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Why Would You Say “WHEE!” When You’re Stressed?

by Daniel J. Benor, M.D.

I am a frustrated psychiatrist. I trained back in the years when psychiatry was all psychotherapy. I continue to have a passion to help people deal with their problems through talking therapy – but Psychiatry has changed over the years into being only focused on prescribing medications. To maintain my own sanity, and to be able to continue to help people who came to me with the sorts of problems described below, I develop WHEE. WHEE is a potent, new, self-healing method that relieves stress and distress within minutes. Once you know this method, you can de-stress any time you want to. Its effects are deep and permanent.

Here are some examples:

Tim is 15 and used to panic when he sat to take an exam. He was performing way below his potential because of this problem. After a half hour session of WHEE, he no longer suffers from this problem and his grades have risen dramatically.

Alice could not drive on bridges or high overpasses because she would panic, fearful of driving her car off the road and crashing. WHEE helped her discover her root fears behind this phobia – that she might die and leave her children without a parent to care for them – just as she had experienced when her mother died when Alice was a child. In less than an hour's session, Alice, too, was free of her fears.

George was seriously stressed, working long hours at an insurance company. His wife, Barbara, was worried about his health because George was having difficulty sleeping due to his worries and he was losing weight. She was also stressed herself, but was struggling to cover it up in order to not add to his burdens, but sometimes had been breaking into tears following the birth of her first child. Barbara learned WHEE and had immediate relief from her stress and gradual relief from her depression over a period of two weeks. She taught George how to use WHEE and now he is able to manage his work load without stressing.

WHEE stands for Whole Health – Easily and Effectively.

WHEE can help you relieve stress and distress very rapidly and permanently. WHEE is the Wholistic Hybrid derived from two similar therapies:

- EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), that involves stimulating the right and left sides of the body while focusing on an issue you would like to feel better about. and - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), that involves tapping or pressing a finger at a series of acupressure points on your face, chest and hand, while reciting an affirmation.

WHEE can be used as self-healing because it works more rapidly than EMDR and does not evoke intense emotional releases. (EMDR is recommended strictly for use in the therapist's office because it can evoke heavy memories of past traumas that can be stressful.)

WHEE has been hugely successful for several reasons. • It takes a fraction of the time that EFT and related therapies require. • It allows for much greater flexibility in working on target problems within the session because it is so rapid. • It is better accepted and the used outside the therapy more frequently because of its simplicity. • It is so simple, I teach it over the phone. • Users also report it works marvelously well and rapidly on pains of all sorts, including headaches, migraines, backaches, stomachaches such as irritable bowel syndrome, post-injury and post-surgery pains, arthritis, cancer and for psychological issues such as post-traumatic stress, unresolved emotional problems (e.g. prolonged bereavement, festering angers, emotional/relational hurts, anxieties, phobias, insecurities, lack of self-confidence), problems in relationships. • It is tremendously empowering, because it is so simple and so rapidly effective in self-healing.

About 90 percent of WHEE users obtain immediate benefits. When they practice this for their problems at home, there is almost universal success. My money-back guarantee – offered if WHEE is used as recommended and there are no benefits – has been claimed only once in five years.

I am now training other therapists to use WHEE.

For more information visit: Whee workshops

Copyright © Daniel J. Benor, MD 2008

Posted: 01/26/2008

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