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11/08/2006 Openning Remarks October 2006 IMDHA Conference
06/09/2011 How To Create and Distribute Your Own Hypnotherapy CD/MP3 Without Breaking The Bank!
02/06/2007 New Leadership Honors Lifetime IACT Members
11/07/2006 Robert and Linda Otto to Acquire IMDHA
05/03/2007 The Ninth Annual International Energy Psychology Conference
01/10/2007 World Hypnotism Day – January 4
07/26/2007 Michael Ellner and Dan Cleary at Pain Week 2007
12/19/2007 Experts Recommend Hypnosis Education
05/06/2008 Henry Leo Bolduc's Accident --- Call for Assistance, Prayers, and Compassion
01/02/2009 January 4th is World Hypnotism Day
01/25/2010 International Academy of Consciousness
01/06/2010 Gary Craig Retiring
02/15/2010 The 2010 Tapping World Summit
02/22/2010 The 2010 Tapping World Summit is Now Underway
05/18/2010 The 5th Annual Smoky Mountain Nurses Conference
03/05/2015 Hypnotherapy may help with anxiety disorders
06/09/2011 Integrative Health Care Certification
03/12/2015 'Don't be hypnotised by this fraudulent nonsense'
12/11/2012 An Assault on Hypnotherapy
03/19/2015 Hypnotherapy opens mind to healthy changes
03/26/2015 Hypnotherapy college opens in Comox Valley
04/02/2015 Helping homecoming heroes
04/09/2015 Hypnotherapy helps people break free from addiction and stress
04/16/2015 Blondie Bennett, Barbie-Obsessed Woman, Uses Hypnotherapy To Make Herself 'Brainless'
04/23/2015 Use of Hypnotherapy in Surgery
04/30/2015 Will Hypnotherapy Help You Stop Smoking?
03/09/2015 Hypnotherapy: From charlatans and performers to medical care
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