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EFT – Overcome Fear, Cravings, Obesity: CLIENT CASE STORY

by Andrew McCombe

From fear to sugar cravings to obesity and poor self-esteem to having her life back again.

The following is an example from a client, Mary (not her real name), prior to spending 30 minutes with me to rid herself of her (very common symptom) obesity.

"Andrew, I am 47 years old. I grew up as a confident and sociable person. I used to think of myself as a good-looking person. I was always comfortable with my sexuality and never seemed to have problems attracting the opposite sex. At my best, I used to weigh 55 kg and was always very active.

"Approximately 23 years ago things changed drastically. I had just broken up with the love of my life (at least I thought he was at the time, until he cheated on me) and I have not had a proper relationship since. I remember having a short fling immediately after the break up, which I thought would help me to get over the heart break of my so called 'ideal man', but that lasted less than three months. Every time we became anything close to intimate, I would freak out and feel like I had to escape and would often hide in my house for days.

"Today I weigh 95 kg and don't recognize myself in the mirror, as I am carrying that much body fat. Except for work, I very rarely venture out in public because I feel utterly worthless and humiliated with how I look. I am questioning whether I will ever attract an intimate relationship again, although deep down I know I would really love to see if it is possible.

"I have tried hypnotherapy, breathing exercises, physical exercise and dieting, but these have only provided short-term relief before I revert back to my old habits of excessive sleeping and eating far too much junk food (I crave sugar the most as it seems to make me feel better, albeit not for more than half an hour) and I can't remember the last time I did any exercise. I just don't feel like I have the energy for it.

"I am getting desperate. I need help and I need it quickly! Can you help?"

I arranged a session with Mary (which was conducted over the telephone) and it involved performing EFT on the following five statements:

First we started tapping on the issue of "Even though I feel absolutely worthless and ashamed of myself walking down the street weighing 95kgs, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway".

Mary originally ranked this issue as ten on the 0 – 10 scale, but after only one round of tapping, the intensity had dropped to four because Mary had realised that it was not the walking down the street that made her feel this way, it was the way she felt when she found out that her 'ideal man' had cheated on her.

So we then performed four tapping rounds on the following statement: "Even though I feel betrayed, rejected, humiliated and angry that my partner cheated on me, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway".

Because this issue was so intense (there was so much suppressed emotion), it required a few more rounds to bring down the emotional charge.

This then led us to the statement: "Even though I feel totally heartbroken by the man I thought I was going to be with forever, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway".

After only three rounds of tapping on the feeling of deep sadness associated with her heartbreak, Mary's intensity went from ten to one and she finally came to the realisation that it was because she had not wanted to feel this heartbreak feeling ever again that she had subconsciously been protecting herself from feeling it. She did this by overeating, refraining from exercise and becoming a recluse in her house by sleeping the day away and putting on 40 kg of body fat so she would never attract another man to make her feel this way.

We then tapped on "Even though I am terrified of attracting my ideal man, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway".

Amazingly Mary also had the realisation that if the man she was dating 23 years ago was truly her 'ideal man', he never would have cheated on her.

So we tapped on that statement too. After only half a round, she had no trace of any emotional charge around the underlying belief of "I don't want to attract my ideal man because he will only break my heart".

These cognitive shifts are very common when our emotional charge has dissipated to such a low level that we are open and able to see new ways of looking at the same situation.

Or as I like to say, "As our emotion comes down, our intelligence goes up".

Ultimately, Mary's case story explains why she was so obese and not attracting any men at all.

Her fear of feeling the feelings of heartbreak, humiliation, worthlessness, etc, was so severe that she was doing anything and everything she possibly could to protect herself from feeling these feelings. The consequence was that she had put on a large amount of body fat as a by product.

I am happy to say that after only one session, Mary joined her local gym, began eating healthy food, had no sugar cravings and is now an active member of her local community. Since we last spoke, she had not yet found her 'Mr Right', but is a regular participant on the dating circuit (as she calls it) and is well on her way to losing her excess body weight/fat.

Stories like Mary's are revolutionary because they provide evidence that if people were to spend five minutes a day doing EFT on their negative, limiting or conflicting thoughts, feelings, beliefs, doubts and fears, they would begin to lose weight with ease and therefore eliminate the need for those extra gym sessions and all that excessive (and often obsessive) calorie counting.

Here's to the removal of your fears, cravings and excess body fat forever with EFT!

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Posted: 10/20/2009

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