parent-Reported Autism Symptoms
11/19/2009 Preliminary Efficacy of a Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Program for Anxious Youth
11/26/2009 Cognitive-behavioral therapy based on the Mediterranean diet for the treatment of obesity
12/03/2009 The impact of cognitive behavioral group training on event-free survival in patients...
12/10/2009 Computer-assisted CBT for depression & anxiety
12/17/2009 Does the form or the amount of exposure make a difference in the cognitive-behavioral therapy
12/24/2009 Cognitive behavioral stress management effects on psychosocial and physiological adaptation in women
12/31/2009 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schizophrenia
01/07/2010 Mindfulness for irritable bowel syndrome: protocol development for a controlled clinical trial
01/14/2010 Cognitive-behavioral group therapy is an effective treatment for major depression
01/21/2010 The impact of sudden gains in cognitive behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder
01/28/2009 Cognitive-behavioral therapy for adult anxiety disorders in clinical practice
03/01/2010 Changes in maternal expressed emotion toward anxious children following cognitive behavioral therapy
03/19/2010 Clinical effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral group treatment program for anxiety disorders
03/07/2010 Cognitive-behavioral family treatment for childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder
03/25/2010 Cognitive behavioral therapy versus paroxetine in the treatment of hypochondriasis
05/01/2010 Predictors of the effect of cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic insomnia...
05/15/2010 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus Motivational Interviewing Improves Outcome for...
05/22/2010 Cognitive-behavioral therapy for individuals at high risk of developing psychosis
05/29/2010 Successful treatment of OCD with a micronutrient formula following partial response...
04/20/2010 Utilization of cognitive-behavioral therapy for social anxiety
04/27/2010 Cognitive behavioral therapy of negative symptoms
05/08/2010 Use and acceptability of unsupported online computerized cognitive behavioral therapy for depression
06/13/2010 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Threshold and Subthreshold Anorexia Nervosa
07/04/2010 Interoceptive hypersensitivity as prognostic factor among patients with panic disorder...
07/18/2010 Cognitive-behavioral therapy for psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: a pilot RCT
05/14/2010 The Power of Mental Flexibility
06/06/2010 Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Daily Living Skills in Children with...
06/20/2010 Twelve-Step Facilitated Versus Mapping-Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Pathological...
06/27/2010 A randomized controlled trial of the safety and promise of cognitive-behavioral therapy...
07/11/2010 Group cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression in Spanish
07/25/2010 Peaceful mind: an open trial of cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety in persons with dementia
08/01/2010 Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression among adults in Japanese clinical settings
01/05/2011 Treatment of music performance anxiety via psychological approaches...
08/11/2021 Integration of hypnotherapy with brief cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for treatment of depression
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